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August 2022 Newsletter
Commander's Corner

August 2022
Hello from the Northeast Command.
We want to introduce the new acting Commander of the Northeast Area Command, Lieutenant Deanne Otzenberger. Acting Commander Otzenberger began her career with the Albuquerque Police Department in 2008 after getting her Bachelor's Degree from the University of New Mexico and spending 5 years as a University of New Mexico police Department Officer. She has worked in various areas of the Field Services Bureau, as Sergeant in the Internal Affairs Professional Standards Unit and the Internal Affairs Force Division (formerly CERT), and as the Recruiting Sergeant before returning to the Field Services Bureau as a Lieutenant.
APD NE Area Command Special Events
Join the NE Area Officers at "Lemonade with a Cop" event on Thursday, August 25, 2022 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM at Walgreens 6250 Paseo Del Norte NE.
Here are some photos from the "Sno-Cones with a Cop" event we had on July 20, 2022 at the Walgreens on Menaul near Carlisle.

Crime Prevention Tip

Active Shooter – Know your options

Active assailant incidents are unpredictable and fluid; victims are selected at random. The assailant selects heavily populated and/or confined areas to kill or wound as many people as possible. Know and understand your options.





Know your escape route.

 Leave your belongings.

 Evacuate regardless of whether others follow.

Alert others and prevent them from entering.

 Call 911 when you’re safe.



Ensure you are completely out of view.

 Lock and barricade the door.

 Turn off the lights.

 Silence your cell phone.



Fight as a last resort only when your life is in imminent danger.

 Throw items, improvise weapons.

 Commit with as much physical aggression as possible, your life depends on it.

Prevent a Tragedy

Commit To Firearm Safety

**Consider a Safe Storage Option
  • Trigger Lock
  • Cable Lock
  • Gun safe/Lock Box
  • Locking Storage Case
**Talk to Children About Gun Safety**
When They see a Gun:
  1. STOP!!
  2. Don't Touch!
  3. Get Away!
  4. Tell an Adult!

News from the NECPC

This month the Northeast community policing council joined the Albuquerque Police Department on July 21st for the ice cream with a cop event.
The Northeast Community Policing Council is looking for new members!
The Northeast policing council is looking for volunteer members to fill existing vacancies. There are currently two openings we are interested in filling. The first step is to complete the application at the following link: https://www.cabq.ov/community-policing-council-application. Please contact Cassandra Morrison of the Northeast Policing Council if you have any additional questions. Membership Committee or call her at (505) 480-8035. We look forward to adding two more very motivated individuals to the Northeast Community Policing Council.  Next meeting:  September 13 at 6:30PM, North Domingo Baca Multicultural Center.
Civilian Police Oversight Agency Board
Area Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Total
Foothills 2 2 1 5 5254
Northeast 3 6 3 12 7034
Northwest 1 5 2 8 4949
Southeast 5 10 1 16 8918
Southwest 5 5 0
Valley 2 2 1 5 7822
Total 13 30 8 51 38995
Force cases are now categorized by three levels. If a case involves multiple applications of force, it is categorized as the
most serious at the case level. These counts are not considered final as investigations are continuously updated.

Level 1 is force that is likely to cause only transitory pain, disorientation, or discomfort during its application as a means of gaining compliance. This
includes techniques which are not reasonably expected to cause injury, do not result in actual injury, and are not likely to result in a complaint of injury
(i.e., pain compliance techniques and resisted handcuffing). Pointing a firearm, beanbag shotgun, or 40 millimeter launcher at a subject, or using an ECW
to “paint” a subject with the laser sight, as a show of force are reportable as Level 1 force. Level 1 force does not include interaction meant to guide, assist,
or control a subject who is offering minimal resistance.

Level 2 is force that causes injury, could reasonably be expected to cause injury, or results in a complaint of injury. Level 2 force includes use of an ECW,
including where an ECW is fired at a subject but misses; use of a beanbag shotgun or 40 millimeter launcher, including where it is fired at a subject but
misses; OC Spray application; empty hand techniques (i.e., strikes, kicks, takedowns, distraction techniques, or leg sweeps); and strikes with impact
weapons, except strikes to the head, neck, or throat, which would be considered a Level 3 use of force.

Level 3 is force that results in, or could reasonably result in, serious physical injury, hospitalization, or death. Level 3 force includes all lethal force; critical
firearms discharges; all head, neck, and throat strikes with an object; neck holds; canine bites; three or more uses of an ECW on an individual during a
single interaction regardless of mode or duration or an ECW application for longer than 15 seconds, whether continuous or consecutive; four or more
strikes with a baton; any strike, blow, kick, ECW application, or similar use of force against a handcuffed subject; and uses of force resulting in a loss of
Force per 1000 Calls
FH  1.0
NE  1.7
NW  1.6
SE   1.8
SW  1.0
VA   0.6
July 2022 Force Events

  1970: DUI unit was formed. This would be the first in the nation. The DWI exhibit features a suitcase-size Intoxilyzer 5000, with a calibration chamber, which I hope none of you are familiar with on a personal basis. Most police equipment, like everything else, keeps getting smaller.
1978:  1st B.A.T Mobile was purchased for use by the DWI squad. Became operational April 1979 and took at least 6 months to make procedural modifications and to complete the training of squad members. By December, when the squad could be considered fully operational, substantial increases in arrests were observed. The December total of 575 arrests is substantially higher than the arrests for the three previous Decembers. 1976-319; 1977-496; 1978-357; 1979-575; 1980-741 The first B.A.T Mobile was driven to a location where and officer had stopped a suspected impaired driver. Before the B.A.T. Mobile squad was instituted, the average time required for an arrest was 2 hours and 20 minutes. After the establishment of the unit a patrol officer could be back on patrol after approximately 20-25 minutes.  In June 1981 a second B.A.T. Mobile was purchased. This one was used in setting up DUI check points.
**Thank You to Robert Teel from the Albuquerque Police Department Museum for this month's "Did You know?" feature. The APD Museum is open Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment only from 10AM to 2PM and you can visit it by making an appointment with**


Acting Commander Deanne Otzenberger       
Northeast Area Commander

Lieutenant Jeff Abernathy
Watch I Commander

Lieutenant Lena DeYapp 
Watch II Commander 
Lieutenant Sean Frick
Watch III Commander

Sergeant Dain Symes  
Acting PRT Lieutenant  

Angie Casias
Crime Prevention Specialist

     On the web:
John Carrillo Memorial Substation
8201 Osuna Rd NE

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday
  8:00 am to 5:00 pm

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