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Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre

Newsletter April 2020
Meetings may be cancelled or moved online, but what a great chance we have now to spend more time in nature! We hope everyone has taken the chance to spend some extra hours outside appreciating the local biodiversity. But how about biodiversity research? Follow the latest from the GGBC partners and members on our Facebook page.
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Upcoming Events

Leon Green's PhD Defense
Reproductive traits in euryhaline gobies: insights into physiology, adaptations and biological invasions

12:30, Friday 17 April, 2020
Hörsalen, Botanhuset, Carl Skottbergs gata 22B
Join via Zoom (turn your microphone and camera off)

Join Leon Green from the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg, as he defends his PhD thesis “Reproductive traits in euryhaline gobies - insights into physiology, adaptations and biological invasions". You can find the thesis here.

Engaging with wider society as a PhD student – is it worth it?
Online seminar, Zoom
May 6, 9:30-11:00
Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development (GMV) and Centre for Sea and Society invites PhD students from Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg to an online seminar and network meeting were to discuss different aspects of engaging with audiences outside of academia. As a starting point of the discussions, four researchers who are active in society in different ways will share their experiences and thoughts of benefits, risks and methods of engagement. The meeting will be held in Zoom.
Bird (c) Alexandre Antonelli

May 22nd: The International Day for Biodiversity
Celebrate the International Day for Biodiversity with our partners! Join us in person (following national regulations on public gatherings) or online for one of the events below.
Havets Hus
A full day of events both indoors and outdoors including a petting tank and beach bingo. See the program here.

Take a walk in the garden and visit the greenhouse or check out Botaniska's Youtube channel where you can take a virtual walk among the moss in the garden or learn how to sow and grow a pumpkin.

Gothenburg Natural History Museum
Visit the collections or check out some of the many hours of filmed presentations and activities in the GNM media bank. Here you find lectures on biodiversity and nature in general.

Visit one of the 280 nature reserves managed by Västkuststiftelsen in Western Sweden. Walk around and explore birds, bees, butterflies and flowers as nature wakes up after a long winter.

Explore exotic environments in the rainforest at Universeum. A unique opportunity to come face to face with toucans, rays and even sloths!

Slottsskogens Zoo
Visit the zoo in the middle of Slottsskogens park and explore nordic animals such as moose and deers and learn about the importance of conserving local biodiversity.

Nordens Ark
North of Gothenburg you can find this park where you can get acquainted with nordic creatures such as wolverines and European bison or more far-flung animals such as the Red panda and Pallas cat.

What else is going on around Sweden? Visit the official site for Biodiversity Day in Sweden here!

Sea & Society Talks

"Sea and Society Talks" is a lunch seminar series focusing on the UN sustainable development goals. The seminars link goal 14 "Life below water" with the other 16 goals. Each talk gives a short introduction to the how the two goals connect, and invites discussion on how researchers at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers can help in achieving a sustainable society.

Check out this previous talk where our director Allison Perrigo speaks about biodiversity on land and under water!


Member News

Christine Bacon new Senior Lecturer in Biodiversity at the University of Gothenburg
We are happy to congratulate Dr Christine Bacon on her new position as a Senior Lecturer in Biodiversity at the department of Biological and Environmental Sciences! We look forward to enhancing the biodiversity profile of the University of Gothenburg together with Christine and her work on diversification of palms in the Neotropics.

New Book on Neotropical Diversification

We congratulate GGBC members Josué Anderson Azevedo, Pavel Matos, Christine Bacon, Alexandre Antonelli and all other authors on their contribution to this new book on Neotropical diversification. The book covers biodiversity patterns and diversification processes as well as including taxon-based studies in the Neotropic region on a regional and local scale.

Access the book here

Bats: Super-heroes or Super-villains?
Magnus Gelang at the Gothenburg Natural History Museum writes about bats and what their immune system could teach us about medical research. Read the piece in Swedish here.

Pollen and Airborn Viruses: An Unfortunate Combination
In this film, Åslög Dahl from the Botanical Analysis Group and the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences at the University of Gothenburg talks about new research investigating the effects of high pollen levels on the spread of airborne viruses.

Member Research Highlights

A parapithecid stem anthropoid of African origin in the Paleogene of South America

Marcelo F. Tejedor and colleagues describe a new fossil primate from South America -- a different lineage to the ones we know from the New World today.

Read more here
Woody plant encroachment intensifies under climate change across tundra and savanna biomes

Anne Bjorkman and colleagues quantify the degree to which woody encroachment is related to climate change and identify its main associated drivers.

Read more here

Mammal species composition reveals new insights into Earth's remaining wilderness

Soren Faurby and colleagues explore overlap in biodiversity intactness and human footprint. The outcome was not as one may expect: there is remarkably poor overlap between areas with low human footprint and areas with intact (mammalian) fauna.

Read more here
Brain Size and Life History Interact to Predict Urban Tolerance in Birds

Ferran Sayol and co-authors investigate how relative brain size interacts with brood value to predict urban tolerance.

Read more here
Have you published recently using your GGBC affiliation? Email a link to the publication to Heléne Aronsson so GGBC can promote your paper!

Västkuststiftelsen manages 280 nature reserves covering 50 000 acres of land in western Sweden. Celebrate the arrival of spring by visiting one of them!

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