Expanding e-Payments Adoption,
Acceptance and Usage

Governments are the Payments Innovators
The most significant change to the payments industry are the new e-payments frameworks now being developed and launched by Asian regulators and their national payments organisations to support real-time mobile payments for P2M and P2P applications, in addition to card-based payments. 

Bringing Digital Payments to Everyone
Government initiatives are accelerating the acceptance and usage of electronic payments into new segments, applications and use cases currently dominated by cash. They are also driving financial inclusion for unbanked and underbanked citizens and driving down the costs of e-payments.

Session 1 of Digital Commerce Asia Pacific focuses on these government initiatives:
PromptPay, a real-time consumer payments service launched by the Bank of Thailand (BOT) in 2017, enables registered customers to make P2P and P2M fund transfers using a mobile phone, with only the mobile number or national ID number of the recipient. The service also supports G2P and P2G transfers. Transactions of less than 5,000 baht ($140) are free of charge and and transaction fees for higher value transfers are very low. PromptPay is part of the National e-Payment Master Plan developed by the Thai Bankers Association to bring more of the country's financial transactions into the formal economy. In August 2018, PromptPay registrations reached 44.5 million, of which 28.7 million accounts were registered with citizen ID cards and 15.8 million with mobile phone numbers. Individual PromptPay transactions hit 88.3 million transactions in June 2018, representing 2.9 million transactions a day, with a combined value of 442 billion baht. A QR code standard is accelerating merchant adoption of PromptPay in Thailand and has led to predictions that within 5 years, 80% of daily payments in Thailand could be PromptPay transactions. 
Digital Commerce Asia Pacific includes a focused expo of latest solutions for e-payments and digital commerce featuring: emerging technologies for both card-based and fintech payments ecosystems; real-time, mobile QR and contactless payments products; e-payments acceptance solutions for card, contactless and mobile QR; and latest innovations in retail payments and commerce.

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