Happy Friday to you, friend~

We’re making 2 big changes to our home delivery service that I want to make sure you know about.

Delivery now on Mondays.

‼️ Beginning with next week’s delivery on Mon Jan 30. Order by Sunday at 8 pm. Order now >

Different delivery driver

Ian & I aren’t making home deliveries any longer, so don’t be alarmed to see a different vehicle arriving with your order. We’re partnering with a local delivery business so you may see a different driver from week to week.

Other changes include:

  • Delivery fee increasing $1 (now $9)

  • Order minimum $60

  • Free Delivery for orders $175+

One thing that isn’t changing…

Leave out a cooler, regardless of the weather

It keeps packaging costs low & the delivery driver clearly sees where to leave you order.

We want to continue to bring you the convenience of getting locally grown meat delivered to your home, friend. Fitting in a delivery route to our family’s after school routine is a challenge that not even gas station snacks and a movie in the car can fix 😆

I appreciate your continued support of our family farm!

Your farmer,


How to place a Farm Pick up order

  1. Visit

  2. Click Change

  3. Enter your zip code

  4. Choose Pick Up at the Farm

  5. Buy delicious meat with $0 delivery