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Jurassic Mask Edition 🦖 😷

Newsletter 19 July 2020
Welcome to the Human Risk Newsletter full of Behavioural Science (BeSci) content.
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In this Edition
1. Jurassic Park (JP) themed stories are my surprising Human Risk in action choice;
2. An innovative way of getting people to wear 😷to stop the spread of COVID-19 (🦠) is Something that made me think; and
3. A BeSci book and some podcast episodes are my Staying In Recommendations.
Human Risk in action
Several Jurassic Park (JP) themed items caught my eye recently.  The first was a satirical Twitter account called Jurassic Park Updates which sends tweets as if JP existed today. As this Buzzfeed article explains, it's the perfect vehicle to satirise corporate responses to 🦠. In doing so, it neatly highlights examples of Human Risk.
The account shared this mashup of scenes from the original JP movie & clips from a recent Disney video announcing the reopening of their 🇺🇸parks.  Sadly, it was somewhat predictive...

It wasn't the only parody of the widely criticised Disney video.
I think part of the criticism is because the response feels very un-Disney. After all, as this article rightly points out, you'd think a company that gets adults to buy and wear silly-looking ears in its parks, could have come up with a fun and whimsical mask solution.

Then, I saw a story from the filming of 'JP: Dominion', the latest movie in the franchise. Having announced that Dominion would be the first major movie to resume filming in the UK, the studio was thrown into what one newspaper described as 'chaos' as several of the crew tested positive for 🦠on the first day of filming. 

 A Twitter User brilliantly captured the irony with this quip: "Their filmmakers were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should". A reference to this quote from the original movie.

All of this reminded me quite how powerful a Human Risk example, JP is. So when Ricardo Pellafone, the founder of The Broadcat, a Compliance Design company (& previous podcast guest), asked for suggestions of Ethics & Compliance relevant books, that aren't about Ethics or Compliance, I responded with 👉 a video.
Meanwhile, in other Human Risk-related news:
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Something that made me think
Recently, there have been some interesting attempts to persuade people to wear  😷. Like this one involving visualisation of breath and this one involving (sorry!) peeingNot wanting to wear masks is nothing new, though the restauranteur who was so incensed, he chose to close rather than enforce 😷 is quite extreme.

That said, it's not easy to persuade someone to do something unnatural. Which is why I was intrigued to see a post by Dr Jill McDevitt, a S3xologist. highlighting that the techniques used to persuade people to practice Safer S3x (word masked to help those of you reading via filtered work emails) could be very effective at getting them to wear 😷
What she had to say was so interesting that I recorded a video about it 👉

I also invited her onto the Human Risk podcast to talk about it
When you've watched the video, read Jill's post 👉 here.
Something for Staying In
Last week saw the publication of a book called You're About To Make A Terrible Mistake by Olivier Sibony

I first read this when it was released in French last year & I've been waiting to recommend it to you.

In this highly readable book, Sibony explains how cognitive biases routinely lead all of us into nine common decision-making traps.

He then provides 40 concrete methods for building an effective decision-making architecture.
Since the last newsletter, I've released four more Human Risk podcasts covering very different themes.  And I've got a new website for the pod 👉here.

Matt Edwards, former CEO of Creative Agency WCRS explores Creative Risk: the risk posed by either adopting or not adopting creative ideas.  🎧 👉  here.

Professor Anu Bradford of Columbia University explains The Brussels Effectwhy aspects of your life, wherever you live in the world, are influenced by the European Union. We also look at regulating the internet. 🎧 👉 here.

Michael Kuckein helps me understand Cultural Compliance: how global policies & procedures can face challenges when those clash with local customs. Luckily, he's got some innovative solutions to deal with that. 🎧 👉 here; and

Dr Grace Lordan makes a return visit to talk about Privilege & Cognitive Diversity: What are they? Why do they matter? What can we do about them? 🎧 👉  here.
In a new series,  Ethics, Compliance & Anti-Corruption expert Richard Bistrong & I have been working on content to help Compliance, Ethics, Risk (& anyone else interested) have Better Virtual Interactions.  So whether you're hosting Webinars or giving an Online Training Session, we've got some tips on how to connect with a virtual audience.
Our first video, sees me reprise my former role in Compliance, trying to teach Richard, in his previous role of Sales Executive, on a new regulation. 

It does not go according to plan with 4 mistakes in under 5 mins.  
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That's it for this newsletter. Do share your feedback or Human Risk stories.

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