Dear Atheopagan cleric <<First Name>>,

Welcome to the October edition of The Atheopagan Voice! Hallows season is with us, and there is much to reflect on and anticipate.

In the United States, it is also election season. So much is at stake for the entire world with this election, and we urge you to act in accordance with Atheopagan Principle #9, Social Responsibility, and to go and vote if you are a US Citizen.

It is the time of year when we contemplate death, and of grieving those whom we have lost. It is also a perfect time for making your own preparations for your death by creating a Death Packet which will make things much easier on your survivors, especially if you should die suddenly. See here to download a workbook that will help you to pull together the information your survivors will need.

This Halloween is a particularly "witchy" one, on a blue moon and falling on a Saturday so it's easy to celebrate. It is such a shame that COVID-19 forces many of us to celebrate virtually, but we do what we must. In our observances, let us not forget the more than 1.1 million who have died from the disease thus far. Many were lost due to poor leadership and late response. They deserved better. Consider: this video shows 1,000 candles burning; 1,100 times that many real, living people have died.

On a much lighter note, this month we are excited to announce the publication of the Atheopagan cleric Introductory Guidebook! See "Content for clerics", below.

And as always, see below for breaking news and upcoming events. A meaningful Hallows to you: may your celebrations bring you comfort, wisdom and joy.

Happy Hallows to you!
Content for clerics
For this month's clerical resource, click here
Don't forget! For quick reference and access to Atheopagan materials, download the ATHEOPAGANISM APP by clicking HERE.

News from The Atheopagan Society Council

The Atheopagan Society Council held our quarterly meeting on Sept. 27. We received reports from the Education Committee, which is creating a Curriculum Framework for developing Atheopagan educational curriculum, and from the Clerical Resources Committee, which developed the Atheopagan cleric's Introductory Guidebook which has just been released. The Council is in the process of setting up a bank account for the Society, and hopes to have this complete by the end of November.

Upcoming Events

During the COVID-19 epidemic, Atheopagan events take place online.

Atheopagan Weekly Zoom Mixers: Saturdays, 10:15 AM Pacific/6:15 GDT,.and Sundays 4 PM Pacific/12 AM GDT (the witching hour!)

Atheopagan Book Club: Bringing Race to the Table by Crystal Blanton. Sunday, Nov. 8, at 11 AM Mountain Time

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT:  Highlights from the Blog & the Podcast
The "blue moon" of October 31 is also the Atheopagan Integrity Moon
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