Can Movies and Video Games Contribute to your Health?

Entertainment for Wellness

WATER. Before discussing entertainment, I want to mention some things about water. We all need it, but which water is best? If you can get good rainwater you'll be happy to know that it is possibly the best possible water you can drink. I discuss alkaline water, hydrogen water, deuterium water, etc., in the video, and take a deeper dive into hydration and bloating here.
SCREEN TIME. Ryuka and I discuss the idea of movies being good for your health. Does she agree? See for yourself. I discuss some specific films, and the pitfalls that should be avoided when watching them.
I layout guidance and cautions to help you maximize the wellness potential of your screen time. Here is my blogpost on the topic.
GAMING has come a long way in recent decades, and I explain the details in this blogpost. Anyone would agree that chess is good for you, and nowadays we have superb Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games that are arguably better. Ryuka and I discuss healthy gaming here.
Beyond the strategic games, the most profound impact of gaming would have to be the social factors. Games like World of Warcraft bring people together from across the globe, breaking all types of social barriers as they team up for common goals. Gaming can be beneficial.
If you like podcasts, be sure to checkout awesome Podcast host Holistic Hilda, as she hosts the best wellness podcast you can find. Check out her story.
The Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) is our single greatest resource for wellness information. They need your support, just like we need theirs.
Raw Milk. If you have any hesitation about drinking raw milk, this video should help you relax. Raw milk is awesome, so definitely drink it if you can get it.
Kefir is one of the most nutritious things that you can put in your body. And it can be the most delicious too. Learn more in this video.
Mike (the Heal Your Gut Guy) and I discuss the benefits of bone broth, meat broth, and bone tea - and the many benefits of all of them.
Mike and I talk at length about why FCLO from Green Pasture is the best CLO, and perhaps the most powerful supplement you can get.
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