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What a winter wonderland outside! Please stay safe while the snow continues to fall, the roads are slippery and visibility is low.

At the beginning of last year, I shared my two new year's resolutions for 2019: to make more space for young people in politics, and to drink more water. Looking back, I can say I succeeded (mostly). In 2019 we launched the Ontario Parliamentary Friends of Tibet's summer internship program, which brought five young Tibetans to Queen's Park to work directly with an MPP either in government or in opposition. We also continued our Girls Government program at Parkdale Public School with 10 young girls, and our office welcomed four university students through co-ops and other school placements. I may need to try that water resolution again...

I'm excited about all that the new year holds. I'm looking forward to all that we can accomplish together!


Challenging the status quo
Bhutila on Twitter
Decades of the status quo have left people behind. In a province like Ontario, it is unacceptable that people have to sleep on the street, that some students don't go to university or college because of high tuition fees, or that people have to choose between heating their homes or paying for their medications.

Corporations and the super-wealthy have gotten away without paying their fair share, leaving the burden on working-class families. It's time we demand that our government put people first.

Challenging the status quo: this is what I will be focused on and will push hard for in 2020.
Update on Education
Joined teachers and education workers on the picket line at Runnymede CI.
Students across the province are back in school after the holidays and ready to learn. Due to the cuts to education and the Ford government's unwillingness to stay at the bargaining table, more job actions are expected in the coming weeks at all levels--elementary, and secondary--in both public and Catholic boards.

Just a few days ago, The Ontario Parent Action Network held a press conference where they called on the Ford government to reverse ALL cuts to education.

Join your teachers and education workers on the picket lines at your local school to show your support. Information on job action is available on ETFO, OSSTF and OECTA websites.
I’ll be joining picket lines at schools across the riding on Monday, Jan 20 and will be at the protest outside the Ministry of Education on Tuesday, Jan 21. Join us!
Local Action on Climate Crisis
At the climate strike last summer.

In our riding, there are two key areas that I am working on together with constituents and community groups:

Clean Trains Now!
Pollution from dirty diesel trains that run through our neighbourhoods is bad for our health and the environment. We need the provincial government to keep their commitment and electrify all lines. Last year, I co-signed a letter with my colleague Jessica Bell, MPP University––Rosedale, to the Minister of Transportation calling on the government to confirm their commitment to the electrification of the GO network. You can read the letter here.

The Fight to Stop Nestlé
For years, Nestlé has been pumping millions of litres of water from Ontario's watersheds to sell in plastic bottles. All this while many communities are on water use restrictions or don’t have access to clean drinking water. Water is a public resource, not a source of profit. Water bottles are also a big source of plastic pollution which goes back into our water bodies like Lake Ontario. 

Currently, Nestlé is seeking a 10 year permit to continue extracting water. Thanks to pressure from people in our community and around the province, particularly from many indigenous groups, the provincial government has extended a moratorium for water taking from January 2020 to October 2020. But this is not good enough. We need to stop Nestle from profiting from water and push our government to develop an Ontario Water Strategy.

Petition: Action on the climate crisis
Justice for Tenants!

Rents across the city continue to skyrocket, there has been a sharp increase in illegal evictions, above-guideline rent increases, lack of proper repairs and maintenance, and bogus “undue damage” repair bills and harassment of tenants. While tenants often feel intimidated in today’s housing market, it is important to know that you have rights, and there are resources and organizations that can help you. Please check out my tenant manual for more information, and keep your eye on our events page for upcoming tenant education workshops in the spring.

My NDP colleague Suze Morrison, critic for Tenant Rights has tabled a bill to ensure ALL rental units in Ontario are under the protection of rent control after the Ford government removed rent control for new units and tenants in the city received notices for rent increases as high as 25%. Read more about the bill and find out how you can support it here.

Last week the Ontario Ombudsman announced he is launching an investigation into delays at the Landlord and Tenant Board. We know that 90% of the applications to the LTB are made by landlords, and most of those are seeking to evict. Housing advocates have expressed concerns that the Ford government may be deliberately allowing the LTB process to break down, perhaps with the aim of taking away the right to hearing or otherwise limiting tenant rights. We know that issues with the LTB including delays hurt tenants more. I hope to prioritize the tenant experience on any discussions or proposed changes to the LTB. So if you or someone you know are currently in process or have had to deal with the LTB delays as tenants, please contact our office. 

Office Casework: Long-Term Care
My office has had a sharp uptick in the number of cases where patients who are on the waitlist for long-term care while in hospital are feeling pressured by hospital discharge planners to accept discharge home, even though the level of care they require means that they cannot live at home safely.

With health care funding cuts and an increase in hallway medicine, hospitals are desperate to free up beds for sick patients. Some patients, however, have conditions, or require 24/7 care, such that they and their loved ones realize they will need to move into long-term care. It is important for patients and their loved ones to know that they have rights when awaiting placement in long-term care.

My office is working on a pamphlet to help patients navigate this stressful situation, which we hope to have available in the spring, however, the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly has published extremely helpful and valuable information about this subject already which you can find here.
Bhutila in the Community
1. Participating in a strategizing meeting with Justice for Queen's Hotel Tenants Community Coalition. 2. Visiting the EarlyON Centre at Queen Victora for their holiday potluck. 3. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of His Holiness the Dalai Lama‘s Nobel Peace Prize at Gangong Choendenling, the Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre. 4. With leaders in the Tibetan community and MPP Christine Hogarth to recognize International Human Rights Day. 5. Celebrating Parkdale–High Park constituent, Jennifer Monteith, receiving the Champion Award from Trillium Gift of Life. 
Bhutila in the News
TRNTO by Post City: Toronto’s most inspirational women of 2019
The night Bhutila Karpoche was elected MPP for Parkdale–High Park, I watched as Tibetan women and men who remember the Dalai Lama being driven out of Tibet wept and laughed and hugged. Being the first person of Tibetan heritage elected to any western government is a lot to carry. Bhutila carries it well. (continue reading)
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