Mastercard is inviting transit authorities, transport operators, ticketing schemes, transit systems integrators and banks in Asia-Pacific to join an exclusive Transit Knowledge Exchange on the morning of 20 September 2019, the day after Transport Payments Asia Pacific, at the Dusit Thani Hotel, Manila.

Outcomes from Global AFC Projects
The Transit Knowledge Exchange is designed for interactive discussion with transport stakeholders about latest outcomes from global automated fare collection projects using contactless, mobile or multi-application card solutions. Experts from transit centres of excellence around the world will present case studies of how Mastercard is supporting public transit authorities and operators to simplify travel across and between cities.
Miguel leads Mastercard’s global activities with cities and the City Possible platform, forming public-private partnerships that drive civic efficiency, inclusivity, equality and ultimately better quality of life. Prior to joining Mastercard, Miguel served as the Chief Technology Officer of New York City and pioneered a new civic engagement and innovation platform for NYC. Miguel’s leadership in New York translated to a broad and complex portfolio of public infrastructure, digital and visionary initiatives; including broadband for all New Yorkers, smart city and IoT programs, a comprehensive digital strategy that improved government service and NYCx – the world’s first-of-its-kind program to transform the relationship between government and disruptors of industry – to Make Tech Work for All People. Prior to his role in New York, Miguel was the CIO for the City and County of San Francisco and the CIIO for the City of El Paso. Miguel founded the Council of Global City CIOs.
The Collective Super-Power of Cities, made possible with City Possible
All cities share common concerns and want to provide safety, cleanliness, affordability and economic opportunity. Many cities struggle to meet expectations of their residents and visitors with the limited resources available. Mastercard is pioneering City Possible, a new partnership and co-creation model that brings together cities, companies and communities to address the most pressing urban challenges collectively. Find out how City Possible has enabled cities to share challenges, ideas and learnings, and collaborate with partners to advance more connected and inclusive urban communities.
Will Judge is the global lead for new mobility partnerships at Mastercard and part of the Enterprise Partnerships organization. He joined from Transport for London (TfL), the Mayor of London’s transport authority, where he has spent 6 years in commercial, innovation and finance roles focused on maximizing the value of TfL’s various public-private partnership infrastructure contracts. Most recently, in the role of Head of Future Ticketing, Will was tasked with retaining the passenger and operational benefits of contactless technology while moving away from the vertically-integrated business model used for Oyster to more cost-effective models based on partnerships with the payments industry. Prior to joining TfL, Will worked as a management consultant in the London office of McKinsey & Company.
The Future of Mobility
Collaboration with cities, transit agencies and technology companies is opening the way for the future of mobility. Mastercard has been architecting a network of transit solutions for almost a decade and is leading the next phase of mobility services to make seamless multi-modal journeys a reality for millions.
Jamie is the Director of Enterprise Partnerships, at Mastercard based in Singapore. She is responsible for leading Mastercard’s Urban Mobility and Smart City strategy across Asia Pacific. Since joining Mastercard in 2015, she has led a number of strategic initiatives to launch contactless payments in transit and retail, and QR payments in the region. Prior to joining Mastercard, Jamie was the Director of Merchant Sales and Solutions at Visa.
“Collaboration” – the Ticket to Success
Mastercard prioritises a collaborative approach with transport payments stakeholders. Learn how this has enabled faster implementation of open loop payments and discover products and services that creates a smarter travel experience for commuters.
Register for the Mastercard Transit Knowledge Exchange
Mastercard is inviting transit authorities, transport operators, ticketing schemes, transit systems integrators and banks in Asia-Pacific to join the Transit Knowledge Exchange on the morning of 20 September 2019 at the Dusit Thani Hotel, Manila. Any of the above organisations that have not yet registered should contact APSCA for further details.
Transport Payments Asia Pacific 2019
The Mastercard event will follow Transport Payments Asia Pacific 2019, the two-day regional meeting of transit authorities, transport operators and ticketing schemes focused on global developments in transport revenue management, which is hosted by the Department of Transportation of the Philippines (DOTr) at the Dusit Thani Hotel, Manila, on 18-19 September. 
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