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Vitagenics is now a free refuge for all that seek healing and support. Come see the amazing healing journeys, and empower yourself to experience the same.
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Your Path, Your Choice
Vitagenics provides multiple paths for healing, so that you can find what fits you best. Free information in our groups, YouTube channel, website, etc.; And Courses, Protocols, Products, One-on-One Coaching, and Live Q&A sessions twice a week for those that need more support.

Context is Key

Understand the context of healing protocols, miracle cures, disease, and what it means to be healthy.

You have more power than you realize, and the only thing required to unlock that power is knowledge. Do not be fooled by self proclaimed 'gurus' trying to sell you miracle cures that they do not understand. Establish context first.

Fixing Sleep Apnea...

Sleep apnea, jaw pain, crowded teeth, overbites, mouth breathing, and so much more can all be permanently fixed... yes permanently fixed.

Learn about Vivos appliances, Myofunctional therapy, and so much more in my interview with Melanie.

Email Me for a $50 Gift Certificate on 1st Time Purchases of PBX, SGJ, CBD Oil, and More! Email Me for a $50 Gift Certificate on 1st Time Purchases of PBX, SGJ, CBD Oil, and More!
Super Green Juice & PBX
The most popular combination of products used by my clients for healing are SGJ (Super Green Juice Powder) and PBX (Pure Body Extra Zeolite).Visit the store to review the product details, and you will understand why. Visit my group to read client testimonials, and you will understand why. Watch this video to learn more.
Negative emotions can stress our mind and body just as much, or even more than any physical toxins. Fortunately, we have many tools to help us detox them.
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