October  2018, SIBR Eblast #2
Soroptimist International of Bidwell Rancho-Chico is a group of professional women who strive to make our community and world a better place for women and girls.
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A Message From the President:

I love Fall!  The colors, smells and flavors of Fall make me feel comforted and warm.  Fall also means ramping up the SIBR projects.  I’m so excited!  

We had an amazing new member mixer on September 25th.  We had the pleasure of meeting five amazing women who attended.  I feel they all would be amazing assets to our club, and I hope they feel the same and join our ranks.  I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude to the membership committee; Chair: Sally Mendez, Karen Marlatt and Celeste Garcia for putting on the event.  Lisa Fitzgerald’s “History of Soroptimist” presentation was perfect!  The collaboration of all made it the best new member mixer, yet.  

So many great things to accomplish in the coming months, and we all know how time flies.  So, be sure to sign up for a committee if you haven’t already done so.  A super easy sign-up sheet is on our website.  Look through it and see where you might be able to lend your talents. 

On Saturday October 20th, from 10am to 2pm is the Walk for Freedom.  It would be really great if we could get a group together.  A link for information, registration and instructions is on our club calendar on the website.  

I’d like to take a moment and promote SI Chico’s big fundraiser on November 3rd “A Delightful Evening of Dueling Pianos” at the Sierra Nevada Big Room.  It’ll be an amazing time and you’ll be contributing to Soroptimist’s collective Impact.  You can find ticket info on their website www.soroptimistchico.org

The Girls on the Run 5k is November 10th at One Mile. SIBR and SIChico are the main sponsors for the year so it would be great to have some representation!  For those who wish to volunteer and/or cheer on the girls contact the SIBR GOTR committee chair, Kim Sayers.  Additional information can be found on their website; www.gotrnorthstate.org.  

It looks like we still need donations to restock the Fairview High Success Center.  The link to see what’s still needed and to sign up for donations is included in this Eblast. 

It’s never too early to think about the Microbrewfest in June.  Keep your eyes and ears open for potential sponsors and vendors.  

In good service Angie Little

Summary of the District 1 Meeting

On September 15th,2018 SI Redding hosted the District 1 Meeting at the Hilton Garden Inn in Redding. Lisa Fitzgerald, District 1 Director led though a great session with 9 clubs present. After welcoming the special guests, on the panel: Governor Lane Parks, Governor elect Sarah Carrasco, Media Guru Danielle Kennedy, Regional Treasurer Sheron Box, SI Redding President Linda Jee and SI Redding Host Registrar Cherrel Kirkland, the meeting started off with the Governor's Welcome and update on the Live your Dream program - District 1 is in need for a Representative and the Dream it ,Be it Program.
The Flamingo was named!!! Meet "Flo"!!

Followed by the SNR Committee Reports on Membership, Fund raising, Public Awareness. SNR Treasurer Report and Strategic Planning.
Lisa Fitzgerald led a group discussion on the
Youth Fund Task Force.
Linda Lucena  presented a report on "Stop Trafficking for Northern California and led a group discussion on a potential District 1 collective Impact Project.
All club presidents and representatives gave updates on their clubs.
Governor elect Sarah Carrasco talked about the planning ahead phase, which included dates for the next SI and SIA  convention, SNR Conference and the 100 year Soroptimist anniversary celebration in 2021. (
See Dates on our calendar) The meeting was finished with Happy Bucks, which went to the Carr Fire Fund, a Raffle and our Soroptimist Pledge.
District 1 Fall Meeting video
District 1 Meeting Presentation and  Handouts


Soroptimist Sierra Nevada Region News

Are you receiving the Sierra Nevada Region's e-blasts?
Have you taken the membership survey?
Our Region is participating in the Diamond Campaign for Membership. As a first step, Sierra Nevada Region wants to hear from you. Please use this link below to complete the survey - it will only take you 3 minutes!
Help us grow the membership of our clubs and region! Your prompt attention to this survey is greatly appreciated.
Governor Lane Parks has started a blog on the Sierra Nevada Region Website.
She already has written a couple of great blogs. Head on over to the Website and check her blog page!
SNR's Website also has been redone and it is very user friendly now and a great source information. 

Soroptimist International News
SI President's Appeal Update

SI President Mariet Verhoef-Cohen’s President Appeal is Women, Water & Leadership, which supports projects that educate, empower and enable women and girls with respect to water management resources and water-related careers. To date, SIA members and clubs have donated over $60,000 to the appeal.
Learn more

Live Your Dream

Each year all the clubs in Soroptimist International of the Americas provide more than $1.6 million in education grants are awarded to more than 1,200 women, many of whom have overcome enormous obstacles including poverty, domestic violence and/or drug and alcohol abuse. Live Your Dream Awards recipients may use the cash award to offset any costs associated with their efforts to attain higher education, such as books, childcare, tuition and transportation.

In addition to providing the primary financial support for their families, eligible applicants must be enrolled in, or have been accepted to, a vocational/skills training program or an undergraduate degree program and must demonstrate financial need. 
Sorptimist International of Bidwell Rancho will award one or more applicants with the "Live your Dream" Award
The Deadline for applications is November 15th, 2018

Here is how to apply
For more information  please contact the "Live your Dream" Committee Chair Marie Hartman at liveyourdream@sibidwellrancho.org

The Soroptimist Live Your Dream Awards (formerly the Women’s Opportunity Awards) assists women who provide the primary source of financial support for their families by giving them the resources they need to improve their education, skills and employment prospects.
Live your Dream Video

New Member Mixer

On September 25, 2018 we held our annual "New Member Mixer"! We had 5 guests . They got a chance to meet some of our members and got to listen to a wonderful slide show presentation about the Soroptimist history and how our club was started. They also got to hear about all our programs! A panel for questions and answers was set up for them after the presentations.
Below is a collections of some pictures of the fun filled evening.

Upcoming Events!

Business Meeting
October 9th. 2018

Panighetti's Eatery, 95973, 1851 Esplanade, Chico, CA 95926, USA

Speaker Meeting
October 23rd. 2018

Panighetti's Eatery, 95973, 1851 Esplanade, Chico, CA 95926, USA

On October 23rd, we will welcome Guests Emily Bateman and Kelly Seolas of Youth for Change. Emily is the Program Manager of 6th Street Center for Youth and the HEART Program. Our club recently sponsored Kelly, a clinician  to attend the M3 Transformations training on the prevention of Child Sex Trafficking. 

Fairview High School Success Center!
Earlier this year, as most of you know,  we have helped Fairview High School to create a room, the “Success Center” , that will give students a place to come and feel safe, get counseling, study and get some necessity items, such as clothes, toiletries, some food and baby items, etc. This Center is an ongoing project and below you find the updated list for Donations. Donations can be dropped off directly at the school office or by making arrangements with Quinn Mendez - QMendez@Chicousd.org 


Walk for Freedom
To Abolish Modern Day Slavery
One Step At a Time
Join us as we walk for the 27 Million enslaved across the Globe 
When: October 20th, 2018
Where: Downtown City Plaza
Time: 10am - 2pm
Register:  www.a21.org
Check out the Flyer!


Get your tickets!

A Delightful Evening of Dueling Pianos, Dinner and Dessert Auction
Presented by: Soroptimist International of Chico

It's a "Date Night" or "Girls Night Out" Extraordinaire - Featuring Dueling Pianos by the Killer Keyz. (information below)
When: November 3rd, 2018
Where: Sierra Nevada Brewery - Big Room
Time: 5pm (doors open) - 10pm
Cost: $75

A Delightful Evening of Dueling Pianos, Dinner and Dessert Auction

Girls on the Run North State's Fall 2018 GOTR 5K
November 10th, 2018
7:45am - 10:45am
more details in the link
Soroptimist International Chico and Bidwell Rancho are the Diamond Sponsors for this fun event!

Soroptimist International of Bidwell Rancho's Calendar

This year we created an online sign- up option for committees! Have you signed up yet?
Take a look at the different committees!
Please Sign up!
Every month we will introduce one of our Members!
Meet Melanie Austen, Treasurer

I was born and raised in Chico, CA and attended Chico schools from kindergarten at Sierra View Elementary to graduation from Chico State.  Both of my daughters attended Sierra View and now five of my six grandchildren are part of the Sierra View experience.  I remember going to my oldest daughter’s parent teacher conference and the teacher was my old sixth grade teacher.  It must be a record having three generations of family attending the same school.  This one of those you know you are from Chico when….  

My parents owned a restaurant on Park Avenue for over 30 years.  I spent most of my summers working in the restaurant earning money, so I could buy my clothes for school at Oser’s (which would be equivalent to Macy’s today).  

I was on the 20-year plan at Chico State.  In between getting my degree I had four children and worked full time.   My oldest son was my cheerleader encouraging me to keep going.  After Gradated I went to work at CSAA Insurance Co. I was transferred to Sacramento and I began my career as a claim’s adjuster.    

I was at a health fair where I discovered "Team in Training", an organization which raises money for the research in finding a cure for Leukemia and Lymphoma, blood related cancers that attack children and adults.  My grandmother had died from Leukemia, so it was a program that I could relate and take to my heart. The program involved training participants to complete a marathon. They trained us from couch to the finish line.  It was a great program because you were raising funds for a great cause and doing something positive for yourself by training, becoming physically fit and learning how to succeed at reaching your goal.  I completed 5 marathons, 3 in San Diego, 1 in Portland, Or and 1 in Seattle, WA.   I did not set any records but the sense of accomplishment I felt when reaching the finish line at mile 26.2 was fantastic.  Reaching the fund-raising goal was icing on the cake.     

I went to work part time in 2013 and was able to move back to Chico. I was looking for an organization that was service oriented when a friend told me about Soroptimist.  I went on the Internet and found the website for Soroptimist International of Bidwell Rancho.  I liked that they met at night since I worked until 1:00 pm and couldn't make a noon meeting and I also liked that their fundraiser was a Brew Fest.  I responded to their email address and before I knew it I was going to a meeting.  I didn't know anyone but when I got to Panighetti’s where the meeting was held, I was greeted by two members who made me feel welcomed.  The welcome was warm and genuine.  I decided that night that I wanted to be a part of this organization.   

I would like to say I joined that night and never looked back, while that’s isn't what happened, I can say that when I joined, I decided that if I wanted this to be a success I had to go outside of my comfort zone and jump in with both feet.  I felt that it was my choice to make it work or not.  I have been on the board for 4 years first as Financial Coordinator and now as Treasurer.  I love the challenges that each position and committee bring.  I feel that I have grown as a person and the challenges have made me stronger.

Belonging to Soroptimist International of Bidwell Rancho Chico is one of most rewarding experience that I have been a part of.    As a mother of two daughters and grandmother of 4 granddaughters, I realize what a huge difference we can make by the projects we take on and the desire to empower girls and women to achieve their goals.  I want to be a part of the difference helping them in anyway I can.

Soroptimist Orientation and Leadership Training 
Dash of SOLT......


If you surf the web, own a business, or are a consumer, you know about "brand" recognition even if you're not aware of it.  Those iconic symbols of commerce that are immediately recognizable are integral to a company's marketing strategy.


Soroptimist is no different than any other company or group that is striving for recognition--we are often referred to "the best kept secret" in the service club world.  In order to attract members, entice applicants for our awards, obtain donations that support our mission and effect change in our community, our "public" needs to be aware of our existence.  


The consistent use of the Soroptimist International of the Americas logo, with the stylized "S" symbolizing the feminine form, on all communications strengthens the "visual" identity that we are working to achieve. We want Soroptimist to be as recognizable as the red and blue Pepsi logo or the green Starbuck's mermaid!


Read More by accessing these links.
Style and Branding Guide

Policy for Use of SIA Registered Marks
Frequently Asked Questions About Logo Policies

Notes from the Editor

Hello Soroptimist Sisters!
I have changed our website (www.sibidwellrancho.org) a little! I am in the process of switching it over to a new Host. It will be up and running by the mid of October. The goal was to create a website, similar to the SNR and SIA sites, but yet still different and our own. I hope you all like it and use it as a great reference. Let me know if you see anything missing or would like to have added. Also -
The board has some new email addresses!
President (Angie Little): president@sibidwellrancho.org
Past President (Sally Mendez): membership@sibidwellrancho.org
Director (Sheron Box): director@sibidwellrancho.org
Treasurer (Melanie Austen): treasurer@sibidwellrancho.org
Secretary (Kim Sayers): secretary@sibidwellrancho.org
Financial Coord. (Celeste Garcia): financialcoordinator@sibidwellrancho.org
This creates another way to get a hold of board members, besides using their personal emails.
Please remember to send me committee updates and anything else you like to share by the 25th of each month. 
Thank you and have a great month!
Babette (eblast@sibidwellrancho.org)
Wishing you a happy Birthday....

Marie Hartman 10/08
Soroptimist Sierra Nevada Region: https://www.soroptimistsnr.org/
Soroptimist International of the America: https://www.soroptimist.org/
Live Your Dream Award: Club Resources
Dream it, Be it: Club Resources
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