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HeartEdge Mailer | October 2018

HeartEdge is an international ecumenical movement of churches and other organisations developing mission focused on commercial activity, congregations, cultural engagement and compassion.

"A monthly smorgasbord of ideas, inspiration and resource focused around HeartEdge 4 C's."

This month
News of HeartEdge in Manchester and Inverness, and events elsewhere - plus:
  • Inderjit Bhogal on hospitality, community sponsorship, Jenny Baker on Kickstarters and cards, Angie Stanton and LoveBristol on social enterprise and Ruth Amos on invention.
  • 10 rules from Jean Vanier, plus Mitri Rehab, Eugene Peterson on Galatians, and Elaine Heath on anxious church.
  • Micah Purnell on YOU ARE ENOUGH, Martin Poole on Beach Hut Advent and Sarah Turner reads 'Divine Embrace'.
  • Plus a free extract from Life Lines by Malcolm Doney & Martin Wroe 
"Interesting and illuminating as ever..."
Steve, Northampton

The Winter Night Shelter page on the Capital Mass website has a range of resources – stories, ideas, information – including some helpful information on working to support migrants plus talks given at their recent Winter Night Shelter training. Recommended – here
City of Sanctuary holds the vision that our nations will be welcoming places of safety for all and proud to offer sanctuary to people fleeing violence and persecution. Learn more here. Methodist worker Inderjit Bhogal has produced an excellent resource on hospitality and sanctuary to be used across faith groups - ideal for a short course or resource here.
Community Sponsorship - where to start? Learn about helping a newly arrived refugee family to rebuild their lives? Look here.

Does politics have a role in the Church or is it a distraction from our mission? Is politics about compromise – what is possible – when our Christian faith is about truth? This six-session resource from the Joint Public Issues Team is ideal for congregations -  here.

HeartEdge is a movement focused on 
developing mission via 4 C's:
commercial activity, congregational development,
cultural engagement and compassion.
Kickstarter is one way to turn a business idea into start-up cash. These 10 top tips are helpful to get staredt here. Some further insights here. Does it work? A good example is with co-founder of Sophia Network and leader of Red Thread Jenny Baker who with friends used Kickstarter as a platform to build funding for 'Out of the Box'. “A card is an excellent opportunity to speak into someone’s world and strengthen your relationship with them. It provides a moment to affirm and encourage, to provoke curiosity, to expand horizons, to offer something different to the dominant messages in society.” Learn more about the enterprise - and KickStarter here.

'Plan, get advice, find team and enjoy what you do...' Methodist HeartEdge panelist at Greenbelt, Ruth Amos is an inspirational speaker, inventor of Stair Steady and founder, producer and presenter of 'Kids Invent Stuff'. "I had no cash flow, I never studied business, and suddenly I had to get this project out there..." Business starts with a bright idea and a team - hear Ruth's story here. "We had to do things bit by bit and build things up... Horrible things have gone wrong..." Great insights if you're exploring an enterprise.

Angie Stanton is a local vicar in Reddish who helped set up Re:dish. The work has grown including a café, shop and visiting project. Learn more here. Angie is at the Manchester HeartEdge day details here.
The story of LoveBristol includes enterprising activity – from hairdressing to office and desk hire and a café… There’s a lot going on to learn from, here. A fuller picture and useful analysis here.
At HeartEdge we talk 'commerce'. We love social enterprise though we think all business and commerce need to operate with an emphasis on values that social enterprise bring. Social enterprise has loads to teach mainstream business – like this from the excellent School for Social Entrepreneurs… “We need to up our game…" Read more here. Insight on how to succeed here.

