At Transport Payments Asia Pacific 2019, Japan's leading transport operators will introduce their latest initiatives around end-to-end mobility, account-based ticketing, integration with QR code wallet apps, mobility-as-a-service (MaaS):

Regional Transport Card Alliances
JR East is developing a new type of Suica transport card that supports transport ticketing and e-money services for smaller regional bus operators. Customers of local transport operators will enjoy integrated mobility between national rail and local bus, use of local transport cards in urban transport systems, and access to Suica eMoney services which local PTOs have not been able to offer.
Shinkansen Ticketless Service 
JR East will upgrade the ticketless seat reservation system for Shinkansen trains by extending the mobile Suica (account-based) seat reservation system to up to 6 pre-registered Suica cards, all linked to a single account. The account-based system will provide greater convenience for family travel, enabling customers to make Suica-based seat reservations for up to six passengers in one reservation.
Mizuho Suica
The Mizuho Suica service allows customers to use the Mizuho Bank QR code wallet app to issue Suica in their iPhone and top up Suica directly from their bank account. The improved usability of mobile Suica payment over QR code payment offers faster payment, greater customer convenience and is a more flexible and less costly approach to linking accounts and transport tickets. 
Ringo MaaS App
Ringo is a MaaS smartphone application under development to improve JR East customer convenience. It will provide end-to-end mobility by integrating with other transport modes to deliver last-mile solutions. Currently under trial with shared bicycles and taxis, it will be extended to buses and railways with diversified payment methods. Ringo is part of JR East's mobility linkage platform within the Reformation 2027 plan. 
Visitor Suica & PASMO Cards
With visitors to Japan increasing in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, JR East and PASMO will release special-issue Suica cards and PASMO cards with attractive Japanese-style designs for visitors to take home as a souvenir of their visit to Japan. Available from 1 September, the card validity is limited to 28 days but the cards are lower-priced than regular cards.
Tomohiko Umekawa, Deputy General Manager, IT & Suica Business Development Headquarters, JR East
Umekawa-san joined East Japan Railway Company (JR East) in 1989. After working on contactless IC card development (Suica) from 1993-1996, he was appointed to lead the project management group for building Suica & PASMO interoperability at JR East Mechatronics from 2005-2008. Since 2012 Umekawa-san has been working as Deputy General Manager of IT & Suica department where he is now responsible for interoperability, Suica Center Server operation, and R&D for the next Suica system.
Yusuke Komatsu, Assistant Manager, IT & Suica Business Development Headquarters, JR East
After joining East Japan Railway Company (JR East) in 2006, Komatsu-san was engaged in the design, construction and maintenance of station equipment (train ticket equipment, elevators, platform doors, etc.) in the Railways Division until-2018. Since 2018 he has been focused on the specification development and implementation related to transportation IC card services in cooperation with PASMO at Kanto region IC transport card association.
Shinya Senba, Deputy General Manager, System Division, PASMO
Shinya Senba joined PASMO Co., Ltd(PASMO)in 2010. As a Deputy General Manager,, he is mainly engaged in planning, development and operation of the PASMO Center System. During 2011-2012, he led the Center System Update Project of PASMO and Suica. He is also responsible for other in-house systems in PASMO Co. Ltd.
Transport Payments Asia Pacific is a highly effective channel for leading technology providers and systems integrators to communicate their understanding of business and technology requirements to transport authorities, operators, ticketing schemes and their partnering banks and payment schemes.
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