Cattle. Pigs. Chickens. Ask my kids what animal they like best on our farm…

…And they'll probably say, the goldfish.

Wait, what?! Let me explain.

It started with a moss problem.

At any given time, the cattle use only 2 or 3 of the farm's 15 water tanks. Months can pass with a tank being unused resulting in a healthy growth of moss on the stagnant water’s surface.

Moss build up clogs the tank's automatic shut off mechanism so it fails to open and refill the tank or fails to shut and the tank overflows

After consulting Google and YouTube, Ian decided gold fish were the answer to this problem. The fish would feed on the moss and keep the tank clean.

In early spring we stocked each water tank with 10 gold fish, each about an inch long. 

Side bar: just imagine the conversation he had with the pet store clerk, “I'm sorry - you need how many gold fish?!”

To make a long story short, we lost a lot of gold fish this summer. ☠️

We’ve speculated and hypothesized but don’t know for certain why we find them dead, floating belly up in the tank.

Then: Suprise

We discovered two of the tanks still had fish! And the tanks were moss free - it worked!
(Well kind of, RIP to all those we lost 🐟)
This week Nora and Logan helped me “re-home” the survivors into other moss-covered tanks around the property. And so the experiment continues! 

The kids wondered…
Will they survive until winter? Will they be lonely alone? Are they scared of a new tank? Do they get tired of eating the same old moss every day?
Growing up on this farm - I want our kids to learn the importance of trying something new.
To learn that failure isn't final.
To learn how to pivot and try again.

This time was just a goldfish experiment, but it wasn't the first experiment around our farm, the first time we've stepped out into the unknown, taking a chance on something new.

We harvested the first Blue Silo beef with zero customers.
We brought the first group of baby chicks to the farm not knowing how to raise chickens.
We opened the Farm Store for the first time unsure if anyone would actually come through the door.

I'm writing this with 4 pounds of dehydrated beef liver on my desk. 

Its a visible reminder of the newest experiment here on the farm - making dehydrated, single-ingredient dog treats using organ meat harvested from our animals.

If this happens to hit on something for you, friend, I want to encourage you to do it, to try the new thing, no matter how big or small it may be. Who knows what's around the corner!

Your farmer (just don’t ask me to pet sit your goldfish),

PS - Don't worry, you'll be hearing more about this dog treat making adventure in the coming weeks! If you're in the Farm Store, ask for a sample to take home to you fur baby!

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On the Farm

Between cattle, hogs and chickens, we go through a lot of feed around here. Luckily we can buy in bulk, filling the upright bins. Feeding the animals is the largest cost of growing the animal to harvest. Buying bulk feed is cheaper than bagged feed, plus there’s less waste and we save time by eliminating multiple trips to the feed store. For us “bulk” buying means anywhere from 1-9 TONS at a time, depending on the feed.

From Kassi's Kitchen

Nora doesn’t like typical breakfast foods like oatmeal or scrambled eggs so breakfast can be a bit challenging. Last weekend I made a sheet pan breakfast of sweet potatoes & Maple Pork Sausage. Everything was roasted in the oven, potatoes first then sausage was crumbled over the top towards the end. It was yummy & reheated well, earning a permanent spot in our breakfast rotation.

Customer Review Spotlight

Before we purchased this 1/4 Beef, we did a side by side comparison between your beef and beef bought at Sam’s Club & Walmart. We liked yours the best! It’s a big investment to swallow, but we knew it tasted good and we really care about supporting local small businesses. 
-Bryan, Springfield 
After picking up a 1/4 Beef in The Farm Store last weekend
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Blue Silo is operated by Ian & Kassi Glassman and family. We are proud to grow beef, pork and chicken to feed our neighbors in Springfield, MO & the surrounding Ozarks. Buying local food changes lives and keeps the lights on for small farms like ours. 
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