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Dear Fellow Travelers,


This past year was a time of deep contemplation, practicing presence, laying groundwork for things to come, and looking ahead with a steady gaze and a quiet optimism, in spite of a level of soul weariness I don't think I've experienced before. The world is truly a different one than when I wrote the first newsletter from Amy Delia Bodywork some twenty months ago - as I'm sure many of you feel to be altogether different people, with what you've endured and the roads you've traversed in that time. After a period of quasi-hibernation, and the sense that a very big pause button of sorts was hit in March 2020, I'm ready to launch into connection, community, and expansion and to bring ideas and inspirations down from my imagination into the material realm. I've missed connecting with you all through writing these letters...and look forward to hearing your updates as well.


Around a year ago is when my older child decided on where he would be going to college. From that point on, until he was delivered to his dorm in Vermont in late August, I made a commitment to presence with both of my kids and to grounding myself in home and family life with them wholeheartedly. I was so proud of Cole's accomplishment and his readiness to leave home, and was also preparing myself for this big transition - separation/celebration, as I came to see it.


I share this because his departure date was a pivotal point for me. In the lead up it brought me deeper into a practice of 'being with', acceptance of what is and profound gratitude and appreciation, in effect slowing down time, while also causing me to review the last 18 years and to ask myself what have I been holding myself back from doing, being, seeing, learning, experiencing, expressing? Because there's nothing like having your first baby grow up and leave home to hold a mirror up to you and your life! Some of this practice was focused specifically around my relationship with Cole and also Serafina, my daughter, and in daily life looked like this: simplifying schedules, more meals together, a little trip to the beach, limiting phone time/social media involvement, space creation/redecorating, reading more books, gardening, hiking, baking, moon gazing, fostering a pregnant mama cat who gave birth in our home and adopting two of her kittens with all the subsequent joy and bonding that brought, and just a whole lot more unplanned downtime. 


And some of this practice was focused more squarely on ways that I needed to conserve my energy, both in the interest of spending more undistracted time with my children and also as a way to prepare for and envision the changes I want to make moving forward, in my business and in my life in general.


Many of these things are still evolving, though in the meanwhile I'd like to share a few of the changes that are upcoming or have already happened:

  • Beginning on March 22, I will be holding hours for Thai massage every Tuesday, from 9am to 2pm at the beautiful TaRa Institute in Valley Cottage 

I am super excited to be working in community with high level practitioners who offer complementary modalities of holistic treatment and also to have a dedicated space for practicing Thai massage. Infrared sauna and biomat (book through TaRa Institute) also available alongside any treatment!

  • Now offering Commitment Packages! Find out the many benefits of this deep dive into self care here.



  • Consolidation of social media accounts: Find me on Instagram @amylowdelia and on Facebook, Amy Delia, for all things Bodywork and Living Arts.

More to come! Including in person workshops and events, new online store, with my own blends of organic massage oils and personal scents as well as online purchase of gift certificates. 

....I will keep you posted!



Wishing you Warmth, Energy and Love,



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