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It's been a bit since I've sent a newsletter but I have some important announcements for you today.  Both are positive progress in the quest for restoring the disability benefits the new CBA seeks to take away as well as calling attention to misconduct within the NFLPA and disability Plan with the purpose of enacting meaningful, positive change.

I'd first like to call your attention to some excellent coverage that Daniel Wallach is providing on the CBA disability issues through his Conduct Detrimental Podcast.  If you're not already following him on Twitter you should be;. @WALLACHLEGAL is his handle.

Daniel Wallach is presenting a three-part podcast to highlight the inequities of the disability cuts approved through the new NFL CBA.  The first two episodes have already aired and the third debuts tonight.  I guarantee you don't want to miss those very important messages, so here's the scoop!
E41:The Forgotten 400

Episode Description

The NFL’s new collective bargaining agreement has been criticized as not providing the players with nearly enough economic gains to justify acquiescing to a 17th game. But the most controversial aspect of the new CBA is its treatment of the most vulnerable group of players: the roughly 900 or so former players who are receiving “total and permanent” disability benefits under the NFL’s disability plan. In this episode, Dan takes a closer look at how the new CBA could leave hundreds of former players out in the cold by removing them from the NFL’s disability plan or significantly reducing their benefits.

E42: Lorenzo Alexander on the NFL CBA

Episode Description

NFLPA Executive Committee member Lorenzo Alexander joins Conduct Detrimental to discuss the NFL’s new collective bargaining agreement. In this episode, Lorenzo explains his reasons for voting against the CBA and why the proposed deal was sent to the full membership for a vote even though it had been rejected by the Executive Committee. He also addresses the controversial decision to reduce disability benefits for former hundreds of former NFL players. He calls this decision a “mistake” by both the NFL and NFLPA, and outlines his plans for restoring the benefits to those affected.

Dan's third guest will be Ben Meiselas of Geragos & Geragos, who, along with attorney, Ray Genco, represent Eric Reid.  You'll learn more from tonight's podcast, but for now, here's a spoiler:
Attorney Ray Genco of Genco Law and Attorney Ben Meiselas of Geragos & Geragos are working together representing a group of retired and disabled players to protect benefits for everyone. 

 There is strength in numbers. 

 Players are encouraged to reach out directly to attorney Ray Genco at (561) 614-4256 or  He will benefit from talking to as many players as possible.  all conversations are 100% confidential.  The attorneys are fronting The costs and expenses of this effort, and they are collecting no fees from players.  Ben hints at their strategy on tonight's podcast.  My sources note the strategy is robust, creative, multifaceted. most important these lawyers have vowed to be in the fight for the long haul.  As Ben has said, "-all We know how to do is keep fighting.
If I've seemed scarce or distant recently, please know and be assured I'm working double-time on research and investigation to aid the case and ensure your disability rights are restored and preserved.  This is the part of my job that's pretty much invisible and by necessity must stay that way.  Just know that whether loudly or subtly, I'm 100% with you on this and I truly believe that together we can drive a perfect storm for change that will not only reverse the damage those who used you for bargaining chips carelessly and callously initiated but bring reform in the Plan and union as well.
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