Market prices. Feed costs. Diesel prices. Weather.

All factors out of a farmer's control that directly impact the business' bottom line - and the farmer's family.

Over the last 10 days of this heat wave, many have asked how the farm & animals are faring. Maybe you've wondered the same thing.

The cattle
Of all our farm animals, our cattle handle heat the best.

Thankfully, 5 years ago we invested in installing a water system with tanks, meaning we don't rely on ponds as a water source. Yet, we purposefully moved cattle into pastures with ponds so they could go into the water to cool off.

Besides pond access, we moved cattle into pastures that also had ample shade area to accommodate the entire group and the most grass available.

The pigs
Did you know that pigs only sweat from their nose? Providing them ways to cool down is important.

Fans are running on the hogs in pens near electricity. Mud holes are made in the other pens which are near a water hydrant. 

The chickens
Finding ways to keep our chickens cool was by far the most challenging.

The enclosed pen and automatic water system we love has some downfalls in extreme heat. The late afternoon sun baked the tin-sided barn. The water heated up in the water lines, providing only warm water for the hot birds.

There was multiple iterations on the water system to keep water moving through the lines so it stayed cool. Extra fans were added since the barn had electricity. Shallow trays were filled with ice water during the hottest afternoons for the birds to drink from and stand it. 

Truthfully, we've hunkered down the last 10 days. Thankfully, no farm work was so pressing that it needed to be done during extreme heat. 

With this stretch of triple-digit heat behind us, I'm hoping we'll see some nice soaking rains over the next few days to provide a little drought relief.

As of yesterday, our farm (and most of SWMO) is now classified as D3 Extreme Drought on the Drought Monitor. You can check it out HERE. 

I'm writing this Thursday night and we've yet to see any rain. Fingers crossed we get some this weekend.

TBH, the real worry we have now is how these conditions affect the amount of grass we have to graze over the winter and if we'll have to feed extra hay. 💸

Your farmer,

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On the Farm

A few days ago we helped my parents put up sweet corn from their large garden plot. The process involves husking, cleaning, blanching, cutting off the kernels and packing the corn into bags destined for storage in the freezer. I only recall a few memories of doing it in my childhood but both my parents shared their memories of putting up corn and canning garden produce every year. Everyone got involved!

From Kassi's Kitchen

Chicken legs are a hit with the kids in our house. Since I know they're gonna reach for a dipping sauce anyway, these drumsticks just got a once over with seasoning salt before being roasted in the oven. "Chicken bones" as Logan (4) calls them, are the perfect size for kids of all sizes and kinda fun to eat, too. I like that dark meat is forgiving and doesn't dry out as easily when I forget to set the timer 🤦🏻‍♀️

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