FIRST RANK - Newsletter No.12 October 2018

First Rank - Looking at Hungary!

First Rank is a weekly newsletter for everyone interested in chess for education. In this issue we take a look at Hungary and the chess in schools movement run by Judit Polgar. And of course you get The Chess Puzzle of the Week.

Judit Polgar explains her interest in Chess in Schools

Judit Polgar is the best woman chess player ever. Since some years back she has stopped playing herself, and instead she has started to work with chess as a pedagogic tool. In this interview she explains her interest and what she has done.

The Chess Palace - Judit Polgar Educational Program

What is the idea behind the program that Judit Polgar has made for Chess in schools? In this video the ideas are presented. If you want more information you find it here.

The chess stars want to give back!

When sports stars retire they often give back to the sport that has gave them so much. It could be sponsoring your first club or some kind of charity project. For chess stars Chess in Schools is an obvious choice as it has got a nobler ambition beyond the game, to improve education. As we have seen, Judit Polgar is very active in promoting chess as a tool for education. So too is Garry Kasparov through his Kasparov Chess Foundation. Magnus Carlsen said that the only chess events that he fully supports are the Chess in Schools activities. Surely this is the perfect way to let classic chess meet Chess in Schools. Children will be encouraged to deepen their interest through the star personalities, and the stars meet a much broader audience, whilst performing charitable activities. In the future perhaps all chess stars will become ambassadors for the Chess in School movement.

Jesper Hall
Chair, ECU Education

Ferenc Maurer on Chess in Schools in Hungary

Ferenc Maurer is a member of ECU Education. He is in charge of taking CiS to a new level in the country by coopertaing with ECU Education. In this video he presents CiS in Hungary and the great future that he sees for our game.

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The Global Chess Festival

Rita Atkins reports from the Global Chess Festival in Budapest

(Photo: ChessBase)

Judit Polgar's annual giant chess event dubbed the Global Chess Festival took place in Budapest on October 13th. The picturesque Hungarian National Gallery was a fabulous venue with its large rooms and magnificent paintings that art lovers could admire in between games. "Chess connects us", was the motto of the festival with many other chess events taking place around the world on the same day.

Visitors from all over the world came to take part in the various chess tournaments, and some brave players took on Judit or her sister Sophia in a simultaneous chess game. There were also many art and craft activities on offer for the younger audience. If you want to know more please look here

The Chess Puzzle of the Week


How to avoid Stalemate?

White to play and give check mate in 10 moves

At first this seems to be a simple exercise but then you realise the danger of putting the black king in stalemate, it suddenly becomes a much harder nut to crack. Can you?
(Answer below)

ECU Education Calendar 2018

3-16 November, 2018
World Cadet U8, U10, U12 Championships 2018
Santiago de Compostela (Galicia), Spain
8-9 November, 2018
ECU School Chess Teacher Courses
Ingolstadt (Bavaria), Germany
One course in German and one course in English.
Details from Boris Bruhn

14-21 November, 2018
2nd European School Team Chess Open Internet Championship*
Details from Alexander Kostyev 
8-9 December, 2018
London Chess Conference: the Future of Chess in Education*
London (Hammersmith), England

10-11 December, 2018
ECU School Chess Teacher Course
London (Hammersmith), England
12 December, 2018
ECU Chess and Mathematics Teacher Training Course (new)
London (Hammersmith), England

* Each school can enter two teams, U11 and U17 (calculated from 1st January 2017 and 2001) comprising two boys and two girls. Entry forms must be signed by the chess teacher and school principal, and submitted to the organiser by Friday 9 November 2018. 

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How to avoid Stalemate?
When you realise how difficult it is to avoid that the black king is put in stalemate you soon find that the only way to continue is to promote the a-pawn to a knight with 1.a7-a8N.

When you have find this initial idea the rest continue in the same path with promoting knights. 1...d4-d3 2.Na8-b6 c7xb6 3.c6-c7 b6-b5 4.c7-c8N b5-b4 5.Nc8-d6 e7xd6 6.e6-e7 d6-d5 7.e7-e8N d5-d4 8.Ne8-f6 g7xf6 9.g6-g7 f6-f5 10.g7-g8N mate. 

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