Coronavirus (COVID-19) Clinic Statement

Clinical and Company Director Carys Roberts

The Health and Wellbeing of our clients is the driving force behind any decisions we take regarding service provision, development, advice given and clinic logistics.

With the current situation of COVID-19 the way it is I feel it is important for us as a Clinic to strike the balance between continuing to provide high quality care for those that need it whilst protecting our clients and staff (especially those identified as being more vulnerable to serious complications of the Covid-19 Coronavirus).

We, as always, also want to be transparent with our clients about the decisions taken at clinic so I have prepared this statement with ‘button’ links in for further information for those that wish to read it, but the basics for those that don’t!
Having worked in the NHS for numerous infectious disease outbreaks – both in the Acute wards and within the Outpatients departments I feel both myself and Natalie are well placed to manage our risk assessment and infections control procedures to ensure the protection of our staff and clients.

We have consulted each other, other Health Professionals (luckily I have friends in critical care, A&E, GP practices and Occupational Health Settings to draw information from), the appropriate public information from Public Health England, the NHS, UK Government and CDC as well as our clients to prepare this statement and associated action plans.

I even ran an emergency Swine Flu clinic back in my NHS days, diagnosing and prescribing as appropriate – now the training I received is once again coming into use!

Identifying Swan Clients who are Vulnerable to COVID-19
Fortunately our clinic database allows me to identify those clients in the more vulnerable groups and take the necessary precautions to protect their health.
I have analysed our client database in line with the Public Health England, UK Government and CDC advice and have split our clients into the following categories:

  Vulnerable Group 1 Vulnerable Group 2 Vulnerable Group 3
Medical Conditions that put the client at risk of complications should they contract Covid-19* Yes No Yes
Age >60 years old >60 years old <60 years old
% Swan Clients 7% 10% 9%
*Serious Chronic Medical Conditions such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Lung Disease, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Chronic Kidney Disease.

As you can see the majority of our clients do not fall into these Vulnerable Groups so currently I am hopefully that we can remain open throughout this pandemic to continue providing high quality care and maintain the normal operating of the business.

Those that have been identified as Vulnerable will receive separate contact with advice specific to their grouping and any upcoming appointments they have.
Clinic Infection Control Procedures
As a clinic we have longstanding infection control practices that you most likely don’t realise are happening (as a lot of you have your head face down in the bed whilst we are doing them!).
Click for more info on Swan's EXISTING Infection Control Procedures
We already maintain a high level of cleanliness around the clinic appropriate to the usual needs of delivering the services we do.

However, given the current situation we are going to enhance the level of infection control procedures for the foreseeable future. This also extends to our staff sickness policy and an additional electronic declaration questionnaire for clients attending clinic will be added to appointment bookings and reminder emails to try and ensure as much as we can that people with symptoms are not attending clinic.
Click for more info on Swan's temporarily ENHANCED Infection Control Procedures
Click for more info on what Swan STAFF have been advised
Reassurance and Moving Forwards
Whilst complete reassurance in such a difficult time is impossible I hope that this information goes some of the way to reassure you we are taking the necessary steps to ensure client and staff safety at clinic.
I do hope that you feel able to still use our services (even if you will stick to the beds a bit more than usual if you don’t bring your own towel with you!).
It goes without saying that Swan only continues to operate by generating revenue through client treatments so if we have too many cancellations over a prolonged period it will potentially put us in a precarious position.

I have consulted with other Health Professionals , discussed with the staff, and clients within the ‘Vulnerable Groups’ so have come up ideas of ways to maintain client care in the short to medium term if the situation escalates – however I hope we will not need to resort to these measures too soon, or for too long.
Click for more info on POTENTIAL Alterations to maintain Client Care

Thank you - again - for your ongoing support!

The Company turned 7 this month – not really the celebration I had planned, but one thing being in business has taught me is you have ride the rough with the smooth! I’m really proud of what the Swans and I have achieved the past 7 years and cannot wait to continue the great work for many more years to come!
Best Wishes as Always,
If you would like to read further information about COVID-19 the following links may be useful:

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