Wishing All a Merry Christmas!!
COOKIES... and Fat?!
Here is a cookie recipe that uses good old fashioned lard in the recipe.

Eat your fats! Don't be afraid to enjoy lots of fats and oils this holiday season - as long as they are the healthy fats and oils. Eat the skin on poultry and don't trim the fat from the meat! Fat has vitamins in it!

I use another healthy recipe here, which will make vegetarians happy, as it uses coconut oil instead of lard or butter.
Fat vs. Cancer?
Heavy water, or more specifically, heavy hydrogen (Deuterium), is a growing danger in our environment. Luckily, we can reduce it.

Many people are eliminating cancer and other diseases by addressing the issue of deuterium, and a key mechanisms for success is getting more healthy fats into your diet.
Looking for a new fantasy fiction novel to read? If you want one that weaves some good health advice into a magical story, check out Ben Greenfield's new book, The Forest. Listen to Ryuka and I discuss it.
Chocolate - A Healthy Recipe
I have these exact chocolate molds, and yes, my chocolates look just like that. Made with virgin coconut oil, maple syrup, and pure cacao, they are healthier than a Hershey bar ;-)

I like to add orange essential oil, raisins, and shredded coconut to mine. More Healthy Fat!!
Many Many Cures for Cancer
The word 'cancer' strikes fear into many people. However, it is a natural phenomena that occurs in most creatures, and it is is normally handled without incident by a healthy body. Our 'modern' problem is that most people do not have healthy diets, and we have many more cancer agents in our environment. However, as you can see in this article, our ancestors, Hunter-Gatherers, did not have this problem. Return to a proper human diet and your body is far less likely to succumb to any disease. Of course this can be a difficult challenge in itself, but there are many natural approaches for restoring health and eliminating cancer. Read these stories and see for yourself.
Those are kefir grains... responsible for making super nutritious and delicious probiotic shakes. Catch me speaking with the Weston A. Price Foundation about Kefir on their podcast, with Hilda Labrada Gore.
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