It’s hay season in the Ozarks! 🌾

After the spring grass growth, farmers harvest hay and store it for winter feeding as hay bales. 

Farmers monitor the weather forecast and plan to put up hay during a stretch of dry & sunny days. If cut hay is rained on, the bales lose nutrition value. 

With the recent dry and sunny weather, area farmers hit the fields hard working long days to put up hay. 

Fast facts about Hay

🔹During the winter, each cow eats around 27 lbs of hay per day
🔹Large Hay bales can weigh between 800-2000 lbs, small bales can be as light as 40 lbs.
🔹Hay bales sell for between $30-75/ large bale. There’s no standard price for the product & many factors can affect hay price, including weather and type of grass in the bale
🔹At minimum, a farmer needs a tractor and at least 4 different types of attachments to make a hay bale, and that's not including a trailer if the bales need hauled to a storage location.
🔹A baler can only make 1 size & shape of bales.
🔹Buying all the attachments to make hay could cost over $100,000 if purchasing new, and that’s NOT including the tractor cost!

How is hay made? 

1️⃣ 🚜 Using a mower attachment, the grass is cut very short.
2️⃣ 🚜 A rake and/or Tedder attachment fluffs up the hay to encourage drying 
3️⃣ 🚜 The baler attachment is pulled over the winrow of grass, picks it up, forms it into a bale and finishes by tying strings or net wrap around the outside to hold it together
4️⃣ 🚜 Using a spear attachment, bales are gathered and loaded onto a flatbed trailer, hauled to the storage location & unloaded.

Conditions were perfect - weather wasn’t this year’s hay season challenge. 

It was the price of diesel. 💸
And the price of fertilizer 💸💸
And finding enough labor to help in the fields 💪🏼

Farming requires huge capital investments - in land, animals and machinery.

When regular input costs like fuel and fertilizer skyrocket on the farm, you’ll see the effect as higher prices in the grocery store. 

Us farmers are feeling the pinch of rising costs just like you. 

We’re all in this together. 

Your farmer,
PS - I can't believe that we've nearly sold out of chicken from our first harvest 😳 The wait list is back up for all products that are sold out. After a harvest, customers with pre-order bulk bundles are packed first, next wait list customers are alerted and can order early, finally the remaining cuts are listed online. Next harvest available July 13 Get on the wait list >

Current Pre-Order Booking Dates

1/2 Beef (180 lbs) - Reserve for Sept 3
1/4 Beef (90 lbs) - Reserve for Sept 3
1/8 Beef (45 lb) - Reserve for Aug 6
1/2 Hog (65 lb) - Reserve for Oct 9
Chicken Stock Up Bundle (48 lb) - Reserve for July 13
10 Whole Chicken Bundle (45 lb) - Reserve for July 13

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💰 We offer a fundraiser program with our beef sticks for local groups. Last month a youth basketball association raised nearly $3K in less than 3 weeks selling beef sticks. Hit reply & ask me for the details :)

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🍔 Tab-topped Ground Beef is in the store and available for online orders for the next 1-2 weeks. Different packaging, same delicious beef! 

Beef Chuck Eye Steaks - the "poor man's ribeye" - 1.25" thick, 1/pkg
Beef Stir Fry Strips - Pre-sliced strips from the round, like our popular Sirloin Steak Fajita Strips but leaner and more affordable.
High Five Cinnamon Wage Flavored Honey - a creamed honey that's spreadable and fantastic on fresh bread. Made from Springfield-local honey.
High Five Smoke Detector Flavored Honey - a smoke-infused honey perfect as a meat glaze. Made from Springfield-local honey.

On the Farm

There’s 1,700 lbs of chicken feed inside this jumbo tote! 😱That *should* be enough to last these 100 chickens from week 2-6. The first two weeks, the baby chicks need a different formulated feed and they consume very little, less than a pound per bird. Over the entire 6 weeks, each bird consumes around 15 lbs of feed in total which really adds up!

From Kassi's Kitchen

A picture doesn't do this Cheeseburger Meatloaf justice. It is. SO. Good. Since it calls for only 1 lb of ground beef, I usually triple the recipe using a pound of ground pork and two pounds of ground beef, giving us leftovers for lunches. The kids like to eat it with pickles on the top or relish which really plays up the cheeseburger flavors. 

Customer Review Spotlight

That Beef Chorizo is incredible! Best we’ve ever had!
-Chris & Tina, Springfield

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Beef Stick Retail Locations

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The Keen Bean Coffee Shop - Mt. Vernon 
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Black Lab Coffee - Republic
Black Lab Coffee, Galloway - Springfield
Hines Street Pharmacy - Republic
Heather Hill Farms - Ozark 
J & J Cheese Factory - Highlandville 
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The Grill Guys - Republic
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Mercy Hospital Cafeteria - Springfield
Battlefield Pharmacy - Battlefield
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