Digital Payments South Asia is one of the largest gatherings of card issuers, mobile wallet companies, third-party payment providers, domestic and international payments schemes, acquirers, e-payment services providers and payments experts focused on South Asian markets.

Understand the Payments Roadmap in India
How will contactless card payments and mobile payments in retail and transport applications, UPI real-time payments, financial inclusion strategies and new innovations in payments acceptance drive the growth of digital payments in India and South Asian markets.
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💳 Card Payments in Retail
Why will cards continue to play a significant role in digital payments in India? How will innovative low-cost contactless acceptance solutions, the new role of PPIs and mobile wallet companies, and even exploding UPI transactions combine to drive card issuance and card payments?

🚌 Card Payments in Transport
The NCMC initiative for transport payments is driving a national migration to  issuance and acceptance of EMV-based contactless payment cards. With international payment systems now also offering NCMC solutions, what is the outlook for digital payments in transport?
🔣 Real-Time Consumer Payments
How did India become the world’s leading success story for consumer real-time payments? The growth in UPI transactions is exponential but they are still largely P2P payments - how can banks and PSPs generate revenue and build a long-term viable business on real-time payments?
📱 A New Era for Mobile Wallets
PPI interoperability allows wallet customers to connect directly to the payments ecosystem without opening a bank account, increases acceptance of wallets by merchants, and enables wallets to issue cards and obtain UPI handles. How could this change the game for mobile wallets and boost digital payments?
Topics to be discussed:
Digital Payments South Asia includes a focused technology exposition offering a limited number of opportunities for organisations providing payment services and solutions. Exhibitors will be able to demonstrate their payments services and acceptance solutions to financial institutions, payment schemes, e-payments companies and merchants from across Asia Pacific markets.

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