April 2019, SIBR Eblast #8

Soroptimist International of Bidwell Rancho-Chico is a group of professional women who strive to make our community and world a better place for women and girls.
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A Message From our President

Hello fellow Soroptimists.

What an amazing awards banquet we had.  The fabulous fun food, the engaging conversations and celebrating our Live Your Dream and Focus awardees.  As special as all that was, I was especially thrilled to recognize some dedicated long time members.  Yvette Sanfilippo is celebrating 26 years, and Judi Merlo along with Sheron Box are celebrating 25 years with SIBR. They are the perfect examples of what it means to be a Soroptimist.  

I’d like to take an opportunity to promote an super fun event our sister club  is hosting.  Hilarity for Charity is coming up this April 13th.  It a Saturday evening.  A group of us are getting together at the Pour House before  the show starts at 7pm.  There’s no better way to support Soroptimist’s than through our sister club’s endeavor’s.  Here’s the link to purchase : https://bit.ly/2UIGclV tickets:   It will be a great evening of fun and collaboration.  

Now, onward and upward.  Spring is here!  A time for renewal and growth.  And it’s time for all the real fun to begin!  I’m so excited for this year’s SNR Conference in Reno.  Every year it gets better and better.  It is well worth the time.  And --- the club pays he Meal expense for first time attendees!  

We are in knee deep with our Dream It Be It 2019 session.  We are partnering with SI Chico to put on an amazing program at Fairview High School to empower and inspire our girls to be what ever they dream to be.  If you still wish to help out with this essential program, check out the website calendar, or contact the DIBI chair, Babette.  

Board elections are coming up very quickly.  Participating as a club board member is one of most empowering things one can do, in my opinion.  Being in the middle of all the business and bones of what we do….it’s the ultimate.  I encourage anyone that may have any inkling of interest in participating in any of the board positions, be sure to contact Linda Lucena, Nominating Committee chair, for more info.

Now, let’s talk brewfest.  That might be enough said.  Our main fundraiser is quickly approaching.  While this day, June 8th, will entail a lot of hard work, we have the opportunity to net $30,000 towards giving back.  We need everyone’s input for this.  Does anyone have an “in” with any restaurants that want to participate by providing food?  Providing a monetary donation?  Our 24th annual Microbrewfest chair is Sheron Box.  If you have any questions, be sure to contact her.  No worries, though;  we will be discussing this even at length at every meeting from now until the event.  :)  

Enjoy the spring weather, we’ll see you all soon.  

