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Your source for what what is happening with CAS and its members.

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President's Message 

Dear CAS Members, 

I truly hope you are beating the heat well and also keeping your artwork safe from the heat. I was reading an article on internet about impact of heat on artwork, this statement stood out for me  “Heat can lead to thermal tensions, moisture reductions, and even chemical reactions within paintings that can damage both the paint layer and the support, sometimes even irreversibly.”  

During the summer months we have added two new venues to our CAS exhibits.  They are 1) The Ruby Hotel and Bar and 2} Tandoor Lounge.  CAS is certainly beating the heat and going strong with our exhibits. This year we have started our CAS socials every quarter and many CAS members have taken advantage of these socials to get to know each other.

We are excited to inform you that we will be meeting in person for our next general membership meeting. Jill Robinson, will present a demo on her processes to create beautiful gourds. Art Direct will give a presentation on Art prints and products. Light Refreshments will be served.
Date: September 7, 2022 
Venue: Windsor Park Library
5833 Westminster Dr, Austin TX. 78723  

5:15 pm to 5:45 pm – Networking and socializing time.
5:45 pm to 7:45 pm – General meeting.
Shruti Mehta
2022 CAS President

2022 CAS Meetings

CAS meeting dates and times for board meetings and general meetings to help us plan accordingly.  

Board Meeting Dates: 
10/15/22 - 10 am to 12 pm

General Meeting Dates: 
09/07/2022 - 5:15 pm to 7:45 pm  
11/02/2022 -  6:30 pm to 8 pm


CAS Member's Resources Page

Go here to find information about our organization, volunteering, member artists, knowledge sharing, and other information.


Social Media Reminders

Send an email with newsworthy art information that you're involved in to It will be posted on the CAS Facebook and Instagram accounts. Then, help each other out by FOLLOWING, LIKING, and COMMENTING on each other's posts as much as possible. More engagement with each other means your posts will show up in feeds more often, leading to more likes, follows, etc. Use this large group of artists to your benefit!

CAS - Facebook
CAS - Twitter
CAS - YouTube


Frank Yezer:  1935 ~ 2022 
Benjamin “Frank” Yezer passed away on June 22, 2022. He leaves behind his beloved wife of 27 years, Terri St. Arnauld, son Keith (Cairi), granddaughters, Katherine and Abigail, and Laura Liles. He also left a legacy of artistic achievement as a dancer, bookbinder, photographer, and raconteur. Please visit his obituary:

Terri and Frank were an integral part of CAS for many years. Their collaborated artwork at Platinum Portraits & Fine Art Photography features black & white and platinum images. Visit to view Terri St. Arnauld and Frank Yezer’s photographic hand-printed media.


CAS Social Event
Our 2nd 2022 CAS artist meetup was small but edifying! On Sunday, July 24th, around 10 of us met, chatted and shared some great resources with one another while sipping tasty beverages in the air conditioning at Meanwhile Brewing. We hope you all can join us for our next meetup - look for the date and place to be announced soon.


Joan Lawson Seriously Injured

CAS founding member, Joan Lawson was recently seriously injured in a fall. She has a double fractured pelvis and bladder damage. She spent several days in St David's/Round Rock Medical Center ER, ICU, and IMC (Intermediate Care.) She has been transferred to a rehab hospital closer to her home in South Austin. Please keep her in your thoughts for a speedy recovery.
If you would like to send a card to cheer her up, address below:
7744 El Dorado Drive 
Austin, TX 78737

Posts From CAS Facebook Page

CAS Summer Online Market

Creative Arts Society presents on-line Summer Art Bazaar: “SOMETHING ABOUT SUMMER” featuring the original works of our talented members, Anca Thomas, Judith Witkin, Joyce LaBaw, Kim Sanchez, Kay Hughes, Joy TImmons, Larry Akers, Felipe Adan Lerma, Elena Lipkowski, Molly Bennett and Jayshree Vakil! Shop our store to find unique and beautiful artworks. Market will be live from June 13 – October 3, 2022. Shipping is FREE. 

