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The Protocol: This is the foundation for healing and maximizing wellness.
Homemade Kefir drastically reduces COVID-19 deaths and symptoms.
Properly made soup is a better treatment for Malaria than any drug.
Magnesium and MSM supercharge your metabolic processes.
PBX pulls toxins out of your cells from your entire body.
Sunshine & Earthing feed you and cleanse you.
Silver and MSM supercharge your healing.
EM shields your environment.
The Mind Conquers all.


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Shield Against Toxins

Protect yourself from toxins in our air, water, food, drugs, and even supplements. PBX Zeolite can get the toxins out, and keep them out. It doesn't matter if it is lead, mercury, aluminum, arsenic, chromium, cadmium, mycotoxins, and more. Get started now for less than $14.
Shield Your Environment
We cannot wipe out all the 'bad' microbes in and around us. But we can over-run them with 'good' microbes! Watch my video and read my short introduction to understand the amazing power of 'EM' also known as 'Effective Microbes.' People in over 100 countries around the world already know the secret.
Shield Against Pathogens
If you are properly nourished and detoxed, you should be able to fight off any disease. Even then, some diseases my catch us during a weakened state. One of the most powerful tools for boosting our immune system and healing capacity is colloidal silver. Watch the videos and read my posts for more info.
The Protocol
This is the foundation for healing from just about anything. The Vitagenics Protocol will help you get well and stay well. Come see how others are healing. We'll help you understand how and why it works.
Ten years of continued success across the globe, helping people heal from every type of ailment imaginable. The more we pollute our world, the more valuable PBX becomes. Read more about it here, and get yours now.
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Understand the Power and Deception of Testing:
“As far as I can tell, the best way to assure nutrient adequacy is not with testing, but with adequate nutrient consumption.”

– Dr. Catherine Shanahan, M.D.
From her book, Deep Nutrition:
Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food

Email Me for a $50 Gift Certificate on 1st Time Purchases of PBX, SGJ, CBD Oil, and More! Email Me for a $50 Gift Certificate on 1st Time Purchases of PBX, SGJ, CBD Oil, and More!
Super Green Juice & PBX
The most popular combination of products used by my clients for healing are SGJ (Super Green Juice Powder) and PBX (Pure Body Extra Zeolite).Visit the store to review the product details, and you will understand why. Visit my group to read client testimonials, and you will understand why. Watch this video to learn more.
Your Path, Your Choice
Vitagenics provides multiple paths for healing, so that you can find what fits you best. Free information in our groups, YouTube channel, website, etc.; And Courses, Protocols, Products, One-on-One Coaching, and Live Q&A sessions twice a week for those that need more support.
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