With recent harvests of beef, pork and chicken in the last few weeks, today I wanted to give you an inventory update that spans across our offering & more.

Let's get into it!


Limited quantities of all retail cuts and whole birds are available now while supplies last. Shop Chicken Collection >
Next harvest is August 23.

Only 2 harvest dates in 2022 are still booking for pre-order bundles like the 10 Whole Birds Bundle & Chicken Stock Up Bundle. When those pre-orders fill, there won't be any more until our first harvest of 2023 in the spring.


Products back in stock...
Cottage Bacon
Smoked and cured shoulder, a slab-sized perfect for sandwiches or wrapping other meat
Sandwich Sliced Ham
Ditch the deli meat for your next sandwich
Smoked Pork Chops (Bone-in & Boneless), 2 ct
Quick prep & incredible flavor 
❗️New Flavor - Maple Breakfast Sausage
Coming to the online store soon, available in the Farm Store now


Roasts are re-stocked - including Chuck, Pikes Peak, Arm & Tri-Tip
Shop Roasts >
Ground beef bundles available while supplies last
10 lb Bundles of 85/15 and 90/10
30 lb Bundles of 85/15
Shop all Ground Beef >

Meat Bundles Available Now

Ozark Family Beef Bundle (28 lb)
Largest bundle available without pre-order
Summer Grill Bundle (16 lb)
Grill Ready Burger + Ribeyes + Pork Steaks + Whole Chicken + Chicken Thighs + Cheddar Pork Brat + Hawaiian Pork Brat
July Beef Bundle (8 lb)
4 Ground Beef + 2 Burger + 2 Chuck Eye Steaks + Stew Meat
Best of the Farm Store Bundle
Ground Beef + Stew Meat + Grill Ready Burgers + Chicken Drumsticks + Mild Pork Sausage + Bacon + Cheese + Eggs
Blue Silo Bundle Special
Grill Ready Burger + Bacon + Stew Meat + Cheddar Pork Brats + Mild Pork Sausage Links + 2 Chuck Eye Steaks + Mild Pork Ground Sausage

Milk & Cheese

Recently we were notified that Edgewood Creamery is closing due to inflation costs on the farm and razor thin margins. We will no longer have their milk or cheese available.

Thank YOU for choosing to support our family farm!

your farmer,

PS - Thinking about stocking up with a side of beef, pork or bulk chicken? Since the butcher shops shut down in November for deer season our pre-orders will jump from October to December and into 2023 quickly. Specific for chicken - there's only 2 more harvest dates left to accomodate bulk pre-orders in 2022. 

Current Pre-Order Booking Dates

1/2 Beef (180 lbs) - Reserve for Oct 2
1/4 Beef (90 lbs) - Reserve for Oct 2
1/8 Beef (45 lb) - Reserve for Sept 3
1/2 Hog (65 lb) - Reserve for Dec 18
Chicken Stock Up Bundle (48 lb) - Reserve for Oct 5
10 Whole Chicken Bundle (45 lb) - Reserve for Oct 5

Want to learn more about purchasing a beef side? READ THIS

How to buy from our farm

We are proud to grow beef, pork & chicken to feed our neighbors in Southwest MO.
Want to learn more about home delivery & farm pick up options? READ THIS >
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Friday 2-6 pm
Saturday 10-3 pm
Sunday 12-4 pm

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On the Farm

Pray for rain, my friends. Between $5 diesel, relentless heat and no rain, it's a tough time to be a cattle farmer in the Ozarks. Our predominant pasture forage, fescue grass, enjoys a second growing season in the fall when temps cool down. Lack of summer moisture will affect its growth which in turn affects how long we can graze and if we need to buy hay. 

From Kassi's Kitchen

Smoked Pork Chops. Easily in my Top 10 of Favorite Products from the Farm Store.These pre-smoked chops come bone-in or boneless, 2/pkg. We harvest pork at a different butcher shop occasionally to take advantage of the extended selection of smokehouse products so we can offer you a wider variety of pork products. 

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Beef Stick Retail Locations

Visit our local retail partners to pick up a package of our Beef Sticks. We love having product on the shelf of other businesses!

The Keen Bean Coffee Shop - Mt. Vernon 
The Keen Bean Coffee Shop - Monett
Black Lab Coffee - Republic
Black Lab Coffee, Galloway - Springfield
Hines Street Pharmacy - Republic
Heather Hill Farms - Ozark 
J & J Cheese Factory - Highlandville 
Zenith Climbing Center - Springfield
Tantara Farms - Springfield 
The Grill Guys - Republic
Itty Bitty City - Springfield
Mercy Hospital Cafeteria - Springfield
Battlefield Pharmacy - Battlefield
Blue Silo is operated by Ian & Kassi Glassman and family. We are proud to grow beef, pork and chicken to feed our neighbors in Springfield, MO & the surrounding Ozarks. Buying local food changes lives and keeps the lights on for small farms like ours. 
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