Shop now here:  @creativeartssociety #casxatx #supportlocal #originalart #freeshipping


CAS Member News

Featured Artists                                                                                              

Jennifer Polnaszek 

"My work is informed by the relationship between shadow and substance, shape and form, light and dark, value and hue. My primary focus is the human form, the outward expression of attitude and emotion, that magic thread that connects us one to another." Polnaszek works in oil, watercolor, graphite, and printmaking. Particularly drawn to the human form and in documenting the human experience through her work, she is influenced by both her love of biological science and anthropology. In addition to participating in numerous exhibitions in the Austin-San Antonio area, she has received awards for oil painting at the Southwest School of Art, the Georgetown Arts Center, the Round Rock Arts Imagine and BIG exhibitions at Texas State University. She has received awards for watercolor at the Coppini Academy of Fine Arts, TWS, and Waterloo Watercolor Society.. She has been featured in the publication SPLASH 15. She has shown work at the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, Texas Watercolor Society, International Watermedia Exhibit - Houston, Texas State University-Round Rock and Waterloo Watercolor Group juried exhibitions, and at Georgetown Arts Center. Visit Jennifer’s Facebook and Instagram: Jennifer Polnaszek, artist; website

Lauryl Eddlemom 
Lauryl Eddlemon is an Austin, Texas-based painter, illustrator and graphic designer. A native Texan (born in Beaumont and raised in the Houston area), Lauryl earned a BFA in Commercial Art at Texas State University in San Marcos where she also studied fine art and art history. This led to a 12 year career as the Design Director at Southwest Art Magazine, furthering her art knowledge and involvement with the arts community. After moving to Austin in 2002, she now spends most of her time painting. She enjoys exploring new mediums, styles, and subject matter. Her love of folk art inspires her bold and expressive portraits.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the human face and it is certainly my most favorite thing to paint. I enjoy exploring how we express emotion, what makes us different, and what makes true beauty. I’m not a traditional portrait painter but instead I think of my paintings as expressive, stylized images that form a human element. I love using varied mark-making with a variety of media in a loose, fresh way, always striving to convey a unique personal spirit.”
Vist Lauryl's page:

Matt Langbehn

Matt Langbehn is a photographer, climber, and gaffer based in Austin, TX. I come from a family of photographers and was introduced to the medium at a young age. I started rock climbing in 2009, and began transitioning to climbing photography as my primary creative outlet in 2016. My goal is the express the art of climbing, and make the viewer feel. Whether it’s the joy and elation of a send, the palm-sweating fear of heights, or the raw power of human potential does not matter to me, as long as you feel something. View Matt’s art at:

Natasha Kanevsk

We all look at life quite polarily; we select specific objects and significant phenomena from our surroundings. Sometimes we do that intentionally, or we cannot do otherwise. This selectivity of attention, the way it inevitably distorts reality, sticking out, and greatly exaggerating specific details, is my work's theme and idea. Contrasting texture and colors are the visual languages I use to express my ideas and feelings. I work in that sweet spot between painting and sculpture. Most of my heavy-textured/sculptured artworks are vibrant. I mostly use vibrant strident pure colors to express an emotional state in my sculptured paintings, rethinking expressionism and fauvism together. However, recently, I started to work monochromatically to allow attention to concentrate on texture and composition. Weightless flower petals are depicted in my artworks as voluminous and massive, rough, and simplified. Such an artwork communicates life's fragility rather than describing a particular flower's appearance. It is not the flower that is conceptualized but what we like in its fragility and how we feel about our own fragility. Our roughness, wrinkles, irregularities, and cracks only emphasize our humanity, revealing our essence, tenderness, purity, and completeness, the fact that we are infinitely beautiful in our fragility and mortality. View Natasha’s work:

Kay Hughes

The Roadrunner is very elusive and are only found to this part of the world. They will not stay very long and seems to always be on the move. While painting local hill country landscapes and local critters, these roadrunners would occasionally appear. They captured me and a series of paintings have been created. Most of my paintings are in oil or acrylic, but these are watercolors mounted on wood cradles and finished with a clear coat. "Be creative and have fun." More of my work can be seen on my website and at a few galleries.

Alex Abbott

Alex Abbott's work will be featured in the Circle C Creatives exhibition of the Austin Studio Tour, noon - 6pm on November 5-6th, and 12-13th. The exhibition will be held at the Circle C Community Center, 7817 La Crosse, Austin, TX 78739. 

