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January 2019
Quick Tip for Leading Volunteers

Who Is the New Breed of Volunteer?

Volunteers don’t look like they did yesterday. Yesterday’s volunteer programs were designed for a different world. And it worked great—back then. Volunteer managers who still operate like they did in the 20th century are the managers who keep asking the following questions:
  • Where have all the volunteers gone?
  • Why aren’t people as committed as they used to be?
  • What’s wrong with these young people?
  • Why are people so busy these days?
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This great tip comes from The New Breed, Second Edition by Jonathan McKee and Thomas McKee.
Hot Topic

How Volunteer Action in 2018 Can Focus Us for 2019

By Susan J. Ellis
Energize President Susan J. Ellis highlights volunteer impact on several major events of 2018 and advises us how to keep volunteers in the limelight in 2019.

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Free-Access Articles

The Image of Volunteering in Popular Culture [Archives 2004] - This Keyboard Roundtable invited colleagues in Germany, Singapore, Lebanon, Romania, and New Zealand to discuss how volunteering was portrayed in parts of the world other than the USA and Canada.
The Risk of Volunteerism Shortfalls: Are You Prepared? [Points of View] - Rob Jackson and Erin R. Spink discuss the concerning risk of volunteerism shortfalls. They debate the reasons behind these shortfalls while reviewing some steps we can all take to prepare for such a change.

New Postings for Subscribers

Storytelling in Volunteer Management [Along the Web] - Writer Faye C. Roberts explores how storytelling is a valuable tool that volunteer managers can use to help accomplish all of these goals – to inspire, to motivate, and to build esprit de corps.
An Old Chestnut in Volunteer Management Rears Its Head: Corporate Social Responsibility and Paid Volunteers [Voices]- After coffee giant Starbucks launched an employee volunteering program in autumn 2018, the Internet was abuzz with a familiar debate: Do Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs create positive, beneficial experiences for volunteers, or is paying someone to volunteer simply absurd? Author Allyson Drinnon hears from people on both sides of this debate, ranging from a volunteer program manager to a corporate representative familiar with the concept.

Upcoming Articles

New Issue to launch! The next issue, Volume XIX, Issue 2, which launches on January 15, 2019, will present the following:

  • "Managing Without Money: The Joy (and Challenges) of Utilizing Volunteers as Volunteer Managers." This Feature Article by Tom Freeland explores the benefits that ‘volunteer’ volunteer managers or ‘lead’ volunteers can bring to an organization, and why this role isn't always recognized. 
  • A review of a new book about international hospice and palliative care volunteers. This special Voices by Allyson Drinnon focuses on the stories of hospice volunteers that unfold in "The Changing Face of Volunteering in Hospice and Palliative Care."
  • Points of View by Rob Jackson and Erin R. Spink will help organizations think about how to unleash the untapped power of volunteers as advocates for the work they do. 
  • Research to Practice by Laurie Mook explores why volunteer resource managers leave their jobs at a rate almost double that of the nonprofit sector in general - and what can be done about it.
Online Volunteer Management Training
The Everyone Ready® program delivers quality volunteer management training, online and on-demand, via video seminars, self-instruction guides, audio recordings, and journal articles. Enrollment options include organizations, networks, and individual members.

Featured Topic for Members

It Takes Two to Tango: Building Successful Relationships between Volunteers and Paid Staff
One of the most critical issues in volunteer management is how to get employees and volunteers to be more enthusiastic about and supportive of each other. This Self-Instruction Guide, originally written for Everyone Ready by the late Ivan Scheier and now updated by Susan Ellis, examines the root causes of possible tension, acknowledges both the employee and volunteer perspective and offers a process for building teamwork.

Demonstration for Non-members

Demonstration of the Everyone Ready Program
January 15, 2019 1:00 PM EST - Sign up for a chance to look inside the Everyone Ready volunteer management training program. We'll provide a ten-minute demonstration of the program, including a look at the Learning Center with 40+ volunteer management topics. When we are done, you can ask your questions! Registration required.
News in the Field

Training: Ways to wellbeing and productivity for volunteer managers

London, UK

February 21, 2019 
10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Association of Volunteer Managers in the UK has brought together six specialists to help leaders of volunteer involvement explore the meaning and importance of wellbeing and productivity in your work and beyond.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

Monday, January 21, 2019
A commemoration is designed to keep Dr. King's legacy of service to others alive in communities across the United States. The day of service is scheduled on his nationally-recognized birthday holiday. Visit the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS)  website for ideas on how to take part in this celebration. 
Quick Tip (continued)
…As we approached the end of the 20th century and entered the new millennium, developments and trends evolved that changed the way we need to operate. Whether we like these changes or not, they’ve produced a new breed of volunteer.

These new developments and trends were like seismic shifts—small changes and adjustments that caused a massive transformation. In nature, a series of seismic shifts often result in an earthquake. In the last 20 years, we’ve observed 10 seismic shifts that have shaken the world of volunteer management and have catalyzed this new breed of volunteer:
  1. Family Dynamics: From Father Knows Best to Two and a Half Men
  2. Isolation: From community to individualism
  3. Flexibility: From rigid scheduling to volunteer availability
  4. Generations: From experienced veterans to novice Gen Y
  5. Technology: From face-to-face to cyberspace
  6. Professionalism: From skilled workers to knowledge workers
  7. Episodic Volunteering: From long-term commitments to short-term projects
  8. Slacktivism: From hard work to easy, “feel-good” tasks
  9. Micro-Volunteering: From big-time commitments to bite-sized projects
  10. Speed: From slow movements to fast responses to change

These seismic shifts together represent the biggest change in volunteering in the 21st century. Simply put, the new breed of volunteer drives the program. The new breed of volunteer wants to call the shots. These volunteers want to be asked what they see as the needs in the organization and how they can help accomplish the mission. They have a passion for the cause of the organization but can’t always fit into the old mold or organizational pattern. The old system worked well with stay-at-home moms and the retired senior adults. But the new system needs to be more flexible and able to customize the job for the volunteer…

Do you recognize people like this in your organization? The new breed of volunteer:
  • is very busy, has many obligations, and often volunteers for multiple organizations.
  • wants flexibility.
  • expects to be empowered.
  • won’t tolerate working alongside incompetent volunteers.
  • is tech-savvy.
  • doesn’t want to simply make a contribution; the new breed of volunteer wants to make a difference.
  • doesn’t want to be micromanaged.

From The New Breed, Second Edition by Jonathan McKee and Thomas McKee, Group Publishing, Inc., 2012. Permission is granted to reprint this excerpt. Reprints must include all citations and the statement: "Found in the Energize online library at"

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