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Agriculture and Southern Kaduna Transformation

I read a couple of academic research recently that got me thinking: can Southern Kaduna transform and become like Dubai?

I will love to hear what you think about this question.

One of these research was conducted by Dr. Theresa Ukamaka of the Department of Cooperative Economics of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka who surveyed to examine the impact of improved ginger technologies on the income of cooperative farmers in Southern Kaduna. Extensively, the study sought to investigate the effect of credit, agrochemicals, extension programs, access to farm inputs, and mechanization on the farmers' income in Southern Kaduna. Findings revealed that the aforementioned coefficients have a significant influence on farmers' income.

Interestingly, the research found out that, a N1 increase in farmers' access to credit will bring about N40 increase in farmers' income. That N1 increase in agrochemicals will result in N295 increase in the farmers' income. An increase in extension programs will increase the farmers' income by N93, and for every N1 invested in mechanization will lead to N168 increase in farmers' income. Access to farm inputs also has a similar positive correlation.

Just look at how N1 can transform a farmer's income. Now imagine for a moment what one million or one billion Naira will do. Imagine the ripple effect across other sectors of the SK economy.

During the last Zoom meeting we had in Gurara Business Roundtable with Mr. Tim Maiyaki, the Chongaiprenuer, one fact was established, which numerous studies gave credence to and that is, agriculture is the main economic activity in SK as over 70% of people living in SK are farmers. Two, we can leverage on agriculture to improve other economic sectors in SK. Three, in other for agriculture to have the desired impact, it is essential to adopt modern ways of farming to improve yield per hectare drastically.

Some also important statistics here are that Nigeria has over 65% of its population directly employed in Agriculture as of 2018. Meanwhile, as of 2008, less than 2% percent of the United States population is directly engaged in agriculture, and it is a net exporter of food.

Now back to Dubai!

Dubai has been able to achieve phenomenal success through sound, smart, and long-term strategic thinking. Hence, SK will have to employ some form of strategic thinking to take advantage of the enormous opportunity that agriculture offers. Strategic thinking here connotes being intentional and decisive in the outcome we will want to see in SK in the next 20 – 50 years.

The future starts now.

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