"The voluptuous curves of a flower, the vastness of a desert sky, insects steadily, silently working, rock walls stacked hundreds of years ago; things so quiet they are hardly noticed, these are what fascinate me. When I pause and study these miracles I dive into a magic world existing within the ordinary. I explore the juxtaposition of decay and growth, stillness and movement, expansion and contraction, peace and war through my compositions. My heart swells when I encounter these wonders. I invite the audience to experience this mystery with me, and in doing so, deepen their own appreciation for the wonders that surround us all." Visit Alex’s page:


New Members 

Missy Hileman 

Missy is an abstract portrait artist, Mixed Media Artist, and Collage Artist. Visit her page: instagram:@mishmoshmissy


Rashmi Thakur

I like to work with various mediums - Watercolors for its fluidity, Acrylic paints for its vibrancy, textures, and versatility, Oil paints for its earthiness and timeless look, and textile decorative and wearable arts. I believe that my paintings are an experience. A ray of light to bring joy, happiness, smile, beauty, and gratitude, even in things that appear insignificant and invisible during our busy lives. I truly believe art has the quality to relax, transform, heal, add positivity, and encourage creative thinking. View Rashmi's work:


Ratha Grimes 

I heard about CAS from Joyce and Leslie at Sunset Valley ArtFest. I work with oil paintings. View Ratha's work:


New Family Members
Zenna James 

New family members -- Joshua Duke, Zira Duke, Rowan Duke. View Zenna's work:

Renewing Member  

Theresa Bond

The natural world is my muse. My experiences as a wife, mother, grandmother, and citizen of the world, influence my work. The concerns of our environment, man’s impact on his surroundings, and the future of the planet influence my subject choices. There is beauty in small moments; my goal is to capture the essence of those moments. I use copper plates for the intaglio prints, wood for the relief prints, and silkscreen for the serigraph prints. Often I mix the mediums to create layers of imagrey.  To the right is  a photo of my copper plate intaglio in process on the press bed. Using a multi-stage process of creating a variety of shades, the finished plate is coated with ink, covered with a heavy weight paper that has been soaked in water, then ran through the press. The roller’s pressure pushed the paper surface into the plate - transferring the ink onto the paper. The plate can be wiped clean and the whole process can be repeated to create an edition of prints. View Theresa's work:


Renewing Business Member  

Marcy Ann Villafranca

My work is mainly of the feminine form. I enjoy the beauty in the figure's light and dark spaces and joy in expressing it through color and texture. I admire real women: mothers, athletes, home-makers, dancers, famous or not, women with uplifting attitudes, strong-minded, caring, nurturing — with goodwill. I strive to create masterful pieces to express inner beauty, goddess, and spirit within. Radiant Beauty Captivates! I use varying art mediums - from charcoal to cut paper and paint. I have created a new line of all ocean-themed art - MarSea Art.
View more work:


New Business Member 
Amy Nelipovich

Blue Sky Art on Wheels is a Mobile Art Gallery dedicated to Original Art by local Central Texas Artists. Mediums currently are - Encaustic Painting, Oils, Acrylics, Photography, Stamp Collage, Collage Art, Outsider Art and Alcohol Inks. The gallery features Texas artists and can been seen at Hill Country Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries. Our mission is to bring Art to the people and represent all the amazing talent central Texas has to offer.


Annual Lakeway Cool Arts Show 
Denise Schneyer will be participating in the Annual Lakeway Cool Arts Show on August 27th. She will be one of several artists offering open studio tours and sales as part of the annual show.  Her latest series "Waves" will be on display. Denise has sold 4 of this new series so far!


South Austin Artists: Art 04 

With Big Medium deferring the annual WEST tour until November, a group of South Austin artists are launched Art 04 on May 14-15 to replace the annual spring event. Larry Akers is again opening his studio at 2311 Ridgeview with a veteran crew of guest artists: Andrea Loomis (glass), Malina Cipleu (glass and polymer clay), Anna Ganina (painter), and Rosemarie Good (watercolor).

Old Bakery Gallery

Much of Larry's recent work is currently on exhibit along with Andrea's at the Old Bakery Gallery downtown.  He will offer over 60 old favorites, small pieces, experiments, studies, misadventures, and overlooked masterpieces, along with his water photographs.  He will also have a few new pieces and his outdoor illuminated sculptures to show what he's been up to lately. Please support his guest artists and all the other great Art 04 Tour artists in Zilker, Barton Hills, and Bouldin as they launch this first independent spring art tour. 


