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March 2021

ML@GT Buzz


Creating the Next Generation

Last month, we celebrated Black History Month. In case you missed the amazing stories from our faculty, students, staff, and alumni in the College of Computing, we encourage you to check them out today.


Learning Machines: Swati Gupta Explains Optimization

In this edition of Learning Machines, ML@GT Assistant Professor Swati Gupta explains optimization and how it impacts our lives more than we realize. She also sheds light on algorithmic bias and fairness issues and gives tips for how consumers can help fix these problems.

Meet ML@GT: Joanne Truong is Developing Robots for Complex, Real World Situations

Meet Joanne Truong, a second-year robotics Ph.D. student who loves detective shows, can understand Japanese, and is developing robots that will revolutionize our day-to-day lives.

Ph.D. Student Earns 2021 Focus Fellowship from Georgia Tech's Office of Minority Educational Development

Ph.D. student Kantwon Rogers was awarded a 2021 Focus Fellowship by Georgia Tech’s Office of Minority Educational Development (OMED). The award recognizes participants in the Focus Program who have demonstrated academic excellence, community leadership, and been granted admittance to a graduate program. The Focus Program aims to introduce minority students to graduate school in hopes of increasing the number who pursue higher degrees.

Jan Shi Awarded ASQ Shewhart Medal

ML@GT Professor Jianjun "Jan" Shi has been awarded the 2021 Walter Shewhart Medal. The Shewhart Medal is given to individuals who have made outstanding technical contributions and leadership in the field of modern quality control and improvement.

Dean Charles Isbell Chats AI and Atlanta on Podcasts

Dean Charles Isbell has appeared on a few podcasts recently. Listen to him talk about AI, autonomous vehicles, and facial recognition on What Happens Next in 6 Minutes. Isbell also appeared on Malcolm Gladwell's podcast Revisionist History to chat about the city of Atlanta and why there's a reason for optimism and hope. And lastly, Isbell joined The Lex Friedman Podcast with his friend Michael Littman to talk about machine learning and education.


Georgia Tech Research Highlights Premier Artificial Intelligence Conference

23 members of the Georgia Tech community contributed to 11 papers that were presented at AAAI 2021, and two faculty members joined the AAAI Fellows program. Read more about our work and explore an interactive data viz about the conference.

Associate Professor Wins 2021 ACM-W Rising Star Award

ML@GT Associate Professor Munmun De Choudhury was named a winner of the 2021 ACM-W Rising Star Award. Congratulations!

Cassie Mitchell Has Made a Medal-Winning Career Out of Adapting to Changes

ML@GT Assistant Professor Cassie Mitchell has battled challenge after challenge throughout her life. After medaling bronze and silver at the 2016 Rio Paralympics, she has her sights set only on the gold at Tokyo 2021.

This Avocado Armchair Could Be the Future of AI

“Text-to-image is a research challenge that has been around a while, but this is an impressive set of examples.” - Mark Riedl, associate professor and ML@GT associate director

Find out more about how GPT-3 gives AI a better understanding of everyday concepts.


Georgia Tech Team Develops AI to Read EV Charging Station Reviews to Find Infrastructure Gap

A research team led by School of Public Policy and ML@GT Assistant Professor Omar Asensio used artificial intelligence to analyze consumer data from electric vehicle (EV) charging station reviews, besting people who analyzed and annotated the same data. The algorithms also detected social inequities in charging station availability across the US, according to their research published in the journal Patterns.
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