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Monday, January 11th

What happened in the field of deflection in 2020? Here is the year in review...

PTACC Core Values. 
The mission of PTACC includes the enhancement of the quality of behavioral health and social services- how do our core values inform this mission? Beyond practices based in science and lived experience, quality in deflection is: equity, diversity, and inclusion; tackling stigma; collaborating and building manifold relationships; and taking an individualized approach that considers the dignity, worth, and potential of every human being (to name a few). This document should be used to guide all practitioners of deflection and pre-arrest diversion. 

Statement on the Killing of Our Neighbor, Mr. George Floyd. As a core value, PTACC advocates for equity, diversity, and inclusion in deflection. This year we resolved to work toward integrating these more prominently into our work. We believe that to not act with the greatest sense of urgency, purpose, and passion about what has gone on, still goes on, and will go on would forfeit our place as the national voice of the field of deflection. Read our statement

Deflection, Diversion, & COVID-19. We provided the field with 10 steps deflection and pre-arrest diversion sites can take to continue operating DURING the pandemic, as well as 10 Steps to think about, plan, and prepare for AFTER the pandemic. Read the steps

“Conversations with the Field.” Last year kicked off a series of live and interactive conversations on topics critical to our daily work in deflection. Led by PTACC’s seven strategy areas and using the Frontline Responders Network (FRN) platform, registration for upcoming sessions will be available here and previous sessions on Community, Diversity, and Equity, and Treatment, Housing, and Recovery can be watched here

Upcoming Conversations for 2021 
January 27: Showcasing Deflection Software for our Field
February 17: Children, Families, and Deflection
February 24: Deflection Research

Deflection Mentors and National Survey. CHJ & the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Comprehensive Opioid, Stimulant, and Substance Abuse Program (COSSAP) launched the Law Enforcement/First Responder Diversion and Referral Mentoring Initiative to provide communities interested in starting diversion programs the opportunity to learn from established and innovative programs.

CHJ and COSSAP also conducted the first national deflection site survey designed to improve the understanding of the expanding field of diversion programs and to help advance best practices. The report will be available in 2021! 

PAD & Community-Police Engagement. IACP published resources on pre-arrest diversion and community-police engagement: Building Healthier Communities through Pre-Arrest Diversion
and Options for Community Engagement and Dialogue.

The Community Responder Model. LEAP released a report calling for cities to dispatch non-police to 911 calls, as appropriate. Looking at 911 data in eight cities, they determined that between a quarter to a third of these calls could be handled by Community Responders. Read the report.

Emerging Best Practices in Deflection. The NADCP Journal for Advancing Justice published a special issue on "Emerging Best Practices in Law Enforcement Deflection and Community Supervision Programs." The article addresses programs and interventions designed to assist individuals with mental health and substance use disorders who come to the attention of law enforcement and community corrections programs. Access the journal here.

Sesame Street in Communities. NACoA, PTACC, and National DEC joined Sesame Street in Communities, for a webinar discussing new approaches and strategies for first responders working with families struggling with addiction and substance abuse. View the webinars here.

Re-imagining the role of law enforcement. This year TAC explored re-imagining the role of law enforcement in mental health crisis response. TAC’s weekly blog, Research Weekly, discusses current events and research in the mental health field. Read the post on the “Role of Law Enforcement in Mental Illness Crisis Responsehere.

And a teaser for the new year….
PTACC announces the 2021 Annual National Deflection Workshop to be held October 2021 in Chicago: including one-on-one technical assistance for deflection teams and an intensive three-day neighborhood-centered deflection workshop honoring the leadership and legacy of Chicago’s black community to our nation’s civil rights movement, and its leadership in the field of deflection.

"In Community, By Community, For Community." 

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PTACC is the NATIONAL voice of the pre-arrest diversion field and provides vision, leadership, advocacy, and education to facilitate the growth and practice of deflection and pre-arrest diversion across the United States.
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