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Day 01 — Nourishing and Detoxification for Parents and Children with Victor Cozzetto

You might not have heard about this but yes, you can safely embark upon a “detox” — pre-pregnancy and postpartum.

Giving birth and becoming a mother is one of the most exhausting and emotional experiences for a woman. You’re catapulted into the new responsibility of taking care of the baby right after childbirth, leaving little time for rest and recovery.

Your body will go through enormous changes after giving birth. Thus, a good, clean recovery is essential to help your body recover and cope with these changes.
To kick off the Better Parenting Daily Summit, Victor Cozzetto joins us to talk about the most effective and healthy ways to nourish yourselves and your babies. Before and after childbirth, your body needs extra nutrients to keep up with the demands of your changing body and growing baby. Cleaning up your eating habits is essential for your family’s overall health.

You have the power to impact not only your health but your baby’s health for the rest of their life. Join the Better Parenting Daily Summit and learn how you can nourish and detoxify for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

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Thinking of Having a Baby?

This guide is for all involved, and is meant to be read long before the baby making starts.

Click Here to View or Download the Trifold PDF file.

And be sure to check out a recent Podcast from the Weston A. Price Foundation, where Sally Fallon Morell talks about “How to Have the Healthiest Babies.” At least take a look at the page to see the list of highlights. The podcast is less than 30 half an hour and worth every minute of your time.

Something that I did not have space for in my flyer, but I feel is super import are a Doula and Midwife. They are not the same thing, and I highly recommend that you look for  both when planning to have a baby.


  • Eat real food.
  • Meat. Fish. Eggs. Dairy. Plants.
  • Healthy fats & oils with every meal.
  • Detox your body.

  • Fermented Foods? Yes! Lots. Enjoy kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles kombucha, etc.
  • Herbs & Spices? Yes & No. Avoid them during the 1st trimester; go easy on the spices after that. Consult an expert about medicinal herbs.
  • Salt? Yes! Natural unrefined salts, such as Himalayan pink salt, Celtic, sea salt, etc.
  • Grains? Only if soaked, sprouted, and/or fermented, such as sourdough bread.
  • Supplementing with Cell Salts? Yes
Good Nutrition affects fertility!
All of us can benefit from this information, as most of the health tips in these talks are universal for people of any age. Now more than every we need all the information we can to help us improve and maintain our wellness.
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