Next-Generation Cards Now in its 3rd Year!
The Next-Generation Cards conference explores the transition from legacy commoditised card products towards payment and identity card solutions.
Digital Card Solutions
Next-generation cards are interactive devices that offer stronger security, greater convenience and new functionality such as connectivity, to provide a more complimentary fit with the digital world that customers are already embracing through their mobile devices and the Internet of things.
➕ Adding Value
The development of next-generation card solutions is adding value to the traditional payment and identity card business. Card products with greater security, more convenience and exciting new features create differentiated products that attract cardholders and benefit issuers. The increased value proposition justifies higher average selling prices (ASPs) for the card industry, reducing downward pressure on margins typical of legacy chip card products.
⭐ Discover New Opportunities
Next-generation card products are being developed to reduce fraud in online commerce and Internet banking, to improve customer authentication and transaction verification, and to provide new levels of customer experience and convenience in payment and identity applications. Next-Generation Cards 2019 will explore new opportunities for payment schemes and identity systems; for issuers from private and public sectors; and for all industry players in the card manufacturing ecosystem.
 Next-Generation Cards 2019  includes a technology exposition which will showcase companies that are delivering the next evolution of card solutions and highlight their benefits to conference delegates from issuers, payment schemes and identity systems.

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