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#seventeen: the wednesday @ two club

h1: from new york to milton keynes

Whad'up you incredible human being.

Is your mouth smiling? Is your brain tingling with excited exuberance? Is your tummy full of lunch? Whatever the state of your body parts, we hope your soul is radiating with positive vibes. 

Last week, we announced something we never expected to be doing three years ago: The Marketing Meetup is going to New York babbbyyyyyyy! (if you missed the announcement, hit me up on Linkedin as I do mention more MM stuff there too.) While NYC is mad, we're also equally pleased to be starting in Milton Keynes this month too. 

It sounds odd to compare the two cities, but the fact is both are simply filled with people - and help people, wherever they're from, is all we want to do.

And with that in mind, find below some things we hope will make you better at what you do, and in the process a happier homo sapien. 

With so much love, 

Joe, James, Nicola, Fiona, Lyn, Kim, Niall and Beeny

P.S. We're looking to bring on a couple of local or national partners who would benefit from getting in front of the world's friendliest marketers. If you're interested, let me know on ♥️
podcast: using social media to market huel, social minds

As a traditional marketer, I believe in the power of putting together a strong persona up front before even thinking about tactics. What struck me about this episode of the Social Minds Podcast was how the founder created a product that was customer agnostic, and then used social media to help choose an audience for him. Contrary to handed down advice but Huel are HUGE now. 

Worth a listen to challenge your perceptions. 

Listen to the best podcast episode I've heard in ages.
article: how to deliver a strong sales pitch when you're not expecting it

I don't know how many of you have done this, but I'm certainly guilty of mumbling through an explaination of what I do to someone who might actually be interested in getting involved. 

Solid advice in this article on how to leave a sales conversation without regrets.
Get better at selling on short notice (4 min read)
Joanna Wiebe
person to follow: joanna wiebe

Joanna is one of the most talented copywriters I've come across. Based in Canada, she's influenced me and my writing style big time stylie. 

Particularly focused on the tech world, she helps people write copy that actually converts.

Follow someone who knows their stuff
F*cking good content
book: f*cking good content

From Marketing Meetup speak Dan Kelsall comes 'F*cking Good Content' - a book which preaches a no-nonsense approach to copywriting. 

Not for the faint of heart but valuable lessons enclosed. You can also get it for free on Kindle Unlimited.
Get the f*cking book for nothing
Jump start
offer: jump start marketing course for new marketers

We've joined forces with the School of Marketing to offer you a half-price 8 week course (usually £1000) to get marketers with less than 3 years to experience up to speed in double-quick time. 

School of Marketing is backed by the likes of Unilever, Saatchi & Saatchi, Microsoft and Marketing Week - so you'll be learning from a company associated with those at very top of the game.

Jump start your career, or of those in your team, half price
article: marketers should know our place, we're useless at creativity

An inflammitory title, but this article by Mark Ritson is on point. Speaking from experience, being a marketer that goes to a creative with an idea of 'I want a brochure that looks like this, this, and this' is rarely a good idea. 

While we should embrace creativity, we should leave the implementation of it to the experts.

Leave it to the pros. Read this (3 min read)
Why less is more
article: the power of simplicity

Simon Hall is an ex-BBC journalist and reporter who is now a lecturer at Cambridge Judge Business School.

In this podcast and write up, he explains why the simplest messages are often the most powerful and urges us all to rediscover the power of simplicity.

Simple. Read. (2 min read)
video: oops, i did a marketing

Business of Software is an amazing bi-annual conference which has in the past featured speakers such as Seth Godin, Rand Fishkin and many more. In this talk, two software folks speak about how they, despite not being natural marketers, built a community around their product. 

Great for anyone who doesn't consider themselves a marketer. 

Oops. Watch it.
quote: on personal branding

"Social media gives you the opportunity to control the narrative about your own business - become your own PR agency"

- Ash Jones, Greater Influence

next events:

Birmingham. September 5th. How to pitch budgets to decision makers. Sign up.

Cambridge. September 10th. Strategy and SEO. Sign up.

London. September 10th. LinkedIn lead gen & Dragon's Den. Sign up.

Bedford. September 11th. GDPR one year on. Sign up.

Torbay. September 12th. Sign up.

Manchester. September 17th. Don't build a brand, build a personality. Sign up.

Milton Keynes *new*. September 19th. The case for creativity & Behavioural Economics. Join the group.

Norwich. September 24th. How to be a better writer and the new reality of the SERP. Sign up.

Colchester. September 30th. Strategic marketing planning using AI. Sign up.

Course. October 2nd. Jump start for new marketers. Sign up.

Newcastle. October 7th. Branding. Sign up.

New York. January 2020.  Sign up.

Leeds. Looking for an organiser - let me know if you're interested! Join the group.

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