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As so many of us adjust to new routines within our homes, Art Omi: Education is looking for new ways to share creative inspiration and contemporary art with our community. Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of Creative Momentum, a weekly series of art projects that employ readily available materials found in and around the home. Our aim is to continue to offer activities that are connected to contemporary artists, ideas, and practices and that promote critical thinking, social awareness, and inspired making. 

Creative Momentum projects will arrive on Thursdays until Art Omi resumes public programs and workshops.

We encourage families to post projects to Instagram tagged with #artomi and #educationomi to be featured in Art Omi's stories or feed!
DJ Hunny by Phung Huynh, graphite on pink donut box, 25" x 30.5," 2019 - 2020

Creative Momentum 01: Phung Huynh

The Artist

Phung Huynh is a Los Angeles-based artist and educator whose practice is primarily in drawing, painting, and public art. Her work explores cultural perception and representation. Her most current work of drawings on pink donut boxes and cross-stitched, personalized California license plates explores the complexities of the refugee experience in Southeast Asian communities. This work is presently hanging in the USC Pacific Asia museum, though the exhibition has been suspended due to the pandemic. Help to support Phung by seeing this work virtually!

The Artwork

In her work, DJ Hunny (2019-2020), Phung draws a portrait directly on the surface of a deconstructed donut box. The pink box represents the large number of California donut shops owned and operated by Cambodian immigrants. In this piece, Phung is commenting on one family's refugee history and the ways in which immigrants find ways to thrive amid displacement. 

The Materials

  • One cardboard, food-item or take-out box.
  • A pencil, colored pencil, or marker.

The Project

  • Look around your house for a food-item or take-out box (a cereal box, cracker box, a milk carton, granola bar box, etc.)
  • Carefully "deconstruct" the box, keeping it in one piece and changing it from a 3-dimensional object into a two-dimensional object.
  • Place the flattened box in front of you with the inside facing up. Notice the new shape you have created. How many sides does it have? Does it look like Phung's donut box or is it different?
  • Trace the shape of the cardboard onto a piece of white or plain paper. Notice the border you have created.
  • Chances are, you are sharing your home with at least one family member right now. It may even seem a little more crowded than usual! Ask one of your family members to pose for a portrait. Using a pencil, colored pencil, or marker, make a drawing of that person's head and shoulders inside your border shape. 
  • Now, ask a second family member to pose for a portrait. Draw a second portrait that somehow overlaps the first one. If you are only living with one family member, have them pose again in a different way.
  • Keep adding layered portraits of one or more people in your home until you have filled up at least half of the space inside your shape.
  • Alternatively or in addition, you can draw directly onto the surface of the flattened cardboard box, just like Phung!

Sharing and Thinking

  • What food item was inside the box you chose? What does that say about you or your family?
  • Who are the people in your drawing? Who did you decide to draw first/last?
  • What was it like to overlap your drawings? Did it feel confusing, silly, freeing, or challenging?
  • Give your work a title!
Remember: post your projects to Instagram tagged with #artomi and #educationomi to be featured in Art Omi's stories or feed!

As of March 13, Art Omi has suspended all public events and classes until further notice. The Benenson Center and Cafe Omi are both closed until further notice.

We are grateful to continue to offer access to the Sculpture & Architecture Park during this time. We encourage all visitors to observe a safe distance from others when visiting the park, and to adhere to other social distancing practices to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Click here for a full statement, as well as resources to help make your visit a fruitful one. 

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Art Omi: Education engages people of all ages with contemporary art and ideas in a stimulating and dynamic community. Through creative exploration, hands-on learning and making experiences, collaboration, and critical thinking, Art Omi: Education instills understanding, appreciation, and lifelong curiosity in the arts.

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