Those are not M&M candies. That is a deuterium atom. 60% of the atoms in your body are Hydrogen. Yes, 60%. And 99.98% of the time Hydrogen has only a Proton and Electron. 0.02% have a Neutron too, as pictured here, and we call that Deuterium. Sadly, deuterium is increasing in our world, and it is killing us. Luckily, it is rather easy to reduce (or deplete) deuterium - eat well, do what humans do, and avoid processed foods!
Heal the Land, Heal Yourself
These cute strawberry Santas have little to do with the article they are linked to. But if you want to continue enjoying strawberries, we need healthy land to grow them. And so I ask you to take a look at this video, and let Alan Savory show you how we are already turning deserts into fruitful green lands.
Meet Isidora 
Read this 'Story of Impact' and see how Savory Global is helping people around the world.

Savory Hubs are emerging around the world. If you have a farm or homestead, perhaps you can become a hub too. 
You are probably using a lot of eggs as you cook all that delicious food during this holiday season. What do your egg yolks look like? You want them to be orange, not yellow, and the shells should be strong.... both are signs of nutritious eggs.
Sally Fallon Morell
Do you know who she is? You probably should. She founded the Weston A. Price Foundation, and has championed its cause for decades.

She has a host of books that help people eat better and get healthier. Cook books yes, but also so much more.

Learn more about her, and see why she is a hero that we desperately need in these modern times.
One of the most beautiful set of principles I have ever seen, are those of Polyface Farms.
Joel Salatin is a maverick that has been helping small farmers for a very long time. Take a look.

Joel is passionate about showing people how much better a pastured egg is. He is famous for his egg demonstrations and for his 'egg mobiles' that are used on his farm.

Joel is a popular speaker and author, and is leading a 'white collar' revolution in the small farming world.
Herbivores Make Rich Soil. Rich Soil = Nutritious Food.
The people over at "Kiss the Ground" have some nice articles and infographics that show you how important our soil is. This photo shows how cows are supposed to eat... not locked in feed lots eating grain, but roaming pastures eating grass. This is what happens in nature, and it produces healthier soil, healthier plants, and healthier animals.
Be Proud to be a Farmer.
What Would I Say if My Daughter Wanted to be a Farmer?
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