Kelly shares her triumphs over UC, IBD, Stress, Fatigue, & More! Learn how to take control of your own health from her excellent example. Kelly has lots of experience over many years, and finally found the Road to Wellness with Vitagenics! She is a wealth of information, and I think her for sharing it.
Even extreme lockdowns in Australia cannot stop Tony Haouchab! Listen to him share his tips and insights from his healing journey with Vitagenics. He has a long history of experience that he generously shares. Learn more about Tony on his Instagram here.
You will notice that both of the testimonials above mention success with TEC; and especially with Kelly, as she explains that it was perhaps the biggest key to stopping her UC (ulcerative colitis). I am currently offering a free TEC session with the purchase of any of my products or services, so be sure to contact me for more details. You'll be Amazed!
If you can find a better guide to protect from or detox from a vaccine, please let me know. This is the best guide that I have been able to put together, and I've tried to make it as easy and deep as possible.

I'll be adding a guide to protect against the nasal swabs too, as this has become another health nuisance that many people are saddled with. I will keep these guides free, along with my COVID-19 guides, which you will also notice alongside the Vaccine protection guide.

We are NOT defenseless in our toxic world.

Nature has given us powerful tools to protect us from the overhelming toxins in our air, soil, water, food, vaxxx, etc., and we can use these tools to both remove existing toxins, and shield ourselves against the growing influx. I’m not only talking about food or supplements, but rather the earth itself – in the form of zeolitesclays, and fulvic acid.

As a nutritionist, I am a strong advocate of food as medicine, and I have lots of guidance on nutrition, lifestyle, and various tools for healing. However, it can be argued that toxicity is the root of all disease, and the tools below are sadly unknown to most. In these dangerous times, I find these tools even more critical for healing and shielding us:

My daughter has mostly taken over my Instagram account, with tons of healthy food photos, and some unhealthy ones too ;-) And I still upload some professed health related content from time to time. Take a look to get more insights on healing.
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