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Hello Summer 2021 – Thoughts to Chew On...
It’s been reported that more than a million tons of food goes into Los Angeles landfills every year. Once in landfill, rotten food scraps emit methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Meanwhile, Los Angeles is home to the largest number of food insecure people in the country. This newsletter provides several resources to help you engage in the effort to divert food from landfills and get good food to those who need it. If you ever need assistance with food and other organic materials, just give us a call: 1-800-773-2489.
Free Food Donation Support for L.A. County Businesses
Do you need help managing surplus food? The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Program has launched a pilot project to partner with Copia™ to redistribute surplus food to community-based organizations. The project’s goal is to work with businesses to redistribute surplus food to communities in need, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to the County of Los Angeles’ Quality and Productivity Commission, Public Health is offering the following services to businesses free of cost for 12 months. 

To participate, apply here:
recycLA University Webinar: Dishing Up an Organics Collection Program
Food service establishments generate a significant amount of wasted food and packaging. Between 4 and 10 percent of food purchased by food service operations in the U.S. is thrown out before even reaching the plate. And patrons eat only 85% of the food that is served. This leads to high levels of food and packaging reaching the landfills each day. The webinar “Dishing Up an Organics Collection Program” shows that by reducing the amount of food and packaging discarded, foodservice providers can significantly reduce their waste stream, save money, and garner goodwill from sustainable-minded patrons.

Learn more about recycLA University and watch this FREE training video at   
Guide to Workplace Composting
The Guide to Workplace Composting helps organizations develop workplace composting programs that support sustainability, waste reduction, and zero waste initiatives.

The guide provides step-by-step instructions and resources to help office buildings, manufacturing facilities, hotels, hospitals, universities, and other workplaces divert organic matter – such as food scraps, used paper towels, coffee grounds, and coffee filters – from landfills through composting. Composting is a landfill-free way of using decomposed organic materials to fertilize and condition soil. Compost also can reduce erosion, improve drought tolerance, and help reduce the generation of greenhouse gases. Download your guide via
Recycling Resources for Food Establishments
The NASA recycLA website provides owners/operators of food establishments with an easy-to-understand poster that shows the right way to sort, recycle, and dispose of materials. This poster is available in a number of languages. They’re all available to download from Call us for assistance: 1-800-773-2489.
Food Forward: Commemorating 12 Years of Food Rescue, Doing Good in Southern California
It’s an amazing milestone for Food Forward, which marks 12 years of service to the greater Los Angeles region. Food Forward has been a partner to NASA Services for many years. Kudos to Food Forward’s founder and CEO, Rick Nahmias, for the strength and hard work that he offers to this organization daily.

Food Forward has distributed more than 125 million pounds of food since it began in 2009. Learn more about Food Forward:

What Goes In?

Remember, GREEN is for organics and yard
trimmings, BLUE is for recyclables, and BLACK is for
everything else. Learn more at
Holiday Collection Schedule: 2021
Collection DOES NOT occur on: New Year’s Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.
  • All collections for the remainder of a week in which a holiday falls will take place one day later than normally scheduled.
Missed Collection
  • To report a missed collection, call 311 or 1-800-773-2489 or go to
  • IF REPORTED before 2:00 PM, then service will be PROVIDED by 6:00 PM.
  • IF REPORTED after 2:00 PM, then service will be PROVIDED by 10:00 AM next day.
  • If a missed collection is resolved on a Sunday, you will not be charged additional fees for this collection.
When we don’t collect, your containers were
  • Determined to have materials that are not allowed
  • Overweight and could not be safely moved and/or emptied
  • Filled with contents that are difficult to empty after tipping
  • Overfilled or blocked

We're here to answer your questions. Call recycLA customer care: 1-800-773-2489.
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