Hello to you, Atheopagan cleric <<First Name>>!

Welcome to the July 2021 edition of The Atheopagan Voice! This is your mostly-monthly update on happenings in the Atheopagan community and source for materials and resources to help support your clerical and personal practices.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are approaching the point of Dimming, or Summer's Waning: the midpoint between the summer solstice and the autumnal equinox. Temperatures are hot and the first harvests are starting to be gathered in. In our metaphorical "year of life", it is a time to celebrate middle age, the time of power and beginning to harvest all of what one has been working for for so long.

In the South, conversely, we approach Brightening, when the lengthening days after the dead of winter are finally becoming apparent. A time to celebrate infancy, and to dream, envision and plan for the coming year of growth.

Wherever you are, cleric <<First Name>>, I hope your days are happy, healthy and prosperous. May the generous magic of Sun on soil continue to sustain and inspire you.

In Love, Kindness, Reason and Wonder,

Mark Green
We are excited to announce an in-person gathering of Atheopagans in 2022! SUNTREE RETREAT will include rituals, socializing, workshops and more! Click here for details, and be sure to reserve your space early!
Traditionally, this is the time of the first harvest--the grain harvest--in Eurasia.

A Song For the Season

In the wine growing regions of California, the harvest of the grapes begins in the next month. This "filk" of John Barleycorn Must Die refers to a popular and delicious red wine varietal, Zinfandel.


There were three menne of the West County, their fortunes for to trye
And these three menne swore upon an Oaken Tree
Joan Zinfandel must dye
They've planted, trellised, and shorne her limbs
And left her bare abed
And these three menne swore a solemn vow
Joan Zinfandel was ded.
They let her lye for a very long time, 'til the rains from hevn did fall
And little Dame Joan sprowted out bright buds, and so amazed them all
They've let her stand 'til Harvest Day 'til her arms were greene as grass
And little Dame Joan's borne some full round fruit: a fulsome, ripened lass
They’ve hired menne with their knives so sharp to cut her fruit from her arms
They threwe her into a wagon then, and rolled her unto the barn
They brought her to the crushing floor where they crushed her to a mash,
Squeezed her blood into fermenters, and added yeast: a dash.
They racked her to a barrel of oak, where dark and coolness dwell
And there they made a solemn oath on poor Joan Zinfandel
They've hired men to load her high with mighty lifts of forke
And the bottler he has served her worse than that
For he's bound her behind a cork.
And little Dame Joan in the crystal cup and she’s brandy in the glass
And little Dame Joan and the crystal cup proved the bravest lass at last
The good folk they can’t cook nor serve, nor live this life so well
And the merchant he can’t seal deal nor debt without a little Zinfandel
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Content for clerics
For this month's clerical resource, a quick meal blessing:
This food, swelling from the Earth by the breath of the Sun, is brought to us by many hands. May all be honored."
(All in unison:) "We are grateful to eat today."

The Introductory Guidebook for Atheopagan clerics may be downloaded here.
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Upcoming Events

These Atheopagan events take place online.

Atheopagan Weekly Zoom Mixers: Saturday, 10:15 AM Pacific/18:15 GDT

Atheopagan Book Club: currently reading Braiding Sweetgrass. Discussion: Burning Sweetgrass. pgs. 303-386. July 25,10 AM Pacific/18:00 GDT

Sex Salon: first Saturdays of each month (next is August 7). 3:30 PM Pacific/23:30 GDT.Frank, confidential conversations on sexuality, gender, kink and altered states of consciousness. Link
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Atheopaganism is growing, and our activities are growing, too. We need some volunteers to help lighten the load.

What we need are:

  • YOUTUBE TEAM. 4 or 5 people willing to join the YouTube Channel team and create short videos once or twice per month. Details are posted in this file.
  • GUEST BLOGGERS. Writers of pieces of 500-1500 words in length. Subjects can be as simple as “My Journey to Atheopaganism”, or about your practice, your Focus, or your particular take on a Principle, Pillar, or pertinent topic. Submit in MS Word format to

These volunteer roles will help a LOT in expanding the offerings we can provide to our fellow Atheopagans and to raising the visibility of Atheopaganism to the broader community.

If you’re already serving in a volunteer capacity, THANK YOU! Your help means the world to us!

If not, THANK YOU for considering helping out!

Winter in Tasmania. Celebrating life!
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