HeartEdge is an
ecumenical movement
We connect churches
to develop congregation,
cultural engagement,

commercial activity and community. 
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“We are very different from birds and dogs. Animals are very different.” According to Jean Vanier there is a “sort of cry of the infinite within us. We’re not satisfied with the finite… Where is your greatest desire?” A brief encounter with Jean Vanier on 10 rules for life to become more human… here.
“God is never neutral, not running around and balancing this or that… like a fairy tale, trying to make everyone happy. God is selectively and intentionally on the side of the oppressed… God right there in the middle of what people are actually experiencing – the pain.” Recorded back in July this is a powerful dialogue between Palestinian theologian Mitri Raheb and black pastor Everett Mitchell. In occupation the Palestinian experience mirrors Black Americans – both look for freedom - watch here. Read about the conversation here
Very sad to hear of the death of Eugene Peterson who died in October 2018. Here he is, filmed last December talking about Galations and the struggles facing his congregation - here. “There was a financial downturn… there were riots… I found my congregation buying guns, double locking their doors… I thought… Don’t you know anything about the grace of God, security in God? I thought I got to start over again – so I took Galations as my text…” We love seeing another side to Eugene Peterson in conversation with Bono, “I never heard of Bono before…” Here he is – a candid, inspiring exchange of ideas… We’re grateful for the life of Eugene Peterson and the legacy he leaves.
Anxious churches? “When we start the new thing - this might not last very long… We’re in a time right now… called the Great Emergence – where all sorts of new and old  forms of church are emerging even as Christendom declines… We need a lot of experiments many of them won’t last… each one will teach us something…” Elaine Heath on anxious churches and life giving here.
Equipped for post-Christendom? The long era of ‘Christendom’ is coming to an end... Although we seem to be declining in numbers and influence, this context offers many new possibilities – if we have the courage and imagination to grasp them." The Crucible Course helps with this - a great resource for congregations - details here.

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“Everyone should have a door and if not we need to look at our own to imagine being without it…”Jonathan Evens offers insight on A Year Outdoors - a new exhibition in London here..
Communication? “These sessions give practical advice on how to tell stories effectively through a variety of mediums... Together we can tell stories about what God is doing in our lives and our communities so that more people can hear the good news…” This is very useful from Birmingham Anglican diocese. If communication is a priority for your team - why not spend some time with these short training sessions here.
Big church banner outside? Installing a huge banner outside church? We love the clever approach from Manchester graphic artist, Micah Purnell who teamed up with St Peter’s House – the chaplaincy at Manchester University – and then went a step further. ‘YOU ARE ENOUGH’ was displayed from freshers week. “One thing that keeps us from love and belonging is the fear that we are not worthy of love and belonging…” Details here. Look out for 'YOU ARE ENOUGH' at the Manchester HeartEdge Day on 31 October.
The centenary of World War 1 will be commemorated by congregations and comm
unities in November. The Cathedral and Abbey church of St Alban are hosting 'Poppy Fields' a 'stunning projection of poppies will fill the Nave... for two nights only, as part of a unique light and sound installation' from 26 and 27 October. If you’re around Warwick, St Mary’s have created a stir: “We are mounting a display of tens of thousands of knitted or handmade craft poppies … donated by members of the congregation and beyond. They will be displayed flowing out from the Regimental Chapel and out into and around Church.” Learn more here and here. Other commemorations are taking place across the UK - have a look here

Advent Beach Hut: Martin Poole on the Beach Hut Advent Calendars, creating and ritual… “we’re sharing in the divine nature of our Creator God. So I love seeing people get some kind of understanding of God because they’re making something - more here.
Embrace: This was uploaded last month – 'Divine Embrace' spoken by Sarah Turner at Thrive Together Birmingham. A reflection on the theme of Reunion, inspired by Jesus final words on the cross, “Father into your hands I commit my spirit” (Luke 23: 46), known as the ‘word of reunion’ - here.

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New Members:
Great to welcome more founding members. Not signed up yet? We're building a movement of churches and organisations with experience, ideas and assets to share and resources to find you can find. We need you! Join in! Very pleased too welcome:
  • St Paul’s Harlow & St Mary’s Little Parndon - here.
  • Victoria Methodist Church, Bristol - here

Inverness: HeartEdge Day 13 November 10 am to 3.30 pm, at Ness Bank Church  hosted by Fiona Smith, Minister of Ness Bank Parish Church, and Sam Wells, Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields.  With Sarah Murray (Provost St Andrew’s Cathedral Inverness), Allan Dunbar (Christians Against Poverty debt programme), Isobel Grigor (Chief Executive of Calman Trust). Plus St Martin’s Fellows directed by Andrew Earis perform Great Sacred Music, exploring the great classical music of our religious heritage. Register here. Book here.

