On Wednesday, Ian & I celebrated 9 years of marriage.🎊

Over a decade ago, I moved away from family, the flat land and the freezing winters of Wyoming to Missouri, hardly knowing anyone and needing iMaps to go anywhere.

I mean seriously, who is in charge of naming Missouri roads?! 🤪

3 Years into our marriage we started working together on the farm.

Running a farm business with your spouse is not for the faint of heart. Mixing love, business and a 24/7 farm has stripped us both down, exposing the best and worst of us both. 

Early on we struggled with a division of "yours" and "mine" on the farm. Communication was lacking. Each of us had a different vision for our life on the farm.

By God's abundant grace alone this marriage has survived and thrived.

Undoubtedly, He used this farm to make us better. To make us a team.

Believe me, there would be no Blue Silo without the both of us together. 

your farmer (who no longer needs iMaps),

PS - The wait for chicken is almost over. If you're on the wait list >  check your email on Wednesday July 13 when we open up ordering to those on the wait list first. Any remaining cuts will be available in the Farm Store July 15-17. What remains will be listed in the online store on July 18

Current Pre-Order Booking Dates

1/2 Beef (180 lbs) - Reserve for Sept 3
1/4 Beef (90 lbs) - Reserve for Sept 3
1/8 Beef (45 lb) - Reserve for Sept 3
1/2 Hog (65 lb) - Reserve for Oct 9
Chicken Stock Up Bundle (48 lb) - Reserve for Oct 5
10 Whole Chicken Bundle (45 lb) - Reserve for Oct 5

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We are proud to grow beef, pork & chicken to feed our neighbors in Southwest MO.
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On the Farm

Again this year Caden will be showing chickens at the Ozark Empire Fair Gold Buckle Gala. On a whim last year I entered him in the show and as a result we started growing meat chickens for Blue Silo! Last week we did the first weight check to identify the bigger birds that are out performing the others. Every participant gets 25 baby chicks to raise, but only 6 can actually be exhibited at the fair later this month. 

From Kassi's Kitchen

There's a new addition to our Premium Steak Collection. Meet the Chuck Eye Steak, also known as the "poor man's Ribeye". After thawing one to take a website picture, we had it for dinner. Coming from the Chuck, or animal's shoulder, this steak has a great robust flavor with a texture and bite similar to a Ribeye. Compared to the 1.5" Ribeyes we offer, the Chuck Eye Steak is smaller (8-12 oz each) and without the extra fat while still having nice interior marbling. 

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Beef Stick Retail Locations

Visit our local retail partners to pick up a package of our Beef Sticks. We love having product on the shelf of other businesses!

The Keen Bean Coffee Shop - Mt. Vernon 
The Keen Bean Coffee Shop - Monett
Black Lab Coffee - Republic
Black Lab Coffee, Galloway - Springfield
Hines Street Pharmacy - Republic
Heather Hill Farms - Ozark 
J & J Cheese Factory - Highlandville 
Zenith Climbing Center - Springfield
Tantara Farms - Springfield 
The Grill Guys - Republic
Itty Bitty City - Springfield
Mercy Hospital Cafeteria - Springfield
Battlefield Pharmacy - Battlefield
Blue Silo is operated by Ian & Kassi Glassman and family. We are proud to grow beef, pork and chicken to feed our neighbors in Springfield, MO & the surrounding Ozarks. Buying local food changes lives and keeps the lights on for small farms like ours. 
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