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What are you doing to get the toxins out? Clay, Zeolite, and Fulvic Acid?
How The Earth Can Feed You, Energize You, and Cleanse You...
Learn all about the health benefits of clay as Hilda Labrada Gore hosts me on the Weston A. Price Foundation podcast titled "Clay: Ancient Earth Medicine." They did a great job with the transcript too, so you can read it if you prefer. Clay is cheap and pretty easy to use. I have a simple guide here that will tell you everything you need to know.
Did You Know?
Did You Know... that a tree builds most of its body from the carbon in the air? It's true. And humans... we don't only rely on plants, animals, air, and water... but also the earth itself! We can get enormous nourishment from the earth... in the forms of various salts and clays, as well as the soil and good microbes on fresh vegetables. Many farmers know that Fulivic Acid is responsible for delivering a lot of that nutrition. Fortunately, there is a powerful way to reclaim that critical source of nutrition, and you can get it right here.
First time buying zeolite or fulvic acid? Contact me for a $50 coupon!
Three Minutes Could Change Your Life. it is that Easy.
Contains Fulvic Acid, Zeolite, and minerals from Seaweed!
Teeth, Gums, Bones & More
Did you know that your teeth are nourished directly by your saliva? Your saliva is a powerful vehicle for nourishing and detoxing your teeth and gums. Learn how to supercharge it!
When your gums are receding, it is because the underlying bone is receding. We know that we can reverse tooth decay, receding gums, and bone loss with proper nutrition and detoxing. The mouthwash, toothpaste, powder, rinses, etc. explained here are powerful aids in nourishing and detoxing.
Planting Seeds
I do not need to see the tree. My job is to plant the seeds and know that I have done my part. Nature will do the rest. I am fully aware that most people will not ever see or hear or believe anything that I say. And it is the same with planting seeds - not all will bloom; yet a forest will rise nonetheless.
Support is available if you need it. Join our live Patron Q&A sessions, or watch the recordings. Enjoy the bonus videos and free content.
I’ve been telling people for a long time that the future of healing is quantum based, and that we will eventually have devices that use frequencies to heal everything. We’ve already been moving in that direction for many decades, with PEMF, NIR/FIR, blood electrification, etc. showing amazing health benefits. Now we have reached a point where an all-purpose quantum device is affordable for many people. I'll be talking about that more in my next newsletter. However, if you can check my dedicated iTeraCare page here to learn all about it now. Articles, YouTube videos, TikTok videos, and more!
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