Manchester: HeartEdge Day 31 October: We'll explore mission, share ideas and find support with Sam Wells and guests. Lively discussion, theology, practical ‘how to’ focus. Networking. Connecting,  lunch & refreshments - plus Great Sacred Music with the St Martin-in-the-Fields Voices. Download the programme here. Book here

London: Encounter - The Autumn Series of lectures at St Martin-in-the-Fields: How are we changed by the people, events or objects when we meet them face to face? How do prejudices shift? How are new insights born? How do we encounter God in our lives? Each lecture from prominent and inspirational leaders, thinkers and practitioners combine personal and public perspectives about the way encounters changed their course of life. Including a study guide for HeartEdge member churches the series is being filmed and available on to the St Martin’s Youtube channel here after each lecture. To request a copy of the guide, email Jonathan Evens here

London: QBC'18 - Trust and Integrity in Business conference 5th December, 9:30 to 4:30pm the event explores values and ethics in business at Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, London. NW1 2BJ. Detail here.

The recent HeartEdge conference was live-streamed on our facebook page - find them here.  Two lectures by Sam Wells at Bell Vue Baptist Church are also available here
Watch out for two new Advent Courses in the ‘Inspired to Follow: Art and the Bible Study’ series. More on this next month. ‘Inspired to Follow: Art and the Bible Story’ has been produced by St Martin-in-the-Fields in partnership with the National Gallery. Learn more here.

HeartEdge is a movement 
focused on developing mission.

Last Word: Unplug yourself
On their 2000 album Kid A, the band Radiohead recorded a song called ‘How to Disappear Completely’. In 2016, they tried to do just that. Their website faded to blank. Facebook and Twitter feeds were erased, leaving only a mysterious Instagram clip: a clay model of a chirping blackbird. 

This sudden absence turned out to be a clever marketing ruse. The blackbird featured in a video for a new song and Radiohead’s absence was designed only to underline their presence. You can only reappear if you’ve disappeared.
In an era where nearly half of us are online, where people keep their smartphones by their beds, disappearing is more difficult than it once was. It’s harder to get away when we’re all wired up to each other. Some days all our links feel like a chain. When he was asked why he wasn’t on email, the late Irish writer, John O’Donohue, replied that he didn’t want to return from a walk in the hills and find seventy people waiting for him in the kitchen. Later on he gave in, and his kitchen was soon heaving like everyone else’s. 
Once, we could easily disappear into a good book, but now, a smartphone looks longingly at us, begging to be held, and can break the spell of the story we’re in. When a teenager fails to return a text her parents fear the worst – forgetting that such instant connection didn’t exist when they were kids themselves. Forgetting a time when they might have disappeared for hours before anyone became concerned. 
But deciding to make our own periodic and temporary disappearances can be transformative. In the same way that a good sleep invites the mind to untangle a knot of thoughts, so the act of disconnection can spark better connections. ‘Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes,’ says Anne Lamott. ‘Including you.’
As Jesus of Nazareth said on one of his own periodic disappearing days, ‘Come apart to a deserted place by yourself and rest.’ Which, being translated, means: ‘Log off.’ 
Tell your phone it’s nothing personal as you pop it in a drawer. Go for a wander with no destination in mind. Vanish into the diary you wanted to write. Push open the door of an empty, silent church. 

Disconnect, and disappear yourself. Just for an hour or two.

‘Unplug yourself’, by Malcolm Doney and Martin Wroe is an extract from their new book Lifelines: Notes on life & love, faith and doubt, published by Unbound in November, and appears here by permission of the authors. You can order the book here


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HeartEdge is Initiated by the congregation at St Martin-in-the-Fields, HeartEdge is an emerging network, building association, learning, development and resource with churches and other organisations working across the UK and overseas.

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