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Yesterday many of you took to To twitter to create awareness of what the NFL and NFLPA are doing to retirees.  We began targeting some of the NFL's sponsors with a particular focus on Anheuser Busch, Microsoft, Amazon and FedEx.  We need to keep that going today.  More on that in just a bit, but first some news.

Chuck Modiano of Deadspin did another outstanding article entitled, "Amid Accusations of Tampering the NFL's CBA Mess only Promises to Get Uglier." In it, he noted that 2 1/2 days had passed without a response from the NFLPA:  I love his starting line:
Eric Reid and his lawyers are mad.
He also included some tweets from members of our group.
The world is in crises for sure,” tweeted former NFL player Billie Joe Hobert. “But does that mean we should potentially put hundreds of disabled athletes on the streets due to some shady backroom dealing?!? Disabled players are on a fixed income that will be reduced by 20-30k per year if we don’t fight back. Shady.”

Former Colts linebacker Keith O’Neil tweeted: “I’m a disabled NFL vet collecting SSDI and NFL T&P. Imagine having bipolar disorder — psychotic episodes, living on a fixed income for 7 years, and then suddenly the NFL takes away approximately 20% of your income just to save a penny."

O’Neil’s wife Jill summed it up best: “Sad that billionaire owners bargained to deduct Social Security benefits from disabled players NFL pensions. Even sadder NFLPA agreed to it. Amazon, Fedex, Microsoft. Are you sure you want to associate with these people?”
It wasn't but a few hours afterward that the NFLPA finally did respond.  Sort of.  

They sent the letter to the membership, but oddly they didn't tweet it as they normally, nor did they even send it to our attorneys."  A player sent the letter to me, and after reading it tweeted that "perhaps they were embarrassed."  They should have been after reading tweets from Eric Reid and Ben Meiselas:
If the letter wasn't so insulting to disabled retired players, it would almost be humorous in how they tried to dance around the issue after being caught red-handed. You can read it here.

There's also another article in the works that will feature some of our group explaining how the disability cuts will impact them.  All of this is good news.  Now it's our job to keep the momentum going and for the next day or two, I'm going to be somewhat out of pocket as I have a different job to complete.

Scott Shanle and Kelly Majkowski will be on deck to answer questions and help keep the twitter assault going.  I've learned that some active players really hate this and are trying to get things rolled back for the disabled, and I'm told that six team owners, in particular, are standing in the way:  Cowboys, Patriots, Chiefs, Bengals, Steelers, and Giants, so you may want to lob some tweets in their direction along with Roger Goodell.

We also need to keep pressure on the NFL's sponsors.  Here's a suggestion that might work to gain more visibility in that respect.  Go to the twitter accounts of Anheuser Busch, Amazon, Microsoft and FedEx and REPLY to something they've tweeted especially if it has gotten a few replies.  Show what the NFL and NFLPA are doing and like Jill's tweet that was included in the Deadspin article, ask them to reconsider their association with such people.

That's it for now.  Keep up the great work!
Best regards,

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