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 Issue #48, April 1st, 2020

THIS NEWSLETTER covers the period
March 8th - April 1st 2020

Greetings everyone, please note that all of our upcoming conferences have been CANCELLED for 2020 due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.
We send all of you and yours heartfelt wishes of well-being during these challenging times.

We are very grateful that you have decided to take this journey with us. 
Richard & Tracey
Richard Dolan Show
The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. Richard interviews Travis Taylor, Ph.D., who recently spent four months investigating the Skinwalker Ranch for the upcoming series on History Channel.
Intelligent Disclosure 
LIVE AMA. Richard and Tracey spent a few hours with their Youtube audience for an "Ask Me Anything" session during the growing world crisis. 
Richard Dolan Show
DISINFO AGENT. The Truth About Philip J. Klass. Richard interviews experienced researcher Kathleen Marden, who has completed extensive research on the notorious debunker of UFOs.
Richard Livestream
Coronavirus & Citizen Responsibility
If we fail to do the responsible thing to mitigate this pandemic NOW,  we risk even heavier-handed measures in the future.
Richard Dolan Show
JFK Sessions - Part 5
The next installment of Richard's incredible series with JFK researcher Phillip Lavelle, unpacking the events around the assassination of the President. 
FREE CONTENT- From the Archives
Intelligent Disclosure
"I Have Seen The Bodies" 
Richard and Tracey return to the astonishing and all-too-forgotten cases of the late Leonard Stringfield, the pioneer of UFO/UAP crash retrieval research. 
Richard Dolan Show
Interview w/ Peter Davenport Pt 1 
Richard interviews the longtime Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, a repository for hundreds of thousands of UFO reports.
Richard Livestream
The Men in Black
Richard discusses the story behind the Men (and Women) in Black, stressing the seminal research of Nick Redfern while building on his own research and theories. 
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After the Interview
Tracey chats with Richard following his live Youtube interview with Travis Taylor and their discussion of the mysterious Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. 
Fireside Chat Podcast
Richard is constantly re-exploring this intriguing element of the UFO subject: human-looking "aliens," or whatever they are. What's the deal? He offers some fresh notions. 
RD Exclusive Article
The Next Revolution is Here
A fresh analysis by Richard on the coming global transformation, as humanity heads toward its fourth great stage of existence. 
Fireside Chat Podcast
Covid Chat ...
Tracey joins Richard for this week's member's podcast to discuss current Covid concerns. Richard then gives a solo presentation on a theory he has been developing.
RD Exclusive Article
The Eagle Has Landed
The culmination of the long and at times harrowing effort to get Elaine back home from France amid the global pandemic and society shutting down.
RD Exclusive Article
The Journey Home
Until a few weeks ago, Richard's daughter Elaine had been staying in France with a lovely family. Then came Covid and the rush to get her out. Written while everything was still up in the air.
Project Blue Book Glossary
Season 2
This glossary contains links to Richard's livestream series on the real cases of the TV show by episode, as well as links to his articles and various extras and pics.
Project Blue Book Glossary
Season 1
This glossary contains links to Richard's livestream series on the real cases of the TV show by episode, as well as links to his articles and various extras and pics.
Richard to Appear on C2CAM
Richard spent a few hours with C2CAM Guest Host Jimmy Church on March 20.
MEMBER AMA Livestream
Ask Me Anything
Richard and Tracey did an exclusive marathon three-and-a-half hour live session with members of their site. Participants at the end were urging them to bring some food next time!
Richard Dolan Show
Kathleen Marden Part 2
A fascinating followup to their first interview, here Kathleen Marden provides the results of her research into UFO contactees and abductees. This is fresh and important information.
How to Get into the Live AMA
Tracey prepared a clear guideline for members of our site to refer to when figuring out the technicalities of participating in live AMAs.
Fireside Chat Podcast
Let's Get This Done!
Everyone's got their theory on Covid-19. But we still have to deal with it NOW. Richard gives his take on how. Also, some fresh thinking on elements of the UFO phenomenon.
Coronavirus & Male Infertility?
Why no one is discussing this is itself interesting, but there appears to be a growing body of peer reviewed literature suggesting something ominous.
RD Article
Coronavirus & Citizen Responsibility
The article version of one of Richard's recent public livestreams. 
Cancellations & Postponements
All of our public appearances for 2020 have fallen like dominoes. 
30 Minute Video Clip
Tracey recorded a portion of Richard's interview with Jimmy Church on Coast to Coast AM. As always, the two had a great conversation.
Richard & Alejandro Rojas
A short but interesting discussion the two had two months ago on the television show Project Blue Book.
Richard Dolan Show
JFK Sessions Pt 7
The incredible interview continues as Phillip Lavelle discusses the corruption and criminality of the Warren Commission, nothing less than a coverup of JFK's assassination.
Member Archives
Fireside Chat Podcast
The Grand Scenario 
This is Richard's most thorough analysis to date concerning who or what is most likely behind the UFO phenomenon and how the coverup works.
Off The Cuff
The Kingman UFO Crash & Recovery
Richard explores the fascinating and mostly forgotten recovery of a UFO in Kingman, Arizona in 1953. This was of an intact craft, brought to a secure location in an incredible operation
Member Announcement
LIVE MEMBER AMA (Ask Me Anything)
Last AMA MARCH 19th 2020 6pm EST
Membership to just got better. 
You still get all of the additional content of the membersite plus a brand new place to hang out and learn with a brilliant community of like-minded people.
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Upcoming Conference Appearances 2020
All 2020 Conferences and Cruises
have been officially postponed until 2021 

Many people have asked for a recommended reading list from Richard.
Here's a good start.
Click the image for the ongoing list.
Pics - Working from Home
A very special thank you to everyone for your ongoing support.
 - Richard & Tracey 
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Stories From The Messengers (audiobook): The much-anticipated followup from Mike Clelland's groundbreaking book, The Messengers. Like in the original, this book is packed with incredible events that truly challenge our perception and understanding of the very nature of our reality. Synchronicities, extraterrestrials, and entities all somehow inextricably linked with the presence of owls. Some of the most riveting work we've had in a long time. 

The FBI-CIA UFO Connection. Dr. Bruce Maccabee proves that not only did the U.S. Air Force investigate UFOs during the Cold War, but so did the FBI and CIA -- and they did so very secretly. Their combined evidence overwhelmingly demonstrates that some UFOs have indeed been interplanetary craft. And they knew it. 

Richard's Books
Including Richard's two volume historical classic, UFOs and the National Security State, his vision of the future: A.D. After Disclosure, and the best overview of the UFO subject in one volume: UFOs for the 21st Century Mind. Also a small but growing number of booklets.
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