Austin City Hall: People's Gallery 2022 

Shruti Mehta’s artwork has been selected and exhibited for the People’s Gallery 2022 at the Austin City Hall.  There was a grand artist reception on June 3, 2022 at the Austin City Hall.  This exhibition will remain on display through May 1, 2024. Admission to the People’s Gallery is free.  

Little Walnut Creek Library

Shruti Mehta has her art pieces on exhibit at the Little Walnut Creek library, Austin Public Library.

Howson Library

Shruti Mehta has art exhibit at the Howson Library, Austin Public Library from August 16 to September 30, 2022.

Creative Peacemeal Podcast 

Gena Destri discusses the importance of mindset and mental health in one’s creative journey on the latest Creative Peacemeal podcast episode. Tune in via this link: or wherever you get your podcasts for this inspiring interview!


National College Society: Small Format Show

Maggi Miller won an award from the National Collage Society for its annual Small Format Show. Her award winning 4”x6” collage is called 'Hey Good Looking, What You Got Cooking?'  She was also recognized with an award at the 2022 Texas and Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition for 'A Stitch in Time' which she sold. She sold two pieces from her show at 4001 Duval Hair Salon, and another to a patron who visited her studio,'A Little Smile.' It has been a busy summer! View her work:


CAS Curated and Recurring Exhibits


Cypress Grill Update 
Brittany Bernstrom and RJ Armstrong are now the venue coordinators for Cypress Grill, 4404 W William Cannon Dr, 78749.
Cypress Grill building renovations are expected to be completed by the end of August. So you should expect to see a call for art for this venue soon.


Artist of the Month Events at Ruby Hotel Bar. (Flyer created by Leslie Kell)
Inspired Minds Art Center Gallery

The Creative Arts Society presents a juried exhibit at the Inspired Minds Art Center Gallery (121 Main Street, Buda TX) featuring works from our members including pastels, oil, watercolor, acrylics, sculpture, photography, and more. Exhibit runs: August 19 – October 1, 2022 and is open to the public Monday - Friday 1 - 6pm and on Saturdays from noon - 5pm. 
Exhibiting Artists include: Lyle Adair, Mary Barton, Lesley Bradstreet, Helen Buck, Michael Clark, Betsy  Denny, Gena  Destri Keffer, Jane Fier, Eva Glock, Ratha Grimes, Zenna James, Leslie Kell, Martha Kull, Joyce LaBaw, Adan Lerma, Robb McKenzie, Shruti Mehta, Maggi Miller, Jim Pollom, Marilyn Rodriguez, KIM SANCHEZ, Judith Witkin, Amanda Zappler, Lisa Zinna, and Kat Zinna
Join us for the following events: Opening reception on Friday, August 19, 5:30–7:30 pm
Artist Talks: Monday September 19th at 6pm.
Closing Reception: Saturday, October 1, 4-5pm 
More information at:

South Oaks Family Medicine Exhibit
The South Oaks Family Medicine Exhibition displays work by Helen Buck and Joyce LaBaw -- July 6th - October 6th.

Zaviya Grill Exhibit

CAS has new art up at the Zaviya Grill!  Please check out the great art and enjoy the delicious Indo-Pak cuisine! This exhibit runs until September 10th and features work by Kat Zinna, Pamela McWilliams, Matthew Tardy, Shruti Mehta, Anca Thomas, Lesley Bradsheet, Asmita Savalia, Charlotte Clark, Martha Kull and Joyce LaBaw.  #artists #atxartists #austinartists #casxatx #zaviyagrill


Reveal Dental

Creative Art Society provides  art exhibit opportunities at Reveal Dental each quarter. On June 8th, Jigna Thakkur and Stacy Najim installed a new exhibit. Lauryl Eddlemon sold 2 pieces of artwork during the last 3 months- Congrats Lauryl!


Tandoori Lounge 

New CAS Rotating Venue - Tandoori Lounge! This brand-new restaurant on 3601 W. William Cannon is tentatively planning to open on August 11th.  A CAS exhibit was installed August 6th and will run until October 29th.  Please plan a visit to check out our newest CAS venue, enjoy Indo-Pakastani cuisine and admire the artwork from Kat Zinna, Martha Kull, Marilyn Rodriguez, Charlotte Clark, Ratha Grimes, Anca Thomas, Shruti Mehta, Jane Fier, Joy Timmons and Joyce LaBaw.

We are currently looking for a co-venue coordinator. Venue coordinators do not pay CAS sales commissions. Here is a link for more info on the role and responsibilities: Volunteer Opportunities - Creative Arts Society.  If interested, please email 


Non CAS Events

Non-CAS Call for Creatives: Paid Innovation Opportunities -- Catapult Insights

For several years, CAS members, including R J Armstrong, Joyce LaBaw, and Lisa Zinna, have worked on innovation projects with North Texan, Justin Sutton. His work helps clients in various industries anticipate future needs of everyday people and generate ideas for possible solutions. As projects arise, Justin reaches out to creative minds like CAS members. Joyce, who heads CAS Public Relations, says “I've participated in several ideation sessions led by Justin, where we developed product development ideas for name brand US companies.  These brainstorming sessions are professional, creative and tremendous fun.”

“Working side-by-side with fellow creatives is a big reward in itself, but we also value people’s time. That’s why we always pay a healthy monetary incentive to those who join our projects,” said Justin. “We take care of our friends, making it a fun and worthwhile way to spend a few days with us.” His latest venture, Catapult Insights, is continuing this type of work and is extending an invitation to all CAS members who are interested in helping. To be considered, a brief online questionnaire must be completed. This assessment helps Justin know where your creative strengths and interests lie and how to reach you when opportunities arise. Link to the survey to opt-in, and if you have any questions Justin can be reached at


Catholic Foundation: Art on the Plaza Competion 

The Catholic Foundation has opened its 17th annual Art on the Plaza competition. Artists from across Texas are invited to submit original artwork by September 8th. I have included the release and an announcement postcard below in case it is helpful – please let me know if you are interested in helping to publicize this opportunity. Contact Calli Maroulis for The Catholic Foundation 469.547.0272 or


Request for Artist Proposals: Painted Rain Barrel Project 

Beginning Aug. 1, 2022, the City of Georgetown’s Water Conservation Team will invite artist proposals for the Painted Rain Barrel Project. These rain barrels will be placed around downtown Georgetown during the October arts events, then auctioned off to community members, with going to Water Conservation education and outreach efforts.
ELIGIBILITY: This opportunity is open to all artists and student artists. 
BUDGET: Artists will receive 40 percent of the total profits collected from the rain barrel auction. A $125 minimum bid will be placed on all barrels.
INSTALLATION DATE: Rain Barrel installations will be completed by Oct. 10, 2022.
APPLY: Applications will be submitted through from Aug. 1 to 31, 2022: 
SELECTION: From the proposals submitted by the deadline, the City of Georgetown Water Conservation Team and Arts and Culture board will select 10 finalists from the total number of submissions. Artists will be notified on final selections by the Water Conservation Team by September 16.
QUESTIONS: Contact Tiffany Diaz at  Submission guidelines, visit: Call for Artist Entries_Painted Rain Barrel Project


Cartoon About Art

"Detroit Industry" by Diego Rivera

Detroit Industry comprises 27 fresco panels in the heart of the Detroit Institute of Arts. The subject of intense controversy when they were first unveiled, the murals were given National Historic Landmark status in 2014. (This YouTube video provides an excellent view of the Rivera Detroit Murals.)

CAS Donations

As part of CAS’ effort to actively promote development of the “Artist in Everyone”, we donate to various organizations that help in that effort. The CAS Board has agreed to donate to the following organizations:

  • ACC Art Scholarship Fund
  • Art from the Streets
  • Art Spark (formerly VSA)
  • Imagine Art


CAS Sponsors and Business Members

Members are invited to contribute articles about any art-related issue.  

Submit copy to Newsletter Editor at or

Board Members

President Shruti Mehta
Secretary Amanda Zappler
Public RelationsJoyce LaBaw
Membership Officer Jenn James
Programs Chair Kat Zinna
Special EventsJane Fier
/Leslie Kell          
Social Media ChairBetsy Denny
Student Liaison - Laura Bauman

Title is email link.

Vice PresidentRJ Armstrong
Treasurer - Brittany Bernstrom
Web Development ChairRobb McKenzie
Exhibits ChairMartha Kull      
Newsletter Chair - Veronica Ortegon Primeaux
Historian Joan Lawson
Curated Exhibits Chair -Marilyn Rodriguez
Community Events Chair - Gena Destri

Past President - Joyce LaBaw
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