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Established 1971
Celebrating 50 Years and Counting

Next Meeting: May, 19, 2022

We are LIVE at a NEW TIME 6:30 PM

Back in the Greater Plymouth Community Center
COVID has changed our starting time

The time has finally come.  YAAAA!!    At least for now, we are back live at the Greater Plymouth Community Center.  We are all looking forward to seeing old friends, making new ones, and seeing an actual LIVE Speaker. 

One More Thing -- At least until the GPCC extends its hours, we must start at 6:30 PM to run our full program.  Please be on time so we can take care of dues collections before the meeting gets rolling.

May's Speaker - Ed Jaworowski

Perfecting the Cast: Adapting Casting Principles to any Fly-Fishing Situation

Ed. Jaworowski World famous fly caster and fly fisherman.
Ed.  Jaworowski
Join us for the special opportunity to hear a presentation by Ed Jaworowski on the application and principles of fly casting.  He is not only a legend in fly fishing, but also an original founding member and past President of Main Line Fly-Tyers.  Ed is one of the finest fly-casters in the world and a pioneer in salt-water fly fishing.  Ed’s first book on fly casting, The Cast: Theories and Applications for more effective techniques, was published in 1992 and has become a classic in the field.

His latest book, "Perfecting the Cast: Adapting Casting Principles for Any Fly-Fishing Situation", just published last year!  Ed will discuss the principles of fly casting he has mastered and how these can be applied the many casting challenges we face on the water.

He will give an in-depth analysis of casting and teaching casting. His presentation explores the fundamentals of casting, examining the mechanical principles that determine all casts, as opposed to traditional, selective rules. Not a different way of casting, but a different way of thinking about casting. This comprehensive program teaches anglers how to identify and correct their problems, based on four simple principles. Using graphics, still photos, and video clips, this talk challenges anglers to question time-honored ideas about casting strokes, rod loading, loop control, distance, roll casting, slack line casts, curve casting, and much more. New approaches to analyzing the double haul, and correcting problems such as shock waves and tailing loops.

Zoom Meeting Alternative

Fall meetings will also be available on the Zoom.

Paid members will receive an email invitation several days before the Zoom meeting.  Mike Pellegrino, our Vice President and Zoom Czar, will provide you with the zoom link  and instructions to sign on.   Members who paid dues this year will be sent the link and instructions.  If you have not yet paid your 2021 / 2022 dues be sure to join.  Our monthly meetings are held the third Thursday of the month and are now starting at 6;30 PM Eastern Time from September through June.

Fly Tying Classes

Beginner to Expert - We have the fly tying class for you!

We provide fly tying classes for beginners and experts alike. Classes are given at the Greater Plymouth Community Center and at the Souderton Area Community Center in Fall and Winter.
Caps, hats and sun exposure.

Fly fisherman spent a great deal of time out in the sun.   Even on cloudy days there is a great deal of ultraviolet light coming through the clouds.  In addition, the sun's rays are reflected off the  water on to our face and arms.  After years of fishing, the sun's rays start to take a toll on your skin.  A dark suntan  looks great when you are twenty, but by the time your sixty your skin just looks aged and wrinkled.  Long sun exposure also  greatly increases the risk of various skin cancers and these cancers are becoming more and more common.

Fishing hats then can serve a dual purpose of helping us to see the fish better and of protecting our face and eyes  from bright sun.  Polaroid sun glasses are only of limited help fishing unless you also wear a  hat to knock out the  glare from above.   Fishing hats and Polaroid glasses go hand in hand as a perfect combination for sighting trout and any other type of fishing.

At our recent LTFFD day I noticed that our students all wore various types of baseball hats.  I used to  where them myself.  They are inexpensive and look good.  They provide good coverage over your eyes for the front of your face. However, they do not provide any cover for your ears or the side of your face.  This leaves your ears and neck exposed to hours of strong sun and increased skin cancer risk.  These risks are real and most people over sixty have at least some skin damage and increased cancer risk.

My suggestion is that fly fisherman consider  buying a wide brimmed fishing hat. A hat that covers the sides and back of the neck as well as your face. Excellent fishing hats are currently made by companies such as Orvis, Simms and REI.  They don't need to be specialized fishing hats.  REI has a lot of fine outdoor hats which are not specifically designed for fishing.  Some are even good looking.


Fly Fishing Calendar of Events

Here is what is happening this season. 

Upcoming Fishing Outings

  • Upper Delaware Camping trip - June  3rd to June 5th.

New MLFT Signature Gear!

Brand New Members Only Gear is Available - Show off Our Club Spirit

 More items are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes and shipped directly to your home.

Please note, current member of the Pennsylvania non-profit Main Line Fly-Tyers organization are entitled to purchase our shirts, mugs, etc.  Any proceeds are directed solely to the operations of our club.   

Purchases can be made from the Members Only portion of the website.

We now accept Apple and Google Pay

Easier, more secure, and fewer germs shared.

Also, we now accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, Chip Cards and Contact-less Tap to Pay.  More security for you and fewer germs shared.  So, if that is your preference, we have you covered.  As always, we still accept most major credit cards.
We encourage you to use your payment method of choice, but please remember, paying by check at the meeting saves the club a few dollars here and there.

If you wish, you may send your check made payable to MLFT to:
MLFT Treasurer
2331 N. Ridley Creek Rd.
Media PA 19063

To See All Speakers through June

Become a member now!

Yearly membership is September through August.  Members enjoy monthly meetings with renowned guest authors, fly tyers, and world class guides.  Learn where, when and how to fly fish.  Our meetings are generally held the third Thursday of the month from September through June.
We meet at the Greater Plymouth Community Center from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.
“Good times with good people in beautiful places!
The fishing is a bonus.”

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MLFT Meeting Schedule

September through June

Our monthly meetings are generally held the third Thursday of the month from September through June.  We meet at the  Greater Plymouth Community Center from 6:30 to 9:00 PM.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The December meeting starts at 6:00 PM for our holiday party and fly fishing gear auction.  The January meeting is the fourth Thursday of the month.  

Meeting Cancellations

When things are out of our control ...

There may be times when the Greater Plymouth Community Center (GPCC) building must close due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.  To check the the status of the GPCC, please check the Greater Plymouth Community Center Website.  We will also do our best to send an email to the membership if events are rescheduled or canceled.

Officers and Board Members

Our current officers and board members are listed below.

MLFT Contacts

President:  Todd Lustine         ::
VP:  Mike Pellegrino                 ::
Treasurer:  Charlie Hammes  ::
Secretary:   Don Bowers           ::
Newsletter: Don Bowers          ::

Zoom Czar: Mike Pellegrino   ::

MLFT Board Members
Dave Gutsch, Dave Shillington, Ed Emery, Jim Costello,
Mike Ebner, Pete Fazio, Sam Vigorita, Steve Nack, Joe Pigeon

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