"With meat in the freezer I feel so powerful!

If you're like Jen from Republic, you'd agree, too.

Maybe this is you: "I just don't have the freezer space to stock up with a 1/2 Beef" 

Let's be honest, not all of us have room in the freezer. I'm looking at you ice cream cartons!

Here's the thing.

"Stocking up" doesn't have to mean 200 lb of meat from a 1/2 Beef that lasts you 15 months.

"Stocking up" can mean having a few versatile favorites tucked away in the freezer that you'll use in a month or two.

If you're short on freezer space here's my favorite 4 favorite product to have on hand that check all the boxes:

☑️ Compact & easy to store.
☑️ Quick to prep or cook
☑️ Versatile for different dishes

Each package contains 4 pre-formed, unseasoned, 1/4 lb patties. These thaw in <1 hr on the counter and are easy to store when space is tight.
The Usual: Burgers (of course!)
The Surprising: Patty Melts, Salisbury Steaks with Burger Patties or Quesadilla Burgers
Each package contains 1 lb of pre-cubed lean beef cut from the round - not much fat or connective tissue.
The Usual: Instant Pot Beef Stew (my personal fav recipe)
The Surprising: Beef Curry, Beef Enchiladas or Beef Bourguignon
Find links to these & other inspirations on What Else Can I Make With Stew Meat Besides Stew by The Food Network
Each package contains 8 casing-free, mild sausage links.
The Usual: Bake or skillet cook for breakfast
The Surprising: Slice leftover, cooked links & add as a topping to homemade pizza or use in a breakfast burrito with egg, potato and cheese
Each package contains 1 lb tex-mex seasoned Beef Chorizo (medium spice heat)
The Usual: Taco Night
The Surprising: Mexican Breakfast Casserole, mixed with ground beef to add more flavor to burgers or chili, or in Taco Soup.
These products can often be found in our popular meat bundles, like this month’s August Beef Bundle or the current Blue Silo Special Bundle.
If your habit is buying meat weekly at the store, I'd challenge you to try something new.

👉Stock 5 lbs of meat you'd use in 5 of your favorite go-to recipes (or just 5 lb of ground beef - so versatile!)

👉Shop your freezer first, planning meals around what you have on hand.

Regardless of the price, selection or quality at the grocery store, you're set with meat for the upcoming week. Bypass the meat section on your next run to the store. 

Simply move the meat to the fridge a day before you plan to cook it and you avoid wasting food to spoilage, too. 

See how it feels to take control of the food on your family's table 💪

Your farmer,

PS - Today Ian is sorting beef from 4 animals that we just picked up from the butcher shop. If a product or bundle is out of stock, check back on Monday after our inventory is updated, or come out to The Farm Store.

Current Pre-Order Booking Dates

1/2 Beef (180 lbs) - Reserve for Nov 12
1/4 Beef (90 lbs) - Reserve for Oct 2
1/8 Beef (45 lb) - Reserve for Oct 2
1/2 Hog (65 lb) - Reserve for Dec 18
Chicken Stock Up Bundle (48 lb) - Reserve for Nov 10
10 Whole Chicken Bundle (45 lb) - Reserve for Nov 10
*Last harvest for 2022; last chance for bulk pre-orders until April/May 2023*

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We are proud to grow beef, pork & chicken to feed our neighbors in Southwest MO.
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A new group of baby chicks came to the farm this week. Now’s a great time to visit the farm & see them up close! Bring the kids for a life lesson on where food comes from.
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On the Farm

Summer 2022 is a wrap! School begins shortly for the kids - Caden (8th), Nora (3rd) and Logan (Pre-K). Yes, Caden's taller than me. Yes, Nora will opt to wearing her school uniform instead of doing laundry. And yes, Logan does own shoes (and pants 🤦🏻‍♀️) but hates taking the time to put them on. 

From Kassi's Kitchen

If you don’t already do it, add a BBQ Pork Sandwich to your regular meal rotation - even if you don't own a smoker. Using a Shoulder Roast, season liberally, into the crockpot (nothing else needed!), cook on low all day, then shred and toss with bottled BBQ and cooking liquid before serving. Reheat as leftovers, feed a big family or freeze for later - it’s so versatile! Recently I discovered this homemade rub recipe. It uses pantry staples and makes the perfect amount to coat one of our 3-lb Pork Shoulder Roasts

Customer Review Spotlight

I have to tell you, we smoked one of your Filet Mignon Roasts and had people over recently. We seared it at 600* then smoked it until 130*, let it rest and it turned out perfect! We all ate too much!!
-JoAnne, Springfield 
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Beef Stick Retail Locations

Visit our local retail partners to pick up a package of our Beef Sticks. We love having product on the shelf of other businesses!

The Keen Bean Coffee Shop - Mt. Vernon 
The Keen Bean Coffee Shop - Monett
Black Lab Coffee - Republic
Black Lab Coffee, Galloway - Springfield
Hines Street Pharmacy - Republic
Heather Hill Farms - Ozark 
J & J Cheese Factory - Highlandville 
Zenith Climbing Center - Springfield
Tantara Farms - Springfield 
The Grill Guys - Republic
Itty Bitty City - Springfield
Mercy Hospital Cafeteria - Springfield
Battlefield Pharmacy - Battlefield
Blue Silo is operated by Ian & Kassi Glassman and family. We are proud to grow beef, pork and chicken to feed our neighbors in Springfield, MO & the surrounding Ozarks. Buying local food changes lives and keeps the lights on for small farms like ours. 
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