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Hello Members and Friends!

Welcome to our September 2021 update. 

I wanted to update you on a few things coming up for the group.

Most memberships expire on September 30th

The SHoWLE Board changed the terms of membership in order to help us in maintain our database of members. All yearly memberships expire on September 30th to match the end of our fiscal year. If you recently joined (in August or this month), your expiration will be 9-30-2022.

If you haven't renewed yet, go to our join page and choose either the individual membership or the one for your Household. 

The other change is a move to a different membership database application that is integrated with our website. Once you choose what membership to purchase then the process has you entering your payment information and your contact information such as mailing address and phone number. We really would like your mailing address and phone number so we can contact you outside of email should we need or want to do that. We also use the mailing address to plot our members on a map to help us choose where to locate our meetings.

You will also have the option to opt-in into two questions which include allowing your contact information to be used in a future member's only directory and asking if you don't mind us sharing your information with the American Humanist Association as part of our obligation as a chapter. The third question asks if you are currently a member of the AHA. That question is used for census purposes.

We will never share or sell your contact information beyond what our obligation is as an AHA chapter.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please reach out to us using the contact form on the website or emailing President Doug (

What you need to know about our first indoor in-person meeting

Our September 11th meeting will be our first indoor in-person meeting since February 2020. We wanted to remind everyone about what to expect.

The SHoWLE Board developed an in-person meeting policy to address how  these meetings will work while a pandemic is still going on. Read the full policy for details.

The main points are masks will be required regardless of vaccination status, we will limit the number of people allowed to attend, and our scheduled meetings could be canceled at the last minute due to civil and health authorities closing down indoor gatherings due to local spikes in COVID transmissions. Also if for any reason you are uneasy about attending in-person or are vulnerable to becoming deathly ill because you are immunocompromised, please do not attend the meeting. We will try to live stream the meetings.

Member's meeting coming in October

We will be having a member's meeting sometime in October - most likely late in the month. This is the time the officers go over the just ended fiscal year and what to look forward to in 2022. This meeting will be online using Zoom so as many members who want to attend can attend.

It is also the time we elect SHoWLE Board members. This year five seats are up for election. We will be holding elections online again this year so now is the time to indicate your intention to run.

The only requirement to serve on the Board is to be a paid voting member - so this is another reason to renew your membership.

If you would like to run for a Board seat, fill out our contact form and indicate that you want to be considered or send an email to President Doug at and we will get back to you with further information.

Fun Time in Maumee

SHoWLE had our first info booth since 2019 setup in Downtown Maumee on August 14th for their Summer Fair. The weather was perfect except for a steady breeze that is the bane of one's existence when one has a fancy cardboard display and no way to hold it down.

Thanks to our donors we had some new items such as brochure holders, stickers, and bumper stickers. We gave away toy dinosaurs to the kids and that was a big hit. We also got to meet a lot of friendly people.

A local political candidate in the booth next to ours stopped by and indicated she liked our booth and took some literature.

We also wanted to thank the friends and members who stopped by. We had a good time.

Americans United Update Guides

Americans United for Separation of Church and State has updated their "Know Your Rights" guides for the coming school year. These guides let students, parents, and teachers know what activities are allowed and what isn't allowed under current church and state legal consensus. Visit the link to download the guides

"Knowing your rights is not anti-religion. Religious freedom is part of what it means to be an American. Our system of church-state separation means that individuals, not school or government officials, get to make their own decisions about religion. Public schools educate 90% of U.S. students and they’re an important building block for a diverse, welcoming society. Religious freedom means that children of all religions and none should feel welcome in their own public school."

AU Know Your Rights

Texas Anti-abortion Law Takes Effect

If you've seen the news, you saw where the US Supreme Court allowed an anti-abortion law in Texas to take effect. It not only essentially bans all abortions since most women won't know they are pregnant at the six week limit. The law also allows Texas citizens to sue anyone who performs, funds, or assists in an abortion. This is a chilling escalation in the denial of basic human rights for women.

There is a bill in the US Congress called “Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021” introduced by Rep. Judy Chu that would finally codify the Roe v Wade decision. The law would "protect a person’s ability to determine whether to continue or end a pregnancy, and to protect a health care provider’s ability to provide abortion services" and would invalidate laws like Texas' and the burdensome regulations like we have here in Ohio.

We highly recommend you contact your congressional representatives and our Senators and demand that H. R. 3755 be passed immediately.


We will continue to share accurate information as often as we can on social media channels and if members and friends need assistance (like you've lost a job or have to deal with family members being ill) check out our Community Outreach Resources and Education page.

Here is some information for those who live in Lucas county and a links to some statewide resources available

COVID-19 in Ohio: Resources & Ways to Help

State of Ohio COVID-19 Information Page

The Lucas County COVID-19 Emotional Support Line

Ohio Heroes 419-841-6781 – offers free counseling and support to front-line medical professionals

Donation Opportunity

One of the things that we would like to do is transition our membership database into our group website. This would allow us to create a member portal you could use to renew your membership, get reminders by email, be invited to members only meetings and events, and be able to update your contact information when you need to it. 

One of the tools we would like to use is Paid Membership Pro. It is a plugin to use with our group website WordPress install. We setup and tested the free version but the items we really need aren't available unless you pay for the "Pro" version. For example, the free version only allows Stripe to be used as a payment gateway and we would like to be able to use PayPal etc.... The free version doesn't allow the admin to add members to the database manually. The Pro version also allows more customizations than the free version. We might also be able to setup a member's directory that is limited to being viewed by members only.

This is where you come in....

If five members or friends donate $60, SHoWLE can purchase a 1 year license for the "Pro" version of the plugin. If you can help us out, donate using the following link and in the note area mention it is for the membership database.
Database Donation
Upcoming Meetings and Events


Can Patriotism Be Humanistic?
Saturday, September 11, 2021 1 PM
Mott Branch Library - 1010 Dorr Street Toledo, OH 43607 

September 11th is Patriot Day, a time to remember and reflect on the terrorist attack that brought down the twin towers in New York City, the attack on the Pentagon, and the forced plane crash in Shanksville, PA that led to the deaths of 2,977 victims.

We will be talking about what it means to be a Patriot in this country and if Humanism is compatible with patriotism. Can we observe days like Patriot Day without adding prayers?

We will also look at the good qualities and negative aspects of patriotism and discuss ways we can have more good patriotism and less negative patriotism.

We will be meeting in Community Room A

Unless otherwise noted, all our meetings and events are open to the public and we adhere to the SHoWLE In-person Meeting Policy


More Upcoming Events

Our Podcast: Glass City Humanist

In this episode, we talk to Chris Highland a former Protestant minister for 14 years and an Interfaith chaplain for 25 years. We discuss his journey to Humanism, his efforts trying to build bridges between people of faith and freethinkers, and his various writings on the topic including a weekly column in his local newspaper. We'll also touch on his recent controversial remarks about "Angry, Anti-religious Atheists".

01:09 Journey to Humanism: My Faith Evaporated
24:45 Angry Anti-religious Atheists
42:17 End Note: We Got A Grant
Check out our Podcast
For more information and to check out our past episodes visit the Glass City Humanist website.
More News & Notes

Board Minutes and Treasury Updated

SHoWLE Board of Directors meeting minutes and summaries of our Treasury reports have now been updated through July 2021 on our website. Feel free to check them out.

The Board meets every other month with the next meeting sometime in July. If you are a voting member (you paid dues) and would like to observe a Board meeting or have questions or concerns about the Board of Directors, please send us a note using our contact form.

More Options To Give Us Donations
We now can accept donations using two apps you might have on your phone. You can now use Venmo and Cash App to send us donations. Just use the correct tag for the right app. Venmo is @toledohumanists and our Cash App tag is $humanistswle.

If you want to join the group instead of just donating then we would like you to visit our membership page.

Use Your Phone With Zoom

Did you know you don't have to use video when joining us for meetings and events on Zoom? 

In fact you can use your telephone and call into the meeting without using a computer. When you register for a meeting you will get a link and other information on how to join the meeting. One of those options is to call into the meeting by phone. If seeing the speaker isn't a priority or you just aren't able to use a computer you can join us on the phone. We do ask that when you join the meeting just let us know who you are.

We Have a Wish List Page

We  have an Amazon Smile wish list that people can purchase items from and send to us. Some people, for personal reasons, refuse to shop at Amazon and we respect that. We have copied our list onto a web page on the website.

If you would like to fill our wish list but not from Amazon then just look for our items where you do shop, buy them, and send them to us at SHoWLE PO Box 6433 Toledo, OH 43613 If you would rather drop them off to us, contact us and we can arrange a drop off.

Also note that except for the books, we are not married to a particular product manufacturer on this list. For example we would like four folding chairs with padding but they don’t have to be from Flash Furniture.

Software we use were recently added so you can sponsor a full year of Zoom or Adobe Cloud for the group to use.

Do you have an idea for a meeting or event? 

Do you have an idea for a topic for a meeting or an activity for us to do as a group? Let us know.

If there is a particular topic or speaker you would like to see at a future meeting or have an idea for a group activity then please send us a note by email or fill out our contact form

It would help if you provided as much information as possible about the idea - like who to contact or websites to visit.

There is no guarantee SHoWLE will turn your idea into an actual meeting or event but the odds increase if you are willing to host the event and/or do a lot of the leg work.

Activities and meetings for SHoWLE depend entirely on volunteer effort.


Are you a member?

Joining the Secular Humanists of Western Lake Erie gets you the following benefits:
  • A monthly meeting with like minded people
  • Ability to guide and vote on the direction of the group
  • Serve in leadership positions and on our Board of Directors
  • Regular communications about meetings, events, and other topics of interest to the group before the general public
We have two membership plans:

$10 for an Individual
$20 for a Household (two or more people at the same address)

Just see a Board member at our next meeting or event or click on the button below to pay online or to get information on mailing it in.
Join Now
Do you have a special skill or hobby? Do you have an idea for a program or event you would like to see hosted by SHoWLE??
Let us know!

Send us your idea for a program or event

You can now donate to the Secular Humanists of Western Lake Erie

Please help us provide a supportive local community for humanists and other nontheists, while promoting ethical and reasonable secular world views through education, community service, outreach, activism, and social events.

You can use Paypal or a credit card. Donations are tax deductible. 

Donate Online
You can always donate at one of our meetings or events or send your check or money order to:

Secular Humanists of Western Lake Erie
PO Box 6433
Toledo, OH 43612-0433

We are also connected with the Amazon Smile program. If you choose SHoWLE as your charity then a portion of sales you complete will be sent to us. Use this link to choose us:
Amazon Smiles
Our Mission:

The mission of the Secular Humanists of Western Lake Erie is to provide a supportive local community for humanists and other nontheists, while promoting an ethical, reasonable, and secular approach to life through education, community service, outreach, activism, and social events.

We envision a Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan where secular people are respected and integrated in broader society, live values of reason and compassion, and enjoy a friendly humanist community.
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