Unraid Digest 003 - All things Unraid for August 2019
Welcome to the Unraid monthly digest for August. Below, you'll find a quick recap of August's blog posts, community videos, popular forum posts, and a teaser for 6.8 which will be released later this month.

We want to give a big thanks to this incredible Unraid community for helping us to celebrate 14 years. In our recent case badge giveaway, we had over 400 entries and a multitude of kind words expressed by new and old users alike. Check out this forum thread for a regular ol' Unraid love fest. This is the kind of stuff that keeps our team passionate about bringing you the best that we have to offer. So thank you again for being loyal, enthusiastic, outspoken, welcoming, and generally stoked on Unraid!

Featured Blog Posts

Unraid's 14th Birthday: A Q&A with the Founder & CEO on the Past, Present, and Future of Unraid 
Published on August 29, 2019

Community Videos

How to enable HW Decoding (NVDEC) in the Unraid Plex Docker by Byte My Bits

How to Fix XFS File System Corruption on an Unraid Server by Spaceinvader One
My Unraid server is FULL! But I still want to add a new hard drive... by Byte My Bits

Popular Forum Threads

How I fell in love with Unraid by Grumpy Reviewer

** VIDEO GUIDE How to Replace a Failed Data Drive with one Larger than the Parity **

Upgrading Parity Drive

6.8 Release Coming Soon 

A peek at some new features coming in Unraid OS version 6.8:
  • Forms-based webGUI authentication: now compatible with most password managers.
  • WD-Discovery support: for reliable Windows Network explorer listing of your server and eliminates need for SMBv1 on your network.
  • WireGuard support: for easy configuration of VPN tunnels (experimental).
  • Numerous bug fixes and package updates.
  • Introducing a set of web-based services:
  • Server status such as online/offline, storage used/available, etc.
  • Links for local and remote access to your server webGUI.
  • Backup and Restore of your USB Flash boot device.
  • Much more to come- stay tuned!

Feedback is welcomed! Let us know how we can improve these digests by dropping us a line.

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