Affordable Child Care Matters.

For years, our experts have been making the case for more affordable, high quality, public child care. No parent should have to lay down the size of a monthly mortgage payment in order to access a child care space. But that's been the case across most of Canada.

Child care, understandably, has become a major feature in this election. The Liberals and the NDP are running on $10-a-day child care (as the sitting government, the Liberals have already negotiated child care deals with many provinces). The Conservatives are running on a child care tax credit. 

Our research shows parents could save big with more affordable child care.
Under the Liberal and NDP plans, the average family in 32 cities would see lower fees—with fees cut in half in 2022: Toronto families would save $10,000 more in 2022 for a regulated infant space. Families in many of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) cities as well as cities in B.C. and Alberta would save $5,000-to-$8,000 in 2022 under the Liberal and NDP plan.

Only 6,600 families (out of 3.7 million families with children) would likely receive the full $6,000 tax credit offered under the Conservative plan: Families in the lowest-income decile could see an average income gain of $1,540 and middle-income decile families would gain an additional $500-to-$1,000. Top-income earners would see no income change, on average.

Read David Macdonald's full analysis here.

David Macdonald, Senior Economist at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA), and our team of research associates are on the frontlines of Canada's child care conversation. We've laid out a progressive, comprehensive report on child care fees in Canada, "Sounding the Alarm." 
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"You end up with a lower quality, higher cost system
if you go with the [for profit] market system with a tax credit,
than if you go with a public system that has a set fee.
David Macdonald, CCPA Senior Economist
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Nova Scotia signs onto $10-a-day federal plan

Just before the federal election call, the federal government signed a deal with a number of provinces to implement $10-a-day child care. Our CCPA Nova Scotia office analyzed what the deal would mean for that province. 
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Still picking up the tab

CCPA Senior Economist David Macdonald examined federal and provincial spring budgets to assess how much governments in each jurisdiction are spending on COVID-19 initiatives. He found the federal government is still picking up the lion's share of the tab, with the province of Alberta being the biggest beneficiary of federal support. 
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We've got you covered. 
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