Automation is everywhere in our lives, friend.
As a busy introvert with kids, I usually love it.

But then there was this one time the robot failed me and no human was around to help. Let me tell you the story.

I needed to start running payroll. Here's the deal: I've never had a real job. (Yep, true story here.) I've always been self employed, save for a few paid internships as a college student.

So in my mind, running payroll was confusing. I was worried about registering the "wrong" way and somehow having the payroll police knocking on my door (silly, I know, but I'm a people pleaser). I was dragging my feet on it, feeling confused, making excuses.

Luckily, I had our bookkeeper Carrie (shoutout to KPM!) to hold my hand and provide some guidance to take action.

I registered with the state. I chose my payroll provider (Square, chosen for their ease of use 😆). The right forms were filled out & filed.

My ducks were in the proverbial row, it seemed, before the first payroll run.

That day came. Square won't work. 

The error message said I needed a SUTA ID number from the State of Missouri before I could pay an employee.

I called the state, talked to a human within minutes of dialing (Well done Missouri! 👏) who told me I don't qualify to get the number because I haven't paid an employee yet.

I couldn't pay an employee because I hadn't paid an employee yet. What the what!?! 🤬

I promised payroll would run today. I need an answer N.O. W.
Carrie suggested calling Square support. Good idea! 

Surely they'll have a phone number for support! No luck.
How about a customer support email address? Nope.
There must be a support contact form link somewhere. Nowhere.
Maybe this automated bot messenger that keeps popping up can help (now you know I was desperate!). "I can't help you with that" 🤦

Alright, looks like my last option is the "seller community." Surely someone else has had this problem, right?!

After 20 minutes of trying different search terms, I found a question asked 2 years ago with the identical problem. A Square support staff member answered it and detailed a specific work around.

My problem was solved. I was relieved but left feeling frustrated.

Doing something new or different for the first time is hard. It can feel confusing, and leave you feeling stuck. What if I do it wrong? Is this worth it?

Ever happened to you, friend?

The first time ditching the grocery store and seeking out a farmer to buy local meat feels confusing. It feels hard. Where do I even start?!

As your farmer, its my job to hold your hand, answer your questions and help you out. I want you to have a fantastic experience buying from our farm! 

This is my Blue Silo phone number: 417-323-2659
This is my Blue Silo email address:

As a true millennial, you'll have better luck texting me 😆🤷 But I will return your voicemail if you leave me one. (just being honest here!)

Of course there's our up-to-date website (, Google listing, Facebook & Instagram you can check out (if you're an internet loving introvert with kids like me!)

Buying meat from a local farmer should be easy and simple. And if it's not, a farmer can answer your questions.

🤖 Our farm is 100% robot free ;)

Your farmer (always here to help!),

PS - Speaking of human connections, if you're out at Republic's Pumpkin Daze (Sept 30 & Oct 1) or Mt. Vernon's Apple Butter Makin' Days (Oct 7-9), keep an eye out for our booth. I'll be there and would love to meet you in person!

On the Farm 📸

The view from my back porch where our farm stretches as far as the eye can see. I'm working on being more grateful about what we do have and worrying less about all the details that come with running this farm. A work in progress.

Meet a Customer👋

Vicki R. from Stockton
Customers since June 2022
Most recent purchase: 1/4 Beef

We're focused on serving customers in the greater Springfield area but more & more orders are coming in from customers farther away. When Vicki was looking to buy her first bulk order, she appreciated reading customer reviews, all the info we have about the order process and the turnaround time to actually get the meat in her freezer. We coordinated a specific pick up time to accommodate her schedule and gave advice on planning for transport. Plus, there were beef sticks to enjoy on the ride back home! 

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Bulk Beef, Pork & Chicken
Current Pre-Order Booking Dates

1/2 Beef (180 lbs) - Available Jan 29
1/4 Beef (90 lbs) - Available Dec 17
1/8 Beef (45 lb) - Available Oct 29
1/2 Hog (65 lb) - AvailableDec 18
Chicken Stock Up Bundle (48 lb) - Reserve for Nov 10
10 Whole Chicken Bundle (45 lb) - Reserve for Nov 10
*Last harvest for 2022; last chance for bulk pre-orders until April/May 2023*

Want to learn more about purchasing a beef side? READ THIS
At Blue Silo, we are proud to grow beef, pork and chicken year-round on our family farm. We believe our neighbors in Springfield, MO deserve a simple and easy way to put locally grown meat on their family's dinner table. Choosing to eat locally grown food changes lives and keeps the lights on for small farms like ours. Thank you for choosing to invest in our farm & family!
-Ian & Kassi Glassman, owners
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