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To all our recycLA customers, we extend a warm and hopeful wish for you in 2021. The year 2020 stretched everyone in unexpected ways – moving home to work, educate & learn, and rapidly adjusting to ‘normal’ ways of doing daily life. The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything about waste and recycling, from service agreements to recycling requirements. In 2021, your NASA recycLA team commits to help you meet requirements for recycling, understanding current agreements, and providing all the waste management resources needed. Call us anytime for support: 1-800-773-2489.
Let’s All Reduce Contamination!
The recycling stream has volumes of valuable materials that can be made into renewed goods. Items that contaminate that stream are expensive to manage, cause damage to sorting equipment, increase costs to sort, and then transport to landfills. Ultimately, many costs are absorbed by businesses and property owners.

More than ever, our team members are observing that wood, clothing, and foam packaging or Styrofoam™ are wrongly being placed into Blue recycling bins. Untreated wood can go into a yard-waste bin. If you’re not subscribed to yard-waste services, then discard wood into the Black solid waste bin. Treated wood is ALWAYS trash and goes into the Black bin. Clothing can be donated – but NOT placed in Blue bins. Here’s a simple guide that shows what is NOT ALLOWED in your Blue recycling bin from recycLA. Double check what you know at
Easy Sustainable Choices
During the COVID-19 Pandemic
The LA Times interviewed LA-based business owners on tips for staying sustainable during this time of COVID-19. Here are some tips to share easily with tenants/residents:
  • Masks: Encourage the switch to cloth masks that are washable, reusable, and generally more comfortable.
  • Do-It-Yourself Waste Audit: Have you regularly looked through your bins to see what’s recyclable or trashable? If you’re not sure of what goes in each bin, your NASA recycLA team is ready to help you learn how to audit waste streams.
  • Eat Smart: Encourage patronage from local eateries to support local producers and minimize carbon-emitting travel. When ordering takeout meals, it’s very simple to decline plastic cutlery and paper napkins.
  • Electronic Waste: No one can deny the increased reliance on electronic devices during this pandemic. Our partner, Homeboy Electronics Recycling offers outstanding solutions for the safe, proper, and ethical disposal/management of IT assets. Contact Homeboy’s award-winning Electronics Recycling team: 323-222-3322.
Resources for Many

Did you know that NASA recycLA provides educational materials in different languages?

Educational materials are available in Spanish, Tagalog, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Khmer, Russian, Korean, Farsi, Armenian, and Arabic. Visit our Resources web page to see what’s available.
Read All About It:
Mandatory Organics Recycling
The State of California has implemented a set of organics rules via the new law, AB1826. These apply to businesses and multi-family residences. To help you understand, we’ve created this guide for you to reference. For more information, visit Call us with questions: 1-800-773-2489!
Businesses, including schools and public entities that generate 2 cubic yards or more of all solid waste per week — trash, recycling, and organics — shall arrange for organic waste recycling services.
Donating edible food to food rescue; subscribing to organic waste services for non-edible food and yard trimmings; recycling organic waste onsite; or self-hauling materials to a local facility that recycles them.
Food Waste: Dairy & eggs; meat, bones, & fish; fruits & vegetables; bread, pasta, rice, beans, coffee grounds & tea.
Yard Trimmings: Grass & weeds; leaves & flowers; and small branches.
recycLA University Webinar:
Retail & Warehouse Operations
Were Meant for Recycling BIG! 
REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE! Your business wants to reduce waste bills and improve its environmental footprint. But it may be unsure where to start, what programs are available, and how to get assistance! Via this recycLA webinar, you’ll get support on how to determine where your waste goes and how to assess if you meet compliance with current waste laws. This webinar will cover current state waste laws and compliance programs, the environmental impact retail and warehouse operations can have, and different ways you can reduce, reuse, and recycle in your business. Register for this and other recycLA University webinars at
What's Recyclable?
Remember, GREEN is for organics and yard
trimmings, BLUE is for recyclables, and BLACK is for
everything else. 

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