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Dear Bodywork Community,

One of the modalities I offer that is not so commonly known is Thai massage. Here are a handful of phrases that come to mind to describe this ancient healing art...medicine to the Buddha, applied practice of loving-kindness, dynamic sacred dance, passive stretching, presence and breath, moving energy blockages, mind body spirit integration, deep connection...I could go on, but if any of these words have resonance with you, the best way to learn more about Thai massage is to experience it first hand. 

I invite you to try something new this year, to practice the art of receiving in some form, carve out time to pause, be quiet and be cared for. Sometimes simply stopping is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. We are indeed collectively at a critical juncture, one in which self care has taken on a whole new meaning for each of us since all of our routines and rhythms have shifted, the daily contexts we operate from are not what they once were and -- in many cases the demands of taking care of others along with the need and/or desire to participate in a more cooperative model at work and in community settings have cut back considerably (or cut out entirely) the time we might normally reserve for ourselves to decompress from the daily influx of stimulus, stress, and responsibility. It goes without saying that these things are at an all time high right now for most of us. Being resourceful and trying different tools to keep yourself in balance are highly recommended! So whether Thai massage is your new thing or laying on the ground and breathing, I fully support you!

If you are curious to try Thai massage or have never had a table session and would like to, if you have a desire to shed some layers of the world, or wish to access a place of deeper attunement and peace within yourself, get in touch to book a session. I practice in a space dedicated to bodywork, with necessary precautions in place due to the pandemic. If you are suffering economic hardship and also need bodywork, please don't hesitate to ask me privately for ways to accommodate your needs.

If you are in the habit of thinking 'there is no time for myself', know that this time *is* for you.

Much Love,

*PS* - These images are from a workshop event of Thai massage and sound bath healing, given in March 2020, in collaboration with Matt Lapidus and Mirabai Moon, just before everything shut down...little did we know that this level of in-person connection and touch was about to become a rarefied experience for months to come and that we would be wistfully looking back on events and gatherings like this now, hoping and waiting for the time that they are considered safe and normal again. 


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