With Soropitimist dedication,
Angie Little

Soroptimist Sierra Nevada Region News
California Update:
As I’m sure you are all aware – we have a new Governor and that means a whole new leadership and administration for California! New and old legislators are back in Sacramento and introducing new legislation. We’ll be watching as those all come in and get amended and keep you updated on anything we feel is within Soroptimist’s purview. The first deadline of this 2019-2020 session is coming up on February 22 nd for bills to be introduced. This usually means a flurry of bills will be introduced between the 20 th and the 22 nd. Watch the news during that time for any big legislation!
Looking back to the previous session where sexual and workplace harassment were a focus, here are some key bills that were signed by Governor Brown and went into effect as of January 1, 2019:
  • AB 1976: Existing law required adequate space for women to pump breast milk at work that was not a “toilet stall”. This bill further defined “adequate space” to not include any bathrooms as some employers were getting around the wording of a “toilet stall” and requiring women to use single stall bathrooms. 
  • AB 2770: Protects workers from being sued for defamation when they accuse someone of inappropriate behavior, as long as they do so in good faith. This includes protections for workers who call out sexual harassment at work.
  • AB 3109: Invalidates and makes unenforceable any provision in a contract that would waive the person’s right to testify in any proceeding concerning criminal conduct or sexual harassment.
  • SB 3: Continues to increase our minimum wage. For companies with 25 or fewer employees the wage increases from $10.50 to $11.00. For companies with 26 or more employees the wage increases to $12.00.
  • SB 820: This bill prohibits so-called “secret settlements” or non-disclosure clauses to be included in harassment (including sexual harassment and workplace harassment), assault, and discrimination cases. Secret settlements are often used to protect the identity of the harasser (the author cites Harvey Weinstein as an example) and can lead to a history of abuse or harassment that goes unnoticed due to these non-disclosure clauses.
  • SB 970: Requires at least 20 minutes of human trafficking awareness training for any hotel employees who have reoccurring interactions with the public.
  • SB 1300: Prohibits employers from forcing new employees or those seeking raises to sign non-disparagement agreements and/or waive their right to file legal claims and/or to disclose information about unlawful acts, including sexual harassment. It also includes the same protections for unpaid interns, contractors, and volunteers. This bill also lowers the burden of proof to establish harassment.
  •  SB 1343: Requires employers with 5 or more employees to provide two hours of sexual harassment training to supervisors and at least one hour to non supervisory employees. Trainings are to be repeated every 2 years and be provided in multiple languages.
On another note, we’d like to take a minute to celebrate all the women who are leading us in both the California and Nevada legislature. California’s Senate President Pro Tempore (Toni Atkins) is the first woman and the first openly LGBTQ person to lead the state Senate! We currently have 21 women in the Assembly and 14 in the Senate for a total of 29.2% of the legislature. While over in Nevada, they are also making history with the first female majority legislature in the nation! Nevada has 23 women in the Assembly and 9 in the Senate for a total of 50.8% of the legislature. Both states currently have women as our Lieutenant Governors. Across the nation, women are running for office and winning those seats. When women lead, everyone wins.
We look forward to working with you all during this new legislative session. And remember, we’re always looking for new members!
Your CA Legislative team,
Eda Chen & Morgan Lardizabal

Soroptimist International of the Americas News

2019 SIA President-Elect Election is Underway

The mail ballot for 2019-2020 SIA president-elect was sent to all clubs in good standing on March 1. All ballots must be received at SIA headquarters on or before Thursday, May 2. Copies of the ballot information are available in all languages on the Nominations and Elections page. Instructions on alternate methods of returning ballots have been sent to all clubs and club presidents by email.

2019-2020 SIA President-Elect Resumes / Ballot

The Candidates are:
Penny Babb

SI/Happy Valley of the Sun, AZ (Golden West Region)
Ohran Choe

SI/Daegu (Korea Region)

Bonnie Domonchuk
SI/Cambridge, ON (Eastern Canada Region)

Margo Hartman
SI/Scotts Bluff County, NE (Rocky Mountain Region)

Soroptimist International News

Do listen to Mariet's video invitation for the 21st Soroptimist International Convention from 18-21 July 2019 in Kuala Lumpur. She makes it clear - it's where you want to be as a Soroptimist this summer. Find out all about the program and speakers on the Convention's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/soroptimistconvention2019/ or website: https://siconventionkl2019.org/ and register soon!

The Inspire S- Club students are concerned about a climate of sexual aggression on campus. They reached out to the Safe Space at CSUC to see if they had any student presentations they could present to them. On March 1st, a small group of them walked over to CSUC ad watched a presentation by the student interns. They are now wanting to use the clip below and present this on their campus, morphing it to fit the student body at Inspire.
Consent: It's as Simple as Tea

Upcoming Events

Board Meeting
April 2nd, 2019

Sheron's Office
60 Landing Circle, Chico, Ca 95973

Business Meeting
April 9th, 2019
5:30pm - 7pm

Panighetti's Eatery,1851 Esplanade, Chico, CA 95926, USA

Speaker Meeting/ Stratigic Planning Meeting
April 23rd, 2019
5:30pm - 7pm
"A look back and a look ahead!"

This is going to be a fun Phase 1 Strategic Planning Meeting. We will hear committee reports and take a look at what's ahead!
Panighetti's Eatery, 1851 Esplanade, Chico, CA 95926, USA

April 26 - 28, 2019
Atlantis Casino Resort Spa
3800 S. Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502

Register for Conference:
The Call to Conference
Please contact Angie if you want to go, don't know how to go about it and/or need a ride/roommate!

Dream it, Be it Project
teaming up with SI Chico at Fairview High School
April 3rd, 2019,
SI Chico
April 10th, 2019, SI Bidwell Rancho
April 17th, 2019, SI Chico
April 24th, 2019, SI Bidwell Rancho
May 1st, 2019 SI Chico
May 8th SI Bidwell Rancho and SI Chico

 Session 3 and 5 presented by SI Bidwell Rancho
"Creating Achievable Goals"
"Turning Value into Success"
Fairview High School
290 East Ave, Chico, CA 95926

Sign Up Sheet

SI Chico Fundraiser
April 13th

Tickets: https://bit.ly/2UIGclV
No photo description available.

Save the Date for the
Tea Bar Takeover Fundraiser!
May 2nd, 2019 6pm - 8pm
Soroptimist International of Bidwell Rancho's Calendar

Awards Recognition Banquet

March 26th, 2019

Each year, SI/Bidwell Rancho, recognizes the honorees at their annual Awards Recognition Banquet held in March this year in collaboration with International Women’s Day. The purpose is to celebrate the wonderful work women and girls are doing in our communities and present our Honorees with certificates of recognition, along with their award checks. This is a special evening where honorees are brought together to tell their stories, and are recognized for “Living their Dreams”.



LIVE YOUR DREAM: Education and Training Award

From Left To Right: Angie Little, Club President, Laura Arraiza, Marie Hartman, Live your Dream chair

Unable to attend was another “Live your Dream Award” recipient –

Nicole Turner

Congratulations to both woman!

Focus Presentation:

From Left to Right: Angie Little, Club President, Shelly Watson with the Jesus Center’s Myrtle House and Lily House, Linda Lucena, Focus Committee Chair

from Left To Right: Angie Little, Club President, Dave Colburn with Chico Schools Children’s Fund, Linda Lucena, Focus Committee chair

Special Member Recognition:

25 years Soroptimist!

(left to right) Angie Little, President with Honoree Judi Merlo


26 years Soroptimist!

(left to right) Honoree Yvette Sanfilippo with Angie Little, President

Also honored for her 25 year commitment to Soroptimist was Sheron Box

Congratulations to all of our recipients!

24th Annual Microbrew Fest
June 8th, 2019
2pm - 6pm


This is Soroptimist International of Bidwell Rancho's 24th Microbrew Fest! It is the Largest and Original Microbrew Fest in the area!

The Micro Brew Festival presents many different breweries offering a wide range of beers, ciders, and new wines and other surprises that have an appeal for all. Participants also have a unique opportunity to taste and learn more about making home brewed beers.

The majority of the proceeds from the Micro Brew Festival are put back into the community to benefit women and girls through Soroptimist sponsored programs.

$50 tickets will cover Beer, Food and live Music!

Tickets can also be purchased at:

The Home Brew Shop
3130 Hwy 32 #2 – Chico

Every month we will introduce a Member!
Meet Dawn Letner/McDonald, Owner of the Home Brew Shop

I was born in Redwood City, CA. in 1952. A year later, my parents moved to the Santa Cruz Mts. I started school in a small school building on Smith Grade. This school had Kindergarten through 6th grade all in one classroom. We had a great teacher, and I learned from the other children too. My Junior High and High School years were in Santa Cruz.

After high school I attended Cabrillo Junior College in Aptos. I loved books and received a diploma in Library Science. Just in time for the first computers to take over colleges, businesses, and libraries.

Over the years I worked to support myself at numerous jobs. Dog grooming, water well drilling, library assistant, baby sitter, winery worker, and more.

I was married at 20 and moved to Grass Valley, CA. From there I moved to Chico to attend Chico State. I received a degree in Psychology, and a minor in Management of Human Resources.

My husband and I were divorced after eight years of marriage. We had no children. During my college years I worked part time at The Home Brew Shop and at the Rape Crisis Center. In 1992 I became the owner of the Home Brew Shop.

Twenty-four years ago I was drawn into the SIBR club as I assisted with the first Brew Fest at the Holiday Inn. I have been at every one of them since then. I was impressed with the women in the club and found the guiding principles of the group to be just right for me. Once I joined, I have never looked back. I served as secretary, vice-president (that is what it used to be called), president, and on numerous committees over the years.

I have said this before, but it is important to me to tell you that being part of SIBR has helped me become a better person. I am proud to be part of an international organization that works to improve lives, helping women and girls to grow to their potential.

Soroptimist Orientation and Leadership Training
Dash of SOLT.......

Duties of Officers:
President: The president shall act as the Chair of the Board of Directors, serve as club delegate, serve as exofficio member of all committees, and shall have supervision over the activities and operations of the club. To be eligible for the office of President, the person must have served as President elect.

President- elect: The President -elect shall:
a. Perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President.
b. Arrange for the speakers of program meetings of the Club and obtain Board approval, who shall serve as the Speaker Committee, prior to scheduling speakers.
c. Serve as a Club delegate to District meetings and Region Conference.
d. Serve as Club's alternate delegate to the Federation Convention if the President is not attending.
e. Perform any other duties assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.
f. Upon expiration of the term of President, the President-elect shall succeed automatically as President.

Secretary: The Secretary shall:
a. Attend all meetings and prepare minutes of the Club and the Board.
b. Maintain a roll of Membership.
c. Be custodian of the permanent records of the club.
d.Submit to the Board the minutes of the Board meetings.
e. Submit to the club the minutes of the Club business meetings and the recommendations of the board.
f. Send out notices and carry on such correspondence.
g. Keep a record book for future references.
Perform other duties assigned by the board or the President.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall:
a. Keep the financial records of the Club.
b. Make remittance as required by Federation and Region Bylaws and Procedures.
c. Prepare monthly financial reports and report to the membership and the Board of Directors on the financial condition of the funds.
d. Be authorized as a signer on the Club accounts.
e. pay authorized bills in a timely manner.
f. serve as a ex-officio member of the Finance Committee.
g. Shall be bonded in the amount to be determined by the Board.
h. Shall invest funds in securities as authorized by the Board.
i. Coordinate necessary Federal, State, and Secretary of State Tax reporting.

Financial Coordinator: The Financial Coordinator shall:
a. Receive all payments from Members.
b. make all Bank Deposits.
c. Be responsible for collection of annual Membership dues.
d. Invoice Members in May for their annual dues which are due June 1st.
e. Invoice Members in May for any outstanding balances due to the Club.
f. Reserve the meeting meals based on attendance count.
g. Assist the Treasurer with the duties of the office in order to provide good separation of duties for audit and security purposes.

Director: The Director shall:
a. Be a Member who has previously served as President of a Soroptimist Club.
b. Serve as a liaison between the membership and the Board of Directors.
c. Be authorized as a signer on the Club bank accounts.
d. Review all financial transactions of the Club.
e. perform other duties assigned by the Board or the president.

Thank you for the generous donations that have come in from Soroptimist clubs and friends worldwide!
 SI Bidwell Rancho and SI Chico have split the donations and have started distributing the funds to the people and places in and around Paradise, impacted by the Camp Fire!
You can follow SI Bidwell Rancho on their website "Home" page  or their FB page to see where the funds are going!


Notes from the Editor

Know someone who would enjoy this Eblast? Send me their name and email!
Let's start sharing our great organization with others!
Looking for May and June Member Spotlight volunteers!
Babette (eblast@sibidwellrancho.org)
Happy Birthday!
                     04/09 Dawn Letner/McDonald
04/17 Judi Merlo
      04/19 Babette Maiss

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Dream it, Be it: Club